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The Best Sneaker Consignment Stores Every Sneakerhead Should Know!

By June 22, 2021April 12th, 2022Sneaker Tutorial, Sneakers

The Best Sneaker Consignment Stores - New - AIO Bot So, are you looking for the hub of all sneakerheads and hypebeasts? The literal epicenter of the sneaker industry? The place where you can become the ultimate sneaker reseller and build your sneaker cred! You’re looking for the best sneaker consignment stores in NY and LA – the capitals of sneaker city! Of course, you can still find pretty sick ones in other areas, just keep reading!

Sneaker consignment stores are one of the ways you could start reselling your sneakers! On the other hand, if you wanna learn more about selling and buying sneakers online, just check out the button below. 

button_learn-moreHow Do Sneaker Consignment Stores Work?

Sneaker_Consignment - AIO BotSneaker consignment stores are places where you can sell sneakers from your epic sneaker collection other than resale platforms. Sure, you can definitely go for different resale platforms, but these types of stores offer another form of resale.

– You choose the sneakers that you wanna sell down to the closest consignment store
– OR online stores and have them appraised
– Your sneakers go through a
legit check and get priced
– They check the quality of the sneakers, insoles, outsoles, and
how clean they are!

Sneaker consignment stores are where you can sell your deadstock sneakers for the price that the store sets with a split. This means that the store gets around 20% – 25% of the price of the sneaker. But, here’s the catch. You only ever get paid WHEN someone buys the kicks, not when you hand it in. Therefore, you could possibly wait a few days, weeks, or even months before you get paid.

Where to Get On Board!

#1 Soled Out Inventory – JERSEY

Soled Out - Sneaker_Consignment - New - AIO BotSold Out, based in Jersey City, is one of the best sneaker consignment stores in the city that can help you sell your sneakers. All you have to do is email them your list of sneakers for them to set a price.

The sneaker has to be on consignment for around 30 days with all the paperwork, and then you’ll wait for the call! When someone buys your sneaker, you can pick up the money or wait until people buy the rest! You’ll get 85% of the price, while they get to keep the other 15% as commission!

Sold Out Split: 85 – 15

#2 Stadium Goods – SOHO & CHICAGO

Stadium Goods - Sneaker_Consignment_ - AIO BotStadium Goods is another great online (or in-store) sneaker consignment store with great hype! Which BTW was acquired by Farfetch back in 2020 in one of the biggest news of that year. But, we don’t have to tell you about SG! They’ve got a super simple process to it too! 

All you have to do is sign up, list your sneakers, deliver them to SG, wait for them to sell, then cash in! They take 20% of the total price of the sneaker when appraised. Which leaves you an easy 80% without doing any work! Check them out!

Stadium Goods Split: 80 – 20

#3 Sole Supremacy – NEWARK

Sole Supremacy - Sneaker Consignment Stores - New - AIO Bot Sole Supremacy is one of the coolest sneaker consignment stores because it offers direct payment. In other words, they will BUY your sneakers and give you money directly if you want. AND, they also offer in-store trading!

To sell your shoes to Sole Supremacy, you gotta email them with the sneaker details and get a quote. Of course, the shoe has to be inspected first for condition and authenticity – preferably with the original sneaker box!

Sole Supremacy Split: 0 – Direct Cash

#4 Flight Club – NY, LA, & MIAMI

Flight Club - Sneaker Consignment Stores - New - AIO BotSelling with sneaker consignment stores like Flight Club is one of the easiest ways to sell your sneakers! You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to locations and even online! The location of the store also helps them sell out faster since they’re located in the middle of the sneaker city! You’ve got stores in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. PLUS, online stores!

You gotta register as a reseller, submit your shoes, and receive a verification for authenticity. After that, they do all the work by adding them to their channels like and GOAT!

Flight Club Split: 9.5% Plus a $5 Seller Fee + 2.9% cash out fee