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The 7 Top Shopify Bots Ruling the Sneaker Bot Game [2023]

By April 18, 2023Bot

Best Shopify Bots - Republish - AIO BotSo, when everything in the sneaker industry seems to be falling apart, there’s always one thing that’s consistent – Shopify. There has been a lot of changes in the industry that makes us feel this way. But, we blame it all on the Adidas x Kanye split. For some reason, it seems that it started some kind of chain reaction. After their break up, even possible makeup, everything in the sneaker industry changed including the following events:
– Foot Locker shut down over 400 stores
Eastbay shut down completely!
– Nike came out with new retailer rules against bots
But, there is one good thing that came out of the change – the Supreme Shopify switch. Supreme NY recently announced that they are switching their online platform to Shopify’s eCommerce service. This was the cherry on top of all the reasons why you need Shopify bots by your side!

You see, Shopify is an eCommerce platform that a lot of sneaker retailers use to sell sneakers! Some of the best sneaker Shopify stores include:
– Shoe Palace
– Shop Nice Kicks
– Travis Scott
– Supreme
– And 30+ more!

Basically, what we’re trying to say is that this is the year you should focus on Shopify and Shopify bots. You’re going to need the best tools by your side to buy Nike and Air Jordan sneakers online. Especially if you want to buy sneakers in bulk and get into reselling. So, if you want to make money online reselling sneakers online in 2023, you need Shopify bots! Let’s get into the top 7 bots ruling the sneaker bot game in 2023!


#1 Wrath

Best Shopify Bots - WrathAlso, another option for best Shopify bots is Wrath Software! This bot offers great bot protection and Shopify queue bypass. As well as multiple checkout modes, multi-task options, and a user-friendly UI. And, it also happens to be one of the rising Nike bots recently! It mainly supports Footsites, Shopify, and Nike. But, it is also out of stock! Some of its features include:

– Retails for $350 with a $50 renewal fee every 3 months.
– Supports retail websites like AMD and Best Buy
– Supports Windows operating system only (click here for Mac guide)
– Current aftermarket price: $3,600 for a renewal copy or rent for $5 per day on Tidal

#2 NSB

Best Shopify Bots - NSBAlso, along a similar line to AIO Bot, there’s NSB is one of the most successful in-stock Shopify bots. For some time now, it has maintained a solid performance rate on a wide range of sites including: Shopify, Footsites and Demandware. NSB is also working on incorporating a Nike SNKRS solution so that it can actually live up to its name… no shade! Some of its features include:

– Supports 100+ websites
– Offers custom Shopify feature
– Supports both Mac and Windows operating systems
– It retails for $349 per year at retail since it is IN STOCK! 

#3 AIO Bot

Best Shopify Bots - AIO BotFirst, we’re going to start with what we think is truly the best option in all cases. Whether you’re copping on Shopify, demandware-hosted websites, or Nike SNKRS, there’s only one bot for you – AIO Bot.

AIO bot is not only one of the best Shopify bots in the game. But it is also one of THE best all-in-one sneakers bot in history! Not only that, but AIO Bot also recently implemented a new Nike SNKRS solution. This means that you can use AIO Bot to buy Nike and Air Jordan sneakers EVERYWHERE they drop. It’s truly limitless! It’s affordable, available, and above all, it has a history of success to back it up! Its features include:

– Retails for $299 per year
– Supports over 100 websites
– Supports both Winds and Mac software

BONUS: AIO Bot is not only one of the best Shopify bots out there, but it legit does it all. AIO Bot integrated a retail copping solution and even an NFT sniping tool. And, for $299 per year, this is a deal you do not want to miss out on! Click on the button below to check it out now!

#4 Mek AIO

MeK AIONext up, another option for Shopify bots includes MEK AIO! It works really well in copping super hyped and limited sneakers. It also supports a decent amount sneaker websites including Adidas, Footsites, and Shopify. And it is very efficient, especially in copping limited-edition sneakers and items off Shopify sites. BUT, it is out of stock! Some of its features include:

– Supports both Mac and Windows operating systems
– Retails for $300 with a $45 renewal fee, but is out-of-stock
– You have to join their waitlist on Twitter for a chance of renewal
– Current aftermarket price: $900 for a renewal copy or rent for $5 per day on Tidal

#5 Valor AIO

Valor AIOValor AIO is also one of the best options for Shopify bots to use for copping sneakers – and other products! It supports websites like Finish Line, Yeezy Supply, and Shopify! However, surprise surprise, it is also out of stock! Some of its features include:

– Offers a new interface with task grouping
– Supports both Mac and Windows operating systems
– It retails for $399.99 for the first 30 days, then $74.99 per month
– To get a copy of Valor AIO, you need to follow their Twitter for random restocks

#6 Kodai

KodaiNext, we’ve got Kodai – one of the top Shopify bots on the market. Kodai mainly supports Footsites, and over 100 Shopify sites. It also operates on Adidas and (previously) Yeezy Supply. Thanks to its clear UI and functionality on all Windows and Mac machines, Kodai is one of the easiest Shopify bots to operate. However, it is also – unsurprisingly- out of stock! Some of its features include:

– Supports both Mac and Windows operating systems
– Retails for $300 for the first 2 months, and then $49.99 per month renewal
– Kodai AIO usually restocks once a month so make sure to follow their Twitter to join their waitlist

#7 Cybersole

CybersoleFinally, the last options on our list of the best Shopify bots is Cybersole. Cybersole has over 250 supported retailers. This includes Footsites, Shopify, and mesh sites. CyberAIO has a powerful feature that makes it stand out: a free mobile companion app! Some of its features include: 

– Works only on Windows
– You can buy or rent Cybersole for up to $4000+
– It retails for £300 then £50 per month BUT it is out of stock
– It has over 2 MILLION checkouts according to their Twitter

Now that you’ve explored the best Shopify bots on the market, pair them up with good-quality proxies. Specifically proxies that work on Shopify sites! So, you wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on a real-deal bot to mess it up with rotten proxies. Or no proxies for that matter! Guarantee a smooth cop with the best proxies!