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Do I really need a Sneaker Bot Server to cop?

By July 26, 2023April 19th, 2024Sneaker botting

If you’re a sneakerhead, then you most likely know about sneaker botting, or at least heard about it. And if you’re a botter that tried botting any of the hyped releases, then you probably know how painful it is to have your computer crash. Your bot could stop working due to PC performance issues, your internet could disconnect during one of those drops you’ve been waiting for. Would you have been able to avoid all of this? Yes, you could’ve, if you had a sneaker bot server.

sneaker bot servers

What are Sneaker Bot Servers?

Sneaker bot servers are remote computers hosted in data centers that you can access and control remotely using your personal computer. They look and operate exactly like your normal computer. You can have a Windows operating system installed on them and have all of your sneaker bots and applications running there.

So what’s the difference between these servers and your normal computer? 

1- Specs: Sneaker bot servers can have extremely high specs. They’ll outperform your normal computer on different levels. And allow you to run your sneaker bot or bots smoothly without having them crash. Even if you were running hundreds of tasks on them.

2- Geolocation: Depending on which one you rent, sneaker bot servers can be located near the sneakers website’s servers. This makes the botting process much faster as you’ll have both your server and your proxies near the website’s server. Exponentially increase your chances of copping.
You can also use these to access sneaker sites that have geo restrictions and only allow you to go for drops in your region.

3- Internet connection: Sneaker bot servers are hosted in data centers, and their internet speed can go from 1 GB/s to 10 GB/s. In case you didn’t know,  this is way faster than the average connection speed any of us could get. Plus, they have a stable internet connection, so you won’t face any issues that would kill all your tasks during a drop.

What are the different types of remote servers?Sneaker_Server 3 - AIO Bot

When you plan on getting a remote server, there are different options to pick from. The main ones are GCP, AWS, and Dedicated Sneaker Servers.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 

Allows you to create an instance (A server) and only charges you when you use it. You create an account on their site, add funds to it, and pick the specs and the operating system you want to use on your server. You can also pick its location and Google will create it for you. You’ll be able to start and stop the server whenever you got big sneaker releases you can’t afford to miss out on!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Another on-demand sneaker server option. They work the same as GCP, you create your server, start it whenever you need it and only get charged per hour of use. The main difference between AWS and GCP is that AWS servers are faster yet more costly. 

So depending on the release you’re botting, you choose. If it’s a big drop like a Travis Scott, you’ll wanna be FAST at any cost. If you’re however after a more subtle drop, you can save on the server costs. And with the right bot and proxies, cop that sneaker in bulk to maximize your flipping profit.

Dedicated Sneaker Servers

Last is the Dedicated Sneaker Servers. There are several providers in the sneaker industry like Sauce Servers or Live Servers that provide such services. These providers have sneaker bots and other tools already installed on their servers to save you time on releases. (You’ll need to have your own license keys though), and they have optimized servers’ locations for better performance. 

The main difference between these servers and the previous ones is that these are rented on a monthly basis. So if the upcoming month is filled with hyped releases, go with them as they’ll be more cost-efficient. And in case any sort of issues happen, you’ll have a sneaker-drop expert support team help you out.

What specs to look for in a server?

The specs that you’ll need on your sneaker bot server depend on your botting setup. Mainly the amount of bots you’ll be using, and the number of tasks you’re running on each. The more tasks you’re running, the higher the specs your sneaker server should have. Regarding the exact specs, you’ll have to test the servers out as, again, it all depends on your setup. Since each bot works differently and has its own requirements.


So what we recommend is getting a server with a decent amount of vCPUs and RAMs to test your setup out. And according to the performance either upgrade or even downgrade. Though, make sure you’re not testing DURING a big drop.

Storage shouldn’t be an issue, you won’t need much as bots barely require storage space. Just make sure the providers have NVMe SSD Storage (It’ll be mentioned in the description) as these will make your server run smoother.

And last, make sure the sneaker bot server is located in the regions you’re planning on running. If you’re outside the US, in Europe for example, and want to run EU drops, make sure the server you’re getting is located in the same country you’re in and you’ll be good. If you’re in the US and planning on running US drops, get a VA or NY server, as most sneaker websites host their servers there. And again, make sure your Proxies are in the same region for optimal performance.

Do I need a sneaker server?

So, after all we said, the answer to whether you need a sneaker bot server or not is, no!

You don’t “need” a sneaker bot server. A lot of botters in the sneakers industry run without servers and many of them manage to cop a TON! Some even recommend not running one if your setup is good on its own. 

You need servers if your internet connection isn’t stable and might cause issues during drops. You might also need it if your personal computer isn’t good enough to run a bot with a big number of tasks. Plus, if you’re planning on running multiple bots at once, or if you’re planning on running drops on different regions, you’ll need a sneaker server.

Other than that, get one of the top sneaker bots, pair it with a good bunch of proxies, and you’re good to cop!