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Bot Rental: Where, Why, and How to Rent a Sneaker Bot 

By September 24, 2021September 28th, 2021Bot, Sneaker News

Bot Rental Guide - how to Rent a Sneaker Bot - AIO BotAt this point, we’ve all already established that the sneaker industry thrives on one thing only: sneaker bots. Even the resale market – as huge as it is – lives off sneaker botting! But, the thing is, your botting needs and your budget may not always align. This brings us to the topic of the hour: bot rental. To be more specific, we’re gonna talk about where, why, and how to rent a sneaker bot!

Sneaker Bot Rental

WHERE to Rent a Sneaker Bot?

You know that there are specific places to buy sneakers online. It could be a brick-and-mortar location, but who would actually go for that these days. It could be different consignment stores if you’re looking for cool finds. And, if you’re a serious sneakerhead, you’ll be hitting the most epic online stores in the game. Either way, there’s money-making potential in any scenario!

BUT, since you’re here looking for bot rental opportunities, you’re definitely going for online copping. Luckily for you, there are places to go to rent a sneaker bot that are VERY trustworthy. Here’s where to rent a sneaker bot:

Tidal Rentals
Easy Rentals
Pookyy AIO
Bots That Work

WHY Go for Bot Rental?

Why go for bot rental? Obviously, you have your reasons to rent a sneaker bot – reasons that got you here! But, the most common reasons for renting bots include:

– The expensive retail price for sneaker bots (some are valued at $1,000+)
– Issues with OOS bots and bot resale markets (click here for available bots in stock)
– Gain experience in sneaker botting with lower financial risk

In short, if you rent a sneaker bot and it doesn’t work out for you, it’ll hurt much less! But, either way, you should always weigh your options first. If you’re still not so sure about bot rental, click on the button below to check some bots out. 


HOW to Do It?

Bot rental is not a sophisticated nor complex matter. Getting a bot on rent all depends on the duration you wanna run it. You can go for one, two, three days; or maybe a week or two. You can even rent a sneaker bot for a month. It all depends on the available listings, the value of the sneaker bot, and the duration. It’s as easy as understanding how bots work in the first place!

Of course, you should always keep an eye on the top 3 things to look for in a sneaker bot before you actually rent one. Don’t rent a sneaker bot because it looks or sounds cool. Do your homework or check out our sneaker blog for more information on different bots and their specs.


So, you don’t want to rent a sneaker bot AND you don’t want to buy a sneaker bot. Quite the pickle. But, even if bot rental or bot purchasing doesn’t feel like YOUR thing, there are other ways. If they feel shady to you, that’s because they are! But, it all comes with a price, fam! Check them out!

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