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Sneaker Collabs 2020: The Best, The Worst & The WTH!

By January 7, 2021June 22nd, 2023Uncategorized

2020 is over, with all its ups, downs, and big sneaker collabs. And by big, we don’t necessarily mean best. Oh, on the contrary! 2020 was loaded with collaborations that got us facepalming ourselves repeatedly!

But what it’s worth sneaker releases in 2020 were a resort for many who were looking for side hustles and ways to make money from home. And with most of the stock that was intended for in-store drops going online, we copped A LOT last year.

Sneaker Collabs 2020

Sneaker collaborations and partnerships are the biggest pillars that have held this industry for years. If it wasn’t for collabs by Adidas, Nike, Jordan Brand, and New Balance, sneakers hype would have died a while ago. Every time a sneaker silhouette starts sinking, an out-of-this-world collaboration brings it back to the top.

Average-performing Sneaker Collabs

The Adidas Yeezy line didn’t have many magical moments in 2020. Looking back at it, Yeezys have been on the mediocre side since 2018, except for a few drops that make it to the center stage


every now and then. That being said, 2020’s best Yeezy was not a 350 colorway, nor was it the new Yeezy Quantum. Against all odds and all expectations, the sustainable, clog-inspired Yeezy Foam Runner was the best Yeezy to drop in 2020. And in best we mean most valuable on the aftermarket. Looking at numbers, the Yeezy Foam Runner which retailed at $75 is making a big profit of over 850%, reselling for an average of $360

Nike X Off-white

What was once the BIGGEST most desired,  and most expensive collab to fetch on the aftermarket is old news now. Further highlighting how fast the

Jordan 4 X Off-white Sai

sneaker game changes and evolves. So, 2020 was not by any means the best year for the Nike X Off-white collab. And nothing belonging to this line

made it close to any of THE TEN sneakers. However, one of the top performers for this partnership this year was the Air Jordan 4 Sail retailing for $200 and flipping for more than $1,100.

Best Sneaker Collabs 2020

Nike Dunks

No one can argue that 2020 was the year of dunks. High, low, crazy, collaborative, Nike Dunks were the talk of the town every time a new colorway was dropping. And so many colorways dropped last year.

The long list of cop and flip-worthy dunks started rolling out as early as February 2020 with the StrangleLove collaboration which was and still is a real head-turner. The pink velvet-dressed dunk dropped right on time for Valentines’ day retailing at $100 and making more than $500 profit per pair with a regular box and $900+ for the pair in the special package.  

Travis Scott  X Nike Dunk LowNike Dunk Low Cactus Jack

When we’re listing the best sneaker collabs of 2020 we can not overlook Travis Scott’s Dunk. Retailing for $150, the patched-up Dunk is currently selling for $1200+. Not that it’s any surprise to have this sneaker flip for so much. Travis Scott’s collaboration with Nike is one of the BEST partnerships the industry has witnessed. And with the limited number of kicks they’ve released so far, they’ve proven quality always beats quantity.

More Nike Dunks

Moving past February, Nike Dunks continued to own 2020 week after week. Starting with the Dunk Reverse Skunk, to the oh-so-sweet Chunky Dunkys in the regular and F&F versions, all the way to the Nike Dunk Sean Cliver.Dunk Strange Love

One Dunk that LITERALLY outshone all other kicks this year was the Nike Dunk CPFM. The shiny dunks dropped in white and olive green versions. This Dunk looks like it was dipped in a pool of Swarovski crystals, giving it that extra bling we all love so much. Although we gotta say, it must take a lot of effort to store it well and keep it clean. The retail price of this shiny Dunk is $120 but the reselling price is another story!

If you’ve missed out on the CPFM Dunk, which we know you have, you’d have to pay around $2K for the Platinum pair, and WAY OVER $6K for the green iteration.

Nike X Fear of God

If you were to ask me, I would without any hesitation call the Nike X Fear of God the best sneaker collab for 2020. Yes, this collab dates back to 2018, and yes the Yellow Fog 1 from 2019 is out of

Nike FoG The Question

this world awesome, but in 2020 the feel of the collab changed. Nike X Fear of God took their sneakers to a new level of style and hype. Topping off almost all their previous sneakers, the latest Nike Fog 1 “The Question” is reselling for over $750 on platforms like Stockx and GOAT.

Now, numbers like that could get you all hyped up and crazy about new collaborative pieces from Nike and FoG, but 2020 marks the end of this partnership. Recent news in the industry has revealed a long-term partnership between Adidas and Fear of God

The Three Stripes strikes again!
Snatching Kanye West, Sean Wotherspoon, and now Jerry Lorenzo to reimagine Adidas’ basketball line.

So, if you had an eye on one of the Nike FoGs, now is a good time to buy it before the resell value goes out the roof the way things went with Nike Yeezys.

Nike X ClotNike AF1 Low CLOT

Right from the start of 2020, Nike gave us a good glimpse of what it was up to. The Nike X Clot is one of the most elegant sneaker collabs, and it took a step further last year. On January 25th, 2020 the New Nike Air Force 1 Low X Clot dropped in rose gold, featuring the same old engraved premium silk uppers. And that premium treatment didn’t come cheap as the retail price was a hefty $250. The rose gold colorway dropped in versions, a regular one flipping for around $600 and a special one with a wooden box scoring an average resell price of $2000.

Sneaker Collabs I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Wearing!

It’s not that bad tbh, but we got some really bad sneaker collabs in 2020. Like really bad you’d question why you’re in this industry! Now to clarify a few things, this is a personal list of the least favorite sneaker collabs, so if you like any of the kicks I’m about to list, knock yourself off! Plus, a snake making it to this list does NOT, by any means, mean they don’t resell well. Some of the ugliest sneakers we know hold the highest resale value on the aftermarket. So looks aren’t everything here.

Grateful Dead DunksSneaker collabs Worst 2020

You’re probably wondering how does this make sense? How are dunks among the best and worst sneaker collabs?

We did say they were the talk of the town, and in the sneaker industry, you make it to the headlines mainly for being extra! 

So the Grateful Dead Dunks offered 3 bright bold color options. Orange, Yellow, and green. All retailed for $110 and featured fuzzy furry uppers, a jigged swoosh on the lateral sides, and a little stash pocket behind the tongues. 

Aside from looking too bold, too cheesy, and way too colorful, price is another reason why you wouldn’t want to wear these sneakers. The Yellow, Green, and Orange Grateful Dead Bears are selling for $1100, $1300, and $3000+ respectively on StockX.

Bodega Dunk HighNike Dunk High Bodega 2020

Another dunk making it to the “oh no you didn’t” list. This one dropped very recently and is actually a high dunk. If I were to describe these dunks I’d say they’re Cactus Jack wannabes. They feature the same color palette of Travis’s sneakers but in a less stylish way. Heavy rope stitching appears of different parts of the shoe dressed in leather and Suede. And to further prove my point, this collaboration is worth a little below $400 on the aftermarket.

Rubber Dunk Off white

Retroing old sneaker silhouettes and colorways are a thing in the game. Brands seem to love digging through their archives to revive old designs. However, it feels like Nike dug a little too deep with their recent Off-white collab.We’ve seen quite a few Nike X Off-whites in 2020 but nothing compares to the ’90s inspired rubber dunks. Which in my opinion should’ve stayed in the 90s. 3

Nike Off white Rubber Dunk

colorways of the rubber dunks dropped back in October 2020, Gold & Black, Black & Green, and Silver & Blue all in full family sizes. 

Air Jordan 1 J Balvin

So this sneaker, in particular, belongs on every list of sneaker collabs in 2020. It first appeared during the halftime performance at The Super Bowl LIV on the feet of J Balvin. And ever since the shoes were on every sneakerhead’s “To-cop” list. For all the right reasons. They were limited, hype, colorful, and the predicted reselling value was pretty tempting. However, the patchwork and colorway were not necessarily to everyone’s liking.

Air Jordan 1 J Balvin

The AJ 1 J Balvin featured layered tie-dye uppers with jagged edges that give a peek at solid black leather patches. And similarly to the Upcoming Jordan Volt, J Balvin’s Jordan 1 featured exposed foam tongues. But it was the bold color mixture that broke the deal for many Jordan fans. Since unlike the cool-toned Blue Jordan 1 Tie Dye, this version showcased Blue, Yellow, red, green, and hints of black altogether. But in the end, money talks, and this exotic, $190 Jordan 1 is currently reselling for over $550.