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Top 7 Shopify Bots Ruling the Sneaker Bot Industry [2020]

By September 18, 2018October 17th, 2020Bot

SHOPIFY BOTS AIO FEATShopify bots are the kind of sneaker bots that are now taking over the market more than ever due to the increased focus on different hyped sneakers on Shopify sites. And let’s face it, more and more stores will open through Shopify because of how convenient and easy it is to use. Very recently, ShoePalace joined Shopify fam and migrated to the renowned platform. But it’s not just websites that are moving to Shopify. In what I consider the biggest change in the sneaker game in 2020, Jon Wexler, AKA the man behind Yeezys, left Adidas and Yeezy to join Shopify’s Team. And they were so happy to have Wexler with them, to say the least. But it’s not always cupcakes and rainbows with Shopify since they did lose Yeezysupply a while back to Demandware.

Some of the brands you can find on Shopify include Alife, Bape, Concepts, DSM, Fear of God, Kith, Travis Scott, Undefeated, and many more! FYI you can uncover if a site is supported by Shopify through this hack. Now, who’s up for a quick pass into the Shopify realm of the sneaker world?

Why Shopify?

Aside from having their own line of products, collaborations, and accessories, Shopify stores drop hyped and limited kicks almost all the time. And we’re not just hinting at Adidas and Nike. There are dozens of sites on there that relate to hypebeasts and sneakerheads. Which are sometimes even more convenient to cop from during big releases. Thus explaining why Shopify bots are coming into play.

Except that knowing which Shopify bots are the best isn’t always easy. Not when Shopify security is relentless about fighting bots in every way possible. So, even if you do pick a bot that’s been doing really well for the past few drops, there’s always a chance it might flop completely on the next one.


AIO bot is the OG All-In-One bot operating on Footsites, Demandware, Shopify, and other retail sites since 2014. Supported on both Windows and Mac, AIO Bot supports over 100 sites. NYC, Kith, Undefeated, Bape, Bodega, Concepts, Funkoshop, and DeadStock being some of the Shopify sites on our list. From Demandware sites to Shopify, Mesh, and Footsites, we’ve got it all covered. We’re a Shopify bot, Yeezy bot, Adidas bot, and Footsite bot. You name it!

With every AIO bot copy, a Shopify monitor cues you on when to add-to-cart available items and a Shopify bypass queue ensures a silky checkout process. In the bot, you can also search for products, test your proxies, and do a browserless checkout. There is also an in-built multi-captcha solver and 24/7 customer support for the potential meltdowns. While many bots may be on the verge of crashing with 50+ accounts, AIO Bot can support 100 accounts without the risk of malfunction. Even in the case of a crash, the bot will auto-checkout and auto-retry as needed.

Shopify Bots infographic

Free updates are available for up to 6 months. And if got AIO Bot anytime since April you know we’ve been offering FREE updates and license key extensions to all our users ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. Our way of giving back to the community and to help those looking to side hustle their way through the pandemic.

With success proof building up to over 300,000 copped pairs, and with our performance on Shopify getting better with every release, we keep things fun and active on Twitter to make sure you’re watching. So, if you’re eager to cop Shopify releases with an OG bot at retail, click on the link below to ease yourself into it.
Get AIO Bot Today


Although the Cyber homepage sets £300 for retail cost, it’s actually an OOS bot that can be bought or rented on the aftermarket. CyberAIO is arguably the current market leader of All-In-One bots. It supports over 170 sites ranging from Shopify to Supreme, Footsites, and Mesh sites. And although like other top sneaker bots with updated technologies, it offers excellent customer support, unlimited tasks, and superb UI. CyberAIO has a powerful feature that makes it stand out: a free mobile companion app! On which users can create and control tasks, solve Captcha, and track their analytics. CyberAIO is also fully multi-threaded to ensure lightning speed. So that its users aren’t obliged to spend time and money renting out expensive servers. Talk about full angle competition!

The only downside to CyberAIO is that to buy it on resale, you’re looking at a multi-thousand dollar transaction. Current asks do not fall short of $6,000 on trusted bot aftermarket sites like botbroker. Although its success rate, regular update status, support, and number of shops make it worth some SUM, it is one of the hardest bots to get hold of.

Nike Shoe Bot

Besides AIO bot, NSB is one of the most successful in-stock bots in the industry. For some time now, it has maintained a solid performance rate on a wide range of sites including Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, and Demandware. NSB much like all top sneaker bots, is easy to install and use. Since you’re here in pursuit of Shopify bots, you’ll be happy to know that for $499 at retail, you’ll be able to use Custom Shopify to operate NSB on over 100 Shopify sites.

In addition to its high-speed functionality on multiple Shopify sites with the aid of its fast captcha solver, NSB works in defense mode. Since it not only offers Shopify Queue Bypass but grants Shopify Anti-bot Bypass. Which ensures a smooth checkout process even when anti-bot protection is activated. In less technical terms, NSB is designed to cop hyped sneaker pairs while fighting off security parasites. Although it does not come cheap, it is one of the Shopify bots on the market to guarantee your money back. Through flipping the wild variety of sneakers, it can help you secure.


Before we go into why Dashe is one of the top Shopify bots on the market, the following fact might make the deal for you. Dashe officially supports ALL Shopify stores in ALL regions available by Shopify! But, it is not as consistent as Shopify coppers would hope. Since it is mainly a Shopify bot, it does not offer a variety of sites that users can cop from. For example, if 1,000 pairs of Yeezys are distributed on YS, Shopify, and Adidas, Dashe users will have to try copping off Shopify. Since everybody knows that the biggest chunks always drop on Yeezy Supply. Sense the chaos?

Dashe is also currently an OOS bot. Which, in a retail scenario, would cost you a monthly subscription fee of $50. Although that may give interested buyers the impression of “financial freedom,” that freedom eventually adds up to $600 per year. The plus side is, you get to buy it on the aftermarket for below retail! There are renewal copies even reselling for double digits. So, if you’re considering buying Dashe, we recommend you keep a more consistent bot around as well. It wouldn’t hurt to try your luck copping on EVERYTHING SHOPIFY ever! But it would hurt as hell to watch a hyped pair go to an NSB or Cyber user instead.


Kodai is one of the top All-In-One bots on the market. With its “The Untamable” nickname, some people don’t even move past it to learn more about the bot itself. But we’re here to keep it real. Kodai mainly supports Supreme, Footsites, and over 100 Shopify sites. It also operates on Adidas and Yeezy Supply. Thanks to its clear UI and functionality on all Windows and Mac machines, Kodai is one of the easiest Shopify bots to operate. And similarly to the concept of Cyber’s mobile companion, Kodai launched Kodai Hub. Which doesn’t exactly cop sneakers but helps you keep track of your analytics. For now!

The main quality that increased its bot score is its update consistency. This, combined with its helpful customer service, has resulted in over 200,000 checkouts! Since Kodai directly competes with Cyber, it is also valued in the same resale price range. Which you can find out more about here.


Similar to NSB, Wrath offers bot protection and Shopify queue bypass. As well as multiple checkout modes, multi-task options, and a user-friendly UI. The whole nine yards we expect every top bot to have. This bot, much like the ones on this list, mainly supports Footsites, Shopify, and Supreme. And although it has struggled to maintain constant updates, it has persisted to show massive success rates for its small user base. Which makes it one of the most competitive Shopify bots on the market. Considering that its teeny user base cop loads of hyped releases at a time. This bot is one of the birthgivers of the industry’s richest resellers! However, it’s crossing $7,000 on botbroker, so you’ll want to think good and hard before making any decisions.


Founded not so long ago in 2018, Balko mainly supports Shopify and Adidas. And has recently added Footsites to its list of supported sites. Similar to Kodai, it is supported on both Windows and Mac. Although it is not considered an ideal choice for beginners, Balko’s consistent success is worth considering. Since it notably stands out for its success on Shopify restocks. With the devs constantly and improving this relatively new bot, it is definitely worth your attention. It is selling in the $2,000 range on botbroker so it isn’t as expensive as other Shopify bots. And since it rarely ever restocks, paying over $1K for a copy seems like the only way to go.

Now that you’ve explored the best Shopify bots on the market, it’s important that you pair up your hero of choice with good quality proxies. Shopify keeps it real tight with anti-bot security. So you wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on a real-deal bot to mess it up with rotten proxies. Or no proxies for that matter. This situation doesn’t call for you to be yourself, friend. So, to guarantee the next step (PROXIES!) to a smooth copping experience, click on the link below.
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