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Top 5 Sites Like Craigslist: When Craig Just Ain’t Doing It For You

By December 1, 2022Retail

Other Websites Like Craigslist - AIO BotCraigslist is a place where you can literally find anything and everything you want. From job listings to babysitters to a human soul or maybe even belly button lint… if that’s what you’re into. But, despite it being the go-to venture for liquidating everything you own, sometimes it just doesn’t do it for you! And that’s when you gotta find other sites like Craigslist.

So, here’s the thing, if you haven’t ever visited Craigslist’s website before; it’s basically like a classified ad. And, it definitely looks like one. Although, for a while, it did exactly what it was created to do – help people sell stuff. The popularity of the shady platform waned because of the high amount of scams and hoaxes! You can learn more details about what goes on the platform here.

However, finding sites like Craigslist won’t be the easiest feat to achieve – especially since it is the Jack-of-all-trades. Not the easiest, but definitely not the hardest! And so, we’ve put together a list of Craigslist alternatives for you to check out.


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Sites Like Craigslist Lamp - AIO Bot1. Facebook Marketplace

One of the most popular sites like Craigslist happens to be none other than the good old Facebook Marketplace. Although we know that Facebook isn’t really the platform where all the “hip” people hang out, it’s a good deal! If you’re looking to buy and sell products quickly and more conveniently, it’s worth checking out!

Facebook also has the option of joining Facebook Buy and Sell Groups. However, the marketplace offers a larger exposure for posts and products. Why do people like Facebook Marketplace? Mainly because the veil of anonymity doesn’t exist in these platforms – as opposed to Craigslist. 


Facebook Marketplace is best for:
– A wide reach (Around 800 million people use Facebook)
– Easy to use on mobile
– Offers better security and safety than Craigslist

2. Offerup

Next, other options for sites like Craigslist include a relatively small but powerful website – OfferUp! So, the thing that makes OfferUp a good alternative to the classified ads platform Craigslist is its product listings. Sellers can broadcast their listings on the app in a secure and scam-free manner. 

The reason that it is called “Offer Up” is that the app allows you to accept the seller’s listed price. Or, you can make your own offer. Why do people like OfferUp? Well, for starters, people can broadcast their listings on Facebook right from the app. Also, both buyers and sellers get ratings to make the entire process more secure!

OfferUp is best for:
– Less competitiveness
– More secure sales

Craigslist_ Lamp - AIO Bot3. Swappa

Also, if you wanna find a place for buying or selling technology, there’s Swappa! When you’re looking for sites like Craigslist, you’re often searching for pre-owned items. Get a good deal on something you really want! But, you can’t always rely on finding good technology and equipment on Craigslist. With Swappa, you can find all kinds of electronics like cell phones, cameras, watches, and more.

Furthermore, Swappa actually looks very comfortable and easy to use. Something that Craigslist lacks – being friendly is not Craig’s forte. Why do people like to use Swappa? Besides being FREE to use as a seller, it’s actually pretty safe! 

Swappa is best for:
– Selling and buying pre-owned products

4. Recycler

But, if the previous options still don’t do it for you, other sites like Craigslist include Recycler. This is where you’re basically kidding yourself looking for a place that is NOT Craigslist. But, it sure as hell looks a lot like it! Kinda like a toxic relationship…

So, Recycler is a lot similar to Craig’s website since it did start as a local classified newspaper in California. You can buy or sell things like pets, houses, used cars, furniture, and more. It also allows you to post your listings on Facebook and Twitter directly. Why do people like to use Recycler? Well, you can use paid ads to target specific buyers or markets to boost your sales.

Recycler is best for:
– People living in the U.S.
– Putting little effort into becoming an online seller

5. Oodle

What is Craigslist- GFX - AIO Bot

Finally, the option for sites like Craigslist is Oodle which isn’t as strange as its name sounds. Oodle helps people buy and sell stuff locally but with a twist. You see, on Oodle, buyers can check out listings ON Oodle and other Craigslist alternatives. So, it’s not only the listings posted directly to the platform itself.

In other words, if you’re looking for a specific car on Oodle, you’ll get listings ON Oodle. And, at the same time, you’ll also get listings from various other websites that have what you’re looking for. And, it is also notoriously known for having some of the greatest antique gems for collectors! So, why do people like to use Oodle? Mainly because of its EXTENSIVE listings!

Oodle is best for:
– Looking for extensively large listings
– Buying and selling antiques