The Pair That Broke My Heart and My Wallet

By January 17, 2019July 25th, 2020Bot, Sneakers

This article has been written by our staff writers following a spoken conversation with one of our clients who joined the sneaker bot gang in 2018. For privacy reasons, he decided to remain anonymous but has consented to the publication of this blog post. His story is uber relatable and we hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Being new to sneakers, how did you first get started?

The reason I first got into sneakers was fomo. I was really impressed by how much people knew about sneakers at my school, even the girls. I kept hearing how some people would comment about other people’s shoes, either by praising them or by calling them out as fakes (even though I couldn’t tell the difference). So you could say, coming from a background of people who barely even wear sneakers, I felt a bit left out.

I owe it to one of my boys who taught me everything I know. He was just getting into sneakers back then. Today, he’s kind of an expert on the matter. If I listened to him in 2017, I would’ve gone for the Yeezy Yebras. But I didn’t like them. They were ugly compared to other Yeezys that dropped that year. Little did I know that my preference had nothing to do with what to cop. Lesson learned after I saw my friend flip them for a solid 1K.

What was the first pair you tried to cop?

I decided my first pair would be the Yeezy Blue Tints since I had to pass on the Belugas to save some money. Did I mention my mom wouldn’t lend me money for sneakers? Anyway, I got the money and had all the info set up in Google autofill because that’s what you do when you go manual.

Why did you go manual instead of using a sneaker bot?

I went manual on my first try because, in my mind, it was like how hard is it to buy shoes online? Plus I was on a tight budget. I couldn’t afford proxies and stuff (I didn’t even know much about that back then). And honestly, I was still skeptical about sneaker bots.

Continue telling us about how your first release went?

I don’t really want to go into the details here because I was stupid. First, I was so nervous I barely got a Captcha right. And I was determined to get a size 9. I can’t believe I didn’t even try to go for another size or considered the fact that I could just sell them. I wanted it to be my personal pair. Of course, because I wasted so much time the stock was sold out.

Not to be your therapist, but how did that make you feel?

To put it short, I literally felt this squeeze in my heart. That wasn’t even my biggest L though, because you have to lose a sh!t load of money to get that big of an L! I didn’t lose any money that time. But I did lose my nerves and kinda freaked out. But, to be honest, the adrenaline rush was totally worth it. It’s like a high. 

What did sneakers teach you?

I know there are sneakers that could make you way more money than Yeezys. But right now, I’m just satisfied with not being out of the loop anymore. I actually feel like a part of this community and understand the inside jokes people make at school. Or how celebrities fit in all this sneaker stuff. It’s an eye-opening experience that goes beyond just getting sneakers at retail price.

Do you consider yourself a reseller now that you own a sneaker bot?

Today, I have a sneaker bot (actually two) that I run on releases when I have the money for it. I also run a “jig” my friend made. When I can, I save money just to buy more sneakers for myself and enough to pay off bot expenses. So I wouldn’t consider myself anywhere close to a reseller. It’s just cool to make money when I cop stuff I don’t wanna keep.