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The Most Expensive Shoe Ever Sold at a Sneaker Auction!

AIO Bot - Most Expensive Shoe Ever Sold at a Sneaker AuctionYou can basically consider sneaker auction as a fancier word for sneaker reselling. The only difference here is that an auction includes a LOT more money than your average sneaker resale on sites like StockX. You’ll get where we’re coming from once you take a look at the price of the most expensive sneaker in the world! 

As a matter of fact, if there’s anything that proves how much the resale market is booming, it would be these auctions. And among the top auction houses out there, we’ve got Sotheby’s. Which is the world’s largest, most trusted marketplace for luxury, art, and sneakers. 

Sotheby’s spans over 80 locations in 40 countries holding over 250 auctions a year in more than 70 categories- including the most expensive sneakers! In the past few years, Sotheby’s launched the most epic bidding wars over the rarest kicks in the world

All the most renowned sneaker collectors from across the globe gather to get their hands on the most coveted shoes. However, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill resale. We’re not talking about a price premium of $100 or $300- we’re talking about thousands and even MILLIONS of dollars. Simply put, we’re here to discuss sneaker history in the form of the most epic sneaker auction!

SNEAKER AUCTION – The Most Expensive Shoe Ever Sold

Most Expensive Sneaker Sold at an Auction - Air Jordan 13 Bred - AIO Bot So, let’s talk about the most expensive shoe ever sold at a sneaker auction – the Air Jordan 13 “Last Dance.” On April 11th, 2023, the auction house – Sotheby’s – sold the Air Jordan 13 “Last Dance” for 2.2 MILLION U.S. dollars! It is the sneaker Michael Jordan wore during game 2 of the 1998 NBA Finals!

The sneaker had an estimate of 2 to 4 Million U.S. dollars. It’s safe to say that it didn’t disappoint that estimate. Up until these Jordans, the most expensive sneaker auction was the Nike Air Yeezy I “Prototype” worn by Kanye West in 2008 during the 50th Annual Grammy Awards. It sold for $1.8 MILLION U.S. dollars in 2021… BUT, that sample later lost nearly 90% of its value in 2023, following the Yeezy x Adidas breakup. You can read more about it here!

As for the seller and buyer of the most expensive shoe ever sold, Sotheby’s identified neither. However, it’s worth noting that the seller of these signed 13s isn’t the original owner – the ballboy responsible for maintaining the visitor’s locker room at the Jazz facility. 

These sneakers mark a huge milestone in sneaker culture and one of the most monumental steps toward Air Jordan history. And so, this Jordan became the most expensive shoe ever sold at a sneaker auction. EVER. In fact, this made these Air Jordans the most expensive sneakers in the world! 


In other news, Sotheby’s definitely has something cooking up for 2024! Although the collection has yet to be unveiled, it seems that we’ve got an ongoing sneaker auction featuring a Nike Paris SB Dunk. Which pays privilege to the late French expressionist artist, Bernard Buffet. So, let’s just say, the upcoming collection is looking RICH! But is it a ‘breaking record’ kind of rich? Well, let’s just wait and see! 

However, other than staying up-to-date with sneaker news as part of your sneakerhead ritual, will you practically benefit from such knowledge? Maybe if you come from old money. But if that ain’t the case, you can stick to traditional – MUCH less expensive – sneaker resale! 

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