Top 9 Shopify Bots

By September 18, 2018 July 25th, 2020 Bot

Why Shopify bots?

Shopify bots are now taking over the market more than ever due to increased focus on different hyped sneakers on Shopify’s sites. And let’s face it, more and more stores will open through Shopify because of how convenient and easy it is to use.

Some of the brands you can find on Shopify include Alife, Bape, Concepts, DSM, Fear of God, Kith, Travis Scott, Undefeated, and the list goes on. And you can find out if a site is Shopify with this hack.

Aside from having their own line of products, collaborations, and accessories, some Shopify stores may also drop hyped and rare kicks from time to time.

And moving away from just Nike or Adidas, there are dozens of these sites that relate to hypebeasts and sneakerheads. Sometimes they’re even more convenient to cop from during big releases. That’s why Shopify bots are coming into play.

But knowing which Shopify bots are the best isn’t always easy. Not when Shopify keeps trying to fight bots in any possible way they find. So even if you do pick a bot that’s been doing really well for the past few drops, it might flop completely on the next one.


shopify bots anb aio

It’s called the All In One Bot for a reason. Supported on both Windows and Mac, AIO Bot works on 100+ websites. While many bots will begin to crash with 50+ accounts support, AIO Bot can support 100 accounts. From Adidas sites to Shopify sites, mesh sites to Footsites, it’s got it all covered. It’s a Shopify bot, Yeezy bot, Adidas Bot, Footsite bot, you name it!

It also comes with a link monitor that helps you know when to add to cart on available items. In the bot, you can search for products, test your proxies, and do a browserless checkout. There is also an in-built multi-captcha solver.

Furthermore, the bot will auto-checkout and auto-retry if there’s a crash. Free updates are available for up to 6 months, and customer support is free and always available. Moreover, you get to stay connected with email and SMS notifications.

You can get it here.


shopify bots cybersole

This Windows-only bot comes with a dark theme and easy-to-use platform. Its one-click install makes it easy for everyone to setup. It supports over 100 sites many of which are Shopify sites. It can also support Supreme and some Footsites, hence it’s reputation as an AIO bot. The first 6 months of updates are free.

You can get it here.

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Nike Shoe Bot

nike shoe bot

Nike Shoe Bot is an all in one bot that works on 100+ sites, including footsites. Because it supports so many Shopify sites, its features include Shopify queue bypass. Nike Shoe Bot costs $499 per year, a price that’s easy to make up for when making a profit from flipping kicks. You can get it here.


Dashe bot logo

Dashe is one of the Shopify bots that exclusively support Shopify sites. So if you’re copping a Jordan off Footsites, you better run a different bot we. And that’s not a bad thing since focusing on one type of websites could bring more success to users. And this is clear in the case of Dashe. Now, the only problem is that if you’re a die-hard Yeezy fan you wouldn’t really have a big chance since neither Adidas nor Yeezysupply are on Shopify. Plus Dashe is out of stock!

The Kick Station


The Kick Station is also an All-in-one Bot. Kinda. So in addition to being a Shopify Bot, TKS also supports Footsites and some low-key websites. Again, good luck trying to cop Yeezys off some websites other than Adidas and Yeezysupply! But for what it takes TKS has been succeeding at most releases lately. One pro would be that TKS Supports Supreme and one major con is that you can’t just go and buy it whenever you need it; it’s out of stock.


Kodai Bot Logo

Another sold-out Shopify Bot. Kodai also supports Footsites, Footlocker EU, and Supreme. Though no bot has a really consistent performance on Supreme.

Balko Bot

Blako Bot logo

Balko bot is an Adidas, Shopify, and Supreme bot. So copping Yeezys with this bot isn’t really impossible. Except for the fact that Balko is out of stock too!


eve aio shopify bot

Eve is an All in One bot that supports a range of Shopify sites for your liking. It also works on Supreme. It has a decent success rate but is currently out of stock and almost impossible to buy a copy of the bot unless you enter raffles or pay resale, which can go up to $1000 USD. Since you get a bot to avoid paying resale, this sort of defeats the purpose of a sneaker bot.

Project Destroyer

project destroyer shopify store

Project Destroyer is an All in One bot that supports over 100 sites. It’s easy to setup and their customer support is available 24/7 via email, Slack, Twitter, and Youtube. It prides itself on being a cross-platform sneaker software. Similar to EVE AIO, it is currently out of stock.

Note: Keep in mind that your Shopify bot may be good, but proxies make a big difference when it comes to copping success. If you get a good bot, don’t make it worse by choosing faulty proxies. Basically, don’t be cheap when it comes to proxies. You’ll just be wasting a ton of money because you skimped out on proxies.