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30+ Main Shopify Stores & List of Major Shopify Bots

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  • September 11, 2018
shopify stores

The Rise of Shopify Stores

Online shopping is not only an introvert’s dream come true but is also highly convenient for the average consumer. We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, and sometimes we just can’t be bothered to make time to look for items in an actual store. Most of us would rather go online, type in some keywords, refine our search with filters, and get exactly what we’re looking for sent straight to our doorstep.

Storefronts around the world are closing down and moving to the digital landscape. Shopify stores are opening up on the daily. Many of our favorite street fashion brands are on Shopify as well. The eCommerce platform makes it easy for anyone to set up and manage their store and payments.

Shopify Bots & Stores

Shopify bots aim to support the largest quantity of the Shopify stores that are relevant to their client’s style and career needs. While a smaller list was mentioned in this article by Another Nike Bot, here’s an extended list of Shopify stores that are supported by AIO Bot.

  1. BdgaStore
  2. Concepts
  3. Eflash Dover Street Market LDN
  4. Xhibition
  5. Eflash Dover Street Market NYC
  6. Noirfonce EU
  7. Social Status PGH
  8. A Ma Maniere
  9. Eflash Dover Street Market JP
  10. Exclucitylife
  11. Kith
  12. Travis Scott
  13. KylieCosmetics
  14. OctobersVeryOwn
  15. PackerShoes
  16. PalaceSB US
  17. PalaceSB EU
  18. RonnieFieg
  19. Nice Kicks
  20. Sneaker Politics
  21. Suede Store 
  22. Undefeated 
  23. YeezySupply
  24. The Closet Inc.
  25. Just Don
  26. Hanon Shop
  27. Bape US
  28. BB Branded
  29. DeadStock
  30. Funko Shop
  31. Funko Pop Up Shop
  32. Blends US
  33. Trophy Room Store
  34. Fice Gallery
  35. Haven
  36. Sole Steal
  37. Public School NY

AIO Bot supports all above Shopify stores, in addition to Footsites like Footlocker, FootactionChampssports, Eastbay, and more, as well as main sneaker sites. In other words, AIO Bot is not only a Shopify bot, since Shopify bots will only support Shopify stores. Shopify bots limit you only to Shopify stores, AIO Bot is much more. However, there are some Shopify bots that only work for a range of Shopify sites, those include SuperCop Shopify bot, OneStopShopify, Dashe Shopify, and a Shopify Bot Chrome extension.