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Is Sneaker Collecting Dead? A 2023 Culture Check

By September 9, 2023Food for thought, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Is Sneaker Collecting DeadSneaker collecting has been around since the 70s. In fact, most sneakerheads credit the rise of this culture to Air Jordans. And now you’ve got sneaker enthusiasts owners for around a million-dollar-worth of sneaker collection. However, we all know that this hyping wasn’t exactly “hyping” the way it did before. This led many to question the possibility of the death of sneaker collecting hustle altogether. So, let’s see for ourselves if this is the case. 

Is Sneaker Collecting Dead?

So, is the sneaker culture dead? Well, a poll about the status of sneaker culture posted on Reddit one year ago garnered 240 “No” votes and 85 “Yes” votes from Reddit users. This translates to approximately 27% of respondents saying “Yes, sneaker culture is dead,” while the remaining 73% believe that it is not. And just like the votes, comments showed contrasting opinions:

It’s changed considerably. sneaker culture was about standing out and now it’s about fitting in. Sneaker culture as it was in the 80s-early 2000s is dead. But change is inevitable.

I think sneaker culture isn’t dead, but respect for sneakers is gone right now. It’s about resale price over everything atm.


We don’t know how to feel about that “Lol.” But that aside, is sneaker collecting dead in 2023 or is it not? Well, that first comment kind of makes sense. Change happens and it’s inevitable, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that sneaker collecting is dead. In other words, some view this hobby as a great money-making activity. Buying some highly-coveted sneakers in bulk, and collecting some, while selling the rest is a good way to keep the business rolling. This way, you’d have some cash to actually keep on buying more hype sneakers

Sneaker Collecting and Hype

Is Sneaker Collecting Dead In 2023 - Is Sneaker Culture DeadBut there is less excitement than ever before, right? Well, as we’ve mentioned earlier, sneaker collecting and sneaker reselling now go hand in hand. The surge in the sneaker resale market coincided with people spending more time at home during quarantine, encouraging them to look for new opportunities to make money. They found sneaker reselling to be the most exciting and money-generating one. So, they went for it.

This being said, with people coming back from quarantine and going back to their full-time jobs, the sneaker resell business took a hit. But in reality, the business didn’t really take a hit. Let’s look at it in a different way. The state of the sneaker reselling market was booming above normal by the time the pandemic hit, and so people who entered the market then thought that THAT was the norm. But in reality, it was a rapidly growing bubble ready to burst. Now, we did witness a fall, but still didn’t reach a level where reselling is not profitable anymore. 

On the contrary, hype sneakers are still dropping on a daily basis. And new collaborations are looking more than promising. This, and the fact that resellers are still making shitloads of money from resale platforms. It just takes knowing what, when, and how to cop these kicks. Well, as for the first two, a good sneaker cook group. And you can get a full guide on the latter by clicking on the button below! 

Sneaker Collecting and Resell Market Changes 

Is Sneaker Collecting Dead - Is Sneaker Culture Dead - AIO BotWith inflation hitting worldwide, both sneaker retail and resale prices were affected. And so people weren’t down to paying overinflated prices for a pair of sneakers off resell sites like StockX. So, they either went for trying their luck for retail, or just nothing altogether. 

And with the rise of social media, some sneaker enthusiasts don’t only focus on classics. But trendy kicks and a good sneaker collab, even if it’s fairly new, catch their attention. So, we can safely say that sneaker reselling is NOT dead one bit, it just is different than it was decades ago. Now, there’s more than one type of collector, and picking the right sneaker for the shelves has become a subjective matter. 

So, all in all, collecting sneakers is a hobby that keeps on changing with time. And it will always remain part of the sneaker culture. Meaning that, it will never be announced dead!