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The 20 Sneaker Accessories You Need to level Up Your Fit!

By December 3, 2022Sneaker News, Sneaker Tutorial

When you’re an awesome sneaker collector, got an unbreakable record of copping sneakers for retail, and make money reselling kicks… then you’re a Grade-A Sneakerhead, right? Well, almost! If you wanna take it all the way, you gotta invest in some fly sneaker accessories to set your apart.

Accessories for sneakers could be one of two things: tools to help you care and repair your kicks or fun additions to your entire sneakerhead persona! Try out this quiz to find out what kind of sneakerhead you are! In this guide, we’re going to talk about both. The tools to keep your sneakers looking ✨ freshand on point. And, the add-ons that will have NO BODY doubting that you have a thing for sneakers.

It’s sneakers on sneakers ON-MOTHER TRUCKING-SNEAKERS!

Just the way we like it. But, there is one matter you gotta keep in mind before you check out these sneaker accessories. To put this in a nice way… You can’t polish an Adidas ZX and expect it to be an Air Jordan 1! In other words, no matter how many accessories you get for your sneaker, if it ain’t hype, to begin with… there’s not much to do about it! 

So, if you’re going to spend your money on sneaker accessories, do it for shoes that are worth it. That means super hype and exclusive kicks. Basically, all you need to do is get an airtight copping strategy and start copping retail! Click on the button below for the perfect guide!




If you’ve been following us on our blog or Instagram @aiobot, you know we’ve got sneaker cleaning covered 100%. And, a lot of time spent researching all kinds of sneaker cleaning methods, we’ve come to one conclusion: of all sneaker accessories for care, the only thing you need is a very good sneaker cleaning kit.

And, for that, we’ve actually conducted our own personal review of one of the industry’s most in-demand cleaning kits: SneakerAid. In our humble opinion, we think this is the only type of cleaning sneaker accessories you need. It’s SUPER affordable, it works wonders, and it’s compact so you can use it on the go! Check our full review of the kit here!

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Next, we’ve got additional sneaker accessories to further solidify the idea that you are indeed a sneakerhead. These are things that you can add to your household, to your wardrobe, or directly to your shoes. Why? So that people absolutely KNOW that you like sneakers!

Are you really a sneakerhead if you don’t make people KNOW you’re a sneakerhead?

If you’ve watched the Netflix series, Sneakerheads, you know that living the life of a sneakerhead takes dedication. And, sometimes doing that means investing in some pretty sick sneaker accessories to flex things to the extreme! And, at the same time, make your experience a little more customized! PLUS, they make the best gifts for sneakerheads! So, let’s check them out!


Sneaker Accessories - Custom Tumbler - AIO Bot#1 Customizable Tumbler Sneaker Accessories
Price: $25
Buy Here

#2 Nike Sneaker Sock Vase
Price: $32.92
Buy Here

#3 Nike Rug Sneaker Accessories
Price: $45.90
Buy Here

#4 Sneaker Card Wallet
Price: $50
Buy Here


Sneaker Accessories - Custom Phone Case - AIO Bot

Price: $9.59
Buy Here

#6 Sneaker Accessories Building Blocks
Price: $65.98
Buy Here

#7 Basketball Shoe Sneaker Stickers
Price: $6.98
Buy Here

#8 Light Up Shoelaces
Price: $6.98
Buy Here

#9 Car Air Fresheners
Price: $12.99
Buy Here

#10 Rubber Keychains
Price: $17.99
Buy Here

Shoelace Buckles Sneaker Accessories - AIO Bot

Shoelace Buckles – AIO Bot

#11 Rhinestone Buckle Sneaker Accessories
Price: $13.69
Buy Here

#13 Personalized Name Shoe Buckle
Price: $14.89
Buy Here

#14 Cactus Jack Socks Sneaker Accessories
Price: $8
Buy Here

#15 Shoelaces Decorations Clips
Price: $16.99
Buy Here

#16 Air Max 97 S/W “UNDEFEATED” iPhone Case
Price: $17
Buy Here

#17 Custom AF1 Metal Buckle
Price: $8
Buy Here

#18 Sneaker Accessories 3D Keychain
Price: $12.88
Buy Here

#19 Men’s Hip Hop Sports Sneakers Necklace
Price: $9.89
Buy Here

#20 Silver Air Jordan Necklace Sneaker Accessories
Price: $26
Buy Here