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Top 6 Sites Like StockX: Leave No Stone Unturned!

By June 30, 2023Sneaker Tutorial, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Sites Like StockXY’all WTB, WTS, or WTT? Resale sites like StockX are your answer! Now, if sneaker terminologies are what’s stopping you from wearing the certified sneakerhead badge, now is the time to learn them all! That aside, do you really want to sell or buy sneakers off resale websites? But at the same time, you want to explore your options? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Thing is, StockX has been sneakerheads’ favorite for so long. However, after the StockX x Nike lawsuit, and StockX selling fake Nike sneakers accusations, doubt settled in the majority’s hearts. Which left them lost in the middle of nowhere, trying to find similar alternatives. And being the competitive market it is, the reselling market has got a helluva lot of sites like StockX. But just like sneaker bots, some perform better than others. 

Sites Like StockX 

StockX is one online marketplace that rapidly cemented its place in the resale market. It’s a platform for buying and selling a variety of items, from sneakers, collectibles, clothes, handbags, and many more. It even has been branded as the world’s first “Stock Market of Things,” at some point. 

However, this doesn’t deny the fact that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Meaning that, sneaker collectors and resellers sometimes like to explore other options available to make sure they’re getting the best deal. So, let’s explore some sites like StockX, then you decide which one you like better. 

Sites Like StockX – National

  • GOAT
  • Stadium Goods 
  • Fight Club 
  • eBay

One of the sites like StockX is GOAT. If you know what StockX is, there’s a high possibility you’ve come across GOAT. In fact, the GOAT vs StockX comparison became a thing in the industry. And the main difference between the two is that GOAT offers used sneakers, unlike the X. 

So, this resale platform is known for its auction-like layout. It also supports a variety of brands, from Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, and Yeezy. Regarding authentication, GOAT got you covered, as it makes sure to authenticate each product before selling it.  

Matter of fact, Fight Club merged with GOAT back in 2018, which gave them the ability to offer better customer service, as well as, gain more market share

Fight Club 

Although Fight Club merged with GOAT several years ago, it operates as an independent brand. And the way things go here is a little different than the above two. Whereas StockX and GOAT authenticate products during the selling and buying process, FightClub authenticates them prior to listing them. This way, no delays occur whatsoever. 

Additionally, as a seller, you can bring in the sneakers you want to sell to Fight Club’s stores in Los Angeles or New York, they authenticate them, then agree on a sale price. Which is a perfect alternative to selling online

Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods is another site like StockX. It closely resembles Fight Club in terms of owning both consignment and online stores. What differentiates Stadium Goods from other resale websites is its tendency to stock extremely rare and pricey items. And of course, these items undergo a very thorough authentication process. 

Fun fact: they say that Stadium Goods’ basement holds $20 million worth of rare and hyped sneakers!


Other websites like Stock X? You got eBay. It’s actually THE OG resale platform. It was sneaker resellers‘ and buyers’ main destination before the resale market boomed in 2010. After that competitors increased in numbers and the sneaker resale market expanded enough for sneaker-dedicated platforms to steal customer attention. 

In 2020, eBay added the “Authenticity Guarantee” service to its platforms. Which was part of a partnership between the resale website and Sneaker Con. This service asks sellers to send in images of their kicks for authentication. And the seller doesn’t have to pay for it. eBay took such a step so it meets the standards of websites like StockX, mainly. For a more thorough comparison between StockX and eBay, click here

All in all, there are many sites like StockX out there. And when it comes to picking the most suitable resale website for either selling or buying, it becomes a matter of preference, AND your budget. Here’s the thing, StockX, and similar websites greatly differ when it comes to the selling and buying fees. So, click on the button below for more information of the platform fees and authentication process of each website mentioned above!

button_learn-moreSites Like StockX – Regional 

  • KLEKT 
Websites Like StockX - Regional - AIO BotKLEK

Looking for other sites like StockX, but exclusive to Europe? KLEKT is your go-to sneaker reselling site. You can find everything from Yeezys, Jordans, New Balance, Asics, and many more. Having a website like KLEKT in your region can help you save shipping fees and time. KLEKT is actually one of the best places to buy Yeezys from. And with Adidas back to selling Yeezys, now is the perfect time to start reselling Yeezys as a side hustle

Other than sneakers, you can buy and sell streetwear and accessories. It operates the way StockX and GOAT do. So, KLEKT mainly acts as the middleman between the seller and the buyer. And just like Fight Club and GOAT, KLEKT merged with Presented By. in 2017. This merge brought along a more structured website, which solely allowed the exchange of deadstock items

As for the authentication and buying process, they’re very similar to StockX’s. Meaning that you can refer to this guide on how to sell on StockX to get an idea of how things go on there. 


So, POIZON is a Chinese online platform for reselling authentic sneakers, clothes, purses, watches, and accessories. It’s China’s largest exchange and trading platform. POIZON has many unique features, such as multiple identification and inspection processes for detecting counterfeit products

In addition, every item that goes through the examination process comes with POIZON-branded packaging and an exclusive authentication certificate. It also includes tamper-resistant cable ties as well as personalized packaging. And the best part about it all is that customers can kind of inspect if the size fits right through the AR Try-On feature the marketplace’s app offers. One last thing worth noting, the Poizon app fees amount to 10%. Want to learn more about POIZON? Click here