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Best Slip On Sneakers To Keep You Running in Hot Sneakerhead Summer

By June 25, 2021Sneaker News, Sneakers

Slip On Sneakers for Summer - AIO BotAin’t no one got time to lace up their sneakers while running out the door during hot sneakerhead summer! But, don’t worry about it, sneaker designers must have gone through the same thing. Or else, why would they have designed slip on sneakers? Is it just because they were feeling a bit lazy and trying to procrastinate? Maybe! Either way, it’s a win-win for us.

We all love a cool sneaker laces moment with the freakiest colorways or the wildest shoe designs. But, nothing beats a sneaker that you can just put on and head out the door. Even with all the latest developments in sneaker technology, we still prefer slip ons. Like Nike’s self-lacing sneakers were cool, but the prospect of getting stuck in one ain’t fun. We don’t wanna entertain such ideas.

So, maybe slip on sneakers are the better choice for us to kick off on the beach! Or to wear around the house while you run your sneaker reselling business! OR, a quick slip on for when you wanna run down to the nearest consignment store and buy MORE sneakers! It’s all about comfort in a world that has gone completely virtual and with everyone working from home.

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Learn More AIOThe Coolest Slip On Sneakers In-Style!

#1 Adidas Yeezy Foam RNNRS

Yeezy Foam Runner - Yeezy Monofilament - AIO BotThe first slip on sneaker that deserves some kind of reward for hyped shoes is the FOAM RUNNERS. Kanye West definitely struck gold when he decided to turn YZY HQ into his own hydroponic farm for algae harvesting. The algae required to create his own take on sustainable sneakers

Lucky for us, this year has been the total HUB for Yeezy Foam Runners. Maybe we can get a chance to flex it Kim K style! We got two new colorways dropping in July – the OCHRE and CREAM CLAY! They’re also one of those sneakers that make a lot of money on the resale market. So, you should probably cop multiples of this sneaker – one for you, the rest for flips! The Foam Runners retail for $80 – a steep and expensive price to pay for a slip on!

#2 Adilette Clog Slip On Sneakers

Slip On Sneakers - Adidas Clogs - AIO BotThe slip on sneakers for your everyday comfort brought to you by the Three Stripes! Are they really trying to dethrone Nike with a clog? Well, what do we know? These clogs have features from the Adidas slide for the complete slouchy-casual vibe with full functionality! Just slip them on and head out! It looks so much like the Adidas Superstar in clog form and comes in four different colorways. It retails for $45 – a huge step down from the Yeezy $80 price tag!

#3 The OG Clogs – CROCS

Classic Crocs Clogs for Summer Shoes - AIO BotCrocs are the literal OG clogs in the entire sneaker industry. They go waaay back down sneaker history, so we’ve all got a bunch of memories with Crocs. It is the perfect pair of sneakers to chill around the house, the sneakers used by healthcare professionals, and more. They’ve also had a lot of sneaker collaborations with a bunch of celebrities like Post Malone and Bad Bunny. So, they’ve definitely grown a huge amount of hype over the years. Classic Clogs retail for around $50, so they aren’t necessarily cheap. If you ask us, you might as well splurge for the extra 30 and get a Yeezy.

#4 Everything SLIDES

Slides for Summer - AIO BotAnother form of slip on sneakers is slides. Everything slides! Every one of your favorite sneaker brands has come out with slides at some point! Even the luxury brands like Burberry and Gucci, have slides. You can still rock your Swoosh or Stripes in the form of slides. You don’t have to give up your true sneakerhead nature for your comfort! They’re the perfect kicks to slide into during the Summer! Socks on or feet-commando, it doesn’t matter! You can wear these slides in whatever way you want!