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Shrek Crocs: The Official Fit of the Far Far Away Kingdom!

By September 8, 2023Sneaker News, Sneaker Release

Shrek Crocs AIOWith today’s collaboration, Crocs really said “Some of you may die, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.” You see, many of us have dreams, but Crocs fans had this specific dream at some point in their lives. And finally, the Crocs lords decided to grant our wishes and give us the Shrek Crocs! About time ya know, especially since the brand went as far as doing MSCHF’s Boots! Anyway, here’s everything you need to know about this iconic collab, and how it plays a part in pop culture! After all, you don’t wanna feel green with envy, do you?

I Like That Clog. That Is a Nice Clog.

Okay, we gotta start from the beginning if you wanna understand the importance of the Shrek Crocs. If you follow the Crocs Twitter account, you’ll know that it’s one of the sassiest business accounts out there. The company somehow manages to jump on every popular bandwagon too, and we’re here for it. And of course, people are split into two extremes, the part that absolutely loves Crocs and the part that absolutely loves to hate on them! But how does Shrek factor into all that?

Shrocs MemeWell, Shrek has been a huge source of material for meme-makers online since it first came out. And people decided to take it up a notch by asking for Shrek Crocs. They even made memes about Shrocs. But that’s not all, because @Shrek__Crocs took it upon themselves to ask for Shrek Crocs under almost every Crocs Tweet. Who knew? Manifesting things seems to actually work! The same person behind this account actually has a petition with more than 20,000 signatures for this noble cause. I mean… SOMEBODY GIVE THEM A SHREK CROCS!

Look At Him In His Wee Lil Shrek Crocs!

After their latest Lightning McQueen collab, rumor has it that we’re finally gonna get the Shrek Crocs. Although the brand didn’t officially announce them, the public already has official pictures of the collab. And while things started as a joke, the Shrek Crocs are seriously catching heat! You see, everyone’s all about the shoes which lowkey look pretty dope. They’re gonna come in Shrek’s green skin tone, and the matching Jibbitz will be his ears and nose!

That’s not all though, because the strap is a whole other story. In fact, the “sports mode” straps feature a fuzzy brown material. And if you know your Shrek lore, you’ll know that this is a nod to his tiny vest! So, if you ask us, this collab is a stroke of genius. Finally, according to rumors, the Shrek Crocs will drop on September 13, 2023, for $60! So make sure you click the button below to find out how you can get them for retail before they sell out.


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