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The Top 3 Things to Look For in a Sneaker Buying Bot!

By June 4, 2021July 15th, 2021Bot, Sneakers

What to Look for in a Sneaker Buying Bot - AIO BotSo, you’re on the market for a sneaker buying bot, but don’t know exactly what to look for. Of course, this does not apply to the seasoned vets of the industry, we’re talking about the fresh spawns of the game! The new sneakerheads embarking on the magnificent sneakerhead trek of a lifetime. It isn’t an easy feat to pick the right sneaker bot for your copping needs, but that’s what we’re here for. We’re gonna tell you exactly what kind of features you should look for in a bot that will help you cop the most hyped sneakers ever.

There are a few features that can set a sneaker buying bot apart from others. Some features are pretty obvious, but others will surprise you. Anyone can find out how to get a sneaker bot, but WHICH one should you get? Now that’s the question.

You wanna bot that can help you make money, get your sneaker hobbies going, and maybe even help you start your own sneaker collection. If it doesn’t do all that, then it ain’t the bot for us. You might as well go out and make a bot yourself. 

There are lots of bots out there that claim to be the best sneaker bots in the game, but if they ain’t got these features then just say: Thank you, NEXT!

The Features of the Sneaker Buying Bot of Your DREAMS

The Sneaker Bot’s Price Tag

How to Get a Sneaker Bot - AIO BotWhen you visit the website of a sneaker buying bot, the first thing that your eyes go to is the price tag. And while the retail prices of most bots don’t cross the $1K mark, reselling prices are going wild. We don’t wanna go out and sell our kidneys on Craigslist just to be able to afford a sneaker bot. That’s not cool. 

A sneaker buying bot that does the job should NOT cost you more than $500 – that’s just absurd. ALSO, if it takes you more than 2 to 3 sneaker sales to get your cash back, then it ain’t worth it. Not to mention that the most expensive bots that CLAIM to be the best are always out of stock! Find a bot for sale that costs an average of maaaybe $325 let’s say? 

History, Efficiency, & Reliability – HER

Ultimate Yeezy History Guide - AIO_BotOnce you’ve checked the price of the sneaker buying bot, you’re probably already halfway sold. We don’t blame you though! We’ve all been there. And the next thing you probably do is look it up. You gotta check out the history behind the bot, its effectiveness in sneaker copping, and how reliable it is.

You can’t go for a bot that will F-up on release day – you gotta have full trust in it! If it’s pretty new in the industry then you probably shouldn’t go for it. Maybe give it a chance after some time, see how people react to it. But, if the bot you go for happens to be one of the OG bots of the industry, then you’re GOLDEN.

Let’s take AIO Bot as an example! AIO Bot is one of the oldest long-standing sneaker bots of the entire industry. It’s literally one of the first bots ever to cop sneakers online! It is a sneaker buying bot that knows the ins and outs of the game, been through all kinds of antibot systems, and came out stronger than ever. It is a bot that you can depend on for the long run! Just check it out yourself, check out its reputation about it, and make up your own verdict!

buttonSupported Websites

Shoes Reselling - AIO_Bot - Choose Your PlatformKnowing the number of websites your sneaker buying bot supports is absolutely crucial – especially before release day. Regardless of whether or not you’re a checks over stripes kinda person, you still don’t wanna be limited by your bot. There are tons of places to buy sneakers online, BUT not all bots can get to those places.

Some bots have not cracked the code for lots of websites of the best sneaker retailers out there. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best ISP proxies on the job. You can always go for specific bots like Shopify bots if you want, but all-in-one bots are always the sweeter deals.

You can get the whole package – Shopify, Yeezy Supply, Adidas, Footsites, and more. This way you can cop the Jordans, feast on the Yeezys, and slam all the Dunks you want. The sneaker industry is your oyster. Go for sneaker buying bots that support a MINIMUM of 100+ websites – get your money’s worth. You know, bots like AIO Bot with 100+ supported websites. Just saying.

Also, if you’re an iOS user, you might wanna check if your sneaker bot works on your iMac. BUT, that’s not a huge dealbreaker. If you like the bot, there are always ways you can learn here.

Got a BOT?

Now that you know the top 3 things to look for in a sneaker buying bot, you can look over its other qualities. When you choose the one for you, you have to make sure that they’ve got pretty decent customer support to help you through whatever copping issues you face! Just check out their product page and look over all the things they have to offer. If you wanna learn more about what it takes to run a sneaker bot, then read this guide.

This way you’ll know about all the things you need before you buy a bot, all the features that guarantee a good deal, and how to run it too! You’ll become a master of sneaker copping in no time!