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Sneaker Bot Tasks: How Many Tasks Do You Need to Cop Sneakers?

By March 9, 2022Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

Sneaker Bot Tasks - GUIDE - AIO BotSo, let’s take a bit of a break from the whole NFT craze, and talk about some refreshing sneaker botting. If you’ve been following our blog for some time, you’re probably a sneaker copping whiz by now! But, there’s always room for more improvement. Therefore, in this guide, we’re gonna discuss SNEAKER BOT TASKS!

Ever wondered how many tasks you need for a sneaker bot to cop a win? Does it depend on which site you’re trying to cop? And, what about how many proxies you need for every task? Lots of questions! And, if you’ve got more sneaker botting questions, check out the list below. It’s got all the guides you could ever need.

*Note – for this guide on sneaker bot tasks to make sense, you’re gonna need to have a sneaker bot first. Or else, it’s just a bunch of gibberish. So, if you don’t already have one, click on the button below for the TOP ones in the game!

1. How do bots work?
2. What is a sneaker bot?
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4. How to set up your bot
5. How to rent a sneaker bot?
6. Do free sneaker bots work?
7. The 10 rules for buying a bot
8. How to buy a sneaker bot online?
9. Building your OWN bot at home!
10. And, the pros and cons of using a bot!


Sneaker_Bot_Tasks - AIO_BotSo, now that we’ve established that you’ve got a good knowledge of what sneaker bots are, let’s jump right in. What are sneaker bot tasks?

Sneaker bot tasks are requests you send – through your bot – to the sneaker website you’re copping. You can also think of them as copping chances – the more tasks you’ve got, the higher your chances! Let’s say you put out 100 requests, while your friend puts out 1,000 – who has the better chance? It’s simple math!

In short, your friend has like 900 more chances at checking out a pair of kicks than you do! Maybe even multiple pairs – if done right! This sounds especially appealing to sneakerheads trying to become sneaker resellers and start a business! But, it also is directly related to the proxies you’re using. Or, you’ll end up paying too much money with no results! So, let’s talk about that. 


Sneaker Bot Tasks II - AIO BotIn order to use your sneaker bot in the most efficient way, you have to understand the golden ratio! When you first get into sneaker botting, you’ll be asked to run tasks. And, you can run TONS of tasks! But, how many proxies should you use for your sneaker bot tasks? 

The ratio is one-to-one (1:1) of sneaker bot tasks to proxies. In other words, for every task, you use ONE proxy. So, let’s say you’re running 100 tasks, you use 100 proxies – one per task!

Of course, the more tasks you run, the higher your chances, and the more proxies you’ll need! One of the biggest copping mistakes you can make is not abiding by this ratio.

If you don’t, odds are you will suffer from timeout delays for monitor tasks. Your requests might not go through! And, you’ll run the risk of taking a big fat L! Click here to find all the best proxy providers and buy the best ones for the job!


Sneaker_Bot_Tasks - AIO_Bot IIFinally, answering the thing on every sneakerhead’s mind, unlimited sneaker bot tasks. Just like we’ve mentioned before, running tasks smoothly depends on your sneaker proxies. However, there is another factor that could affect your copping game – your device!

Technically speaking, if your device specs or your internet connection aren’t good enough, you’ll jeopardize everything. But, luckily there’s actually a very easy fix that comes in the form of sneaker servers! You want everything to run smoothly without a hitch! Learn more about servers here.

But, is this the thing that’s gonna allow you to run UNLIMITED sneaker bot tasks? Yes and no.

Proxies don’t come cheap! So, how can you do that without actually having to sell off your kidney? You’re gonna need to try rotating proxies to let you use as many proxies as you need. These work in a network that rotates to a new one for each new task. It generates a new proxy connection with a new IP address for every task you make! This all depends on the proxy provider you’ve chosen and what bundles they have to offer!  But, running unlimited sneaker bot tasks depends on how high you wanna increase your chances! We repeat, more tasks mean higher chances.

In a nutshell, when it comes to running sneaker bots tasks, it all comes down to how much you want the sneakers.