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The Highest Paid Sneaker Designers of the Industry! Let’s Talk Money!

By March 30, 2021July 15th, 2022Sneaker News, Sneakers

Sneaker Designers - AIO BotSneaker designers probably have the best job to make money in the entire world – no cap. Although, it does include a lot of pressure to create a hit sneaker that flies off the virtual sneaker shelves in moments! But, the money makes it completely worthwhile. The sneaker industry is home to many amazing sneaker designers, with extremely WILD paychecks – we’d like to get some of that sneaker action. Just think about your favorite hyped sneaker, how much it retails for, production numbers, the marketing – SO MUCH MONEY. Then, just imagine how much money the sneaker designers get! It isn’t called the 6 BILLION industry for nothing. Where can we fill out an application, fam? We want IN to this crazy money-making business

But, if you happen to be like us and lack any creative skills, you ain’t completely doomed. You can still make your own contribution to the sneaker industry, with a little tweak! Maybe we ain’t got what it takes to be a sneaker designer, but we most definitely got what it takes to be a sneaker reseller – you’ll still make TONS of money! All you need is a proper sneaker bot that can cop off any retailer’s website. AIO Bot does it all! Cop sneakers on any hyped release, every time, and in BULK! After that, it’s all about the resale, and all about the money! Boost your copping powers and start bringing in some cash money, fam! AIO Bot is all you really need to get you going. Who needs to be a sneaker designer, anyway? Sneaker reselling takes a lot less effort – especially with AIO Bot. Just sayin’.

Buy AIO NOWHow Much Money Do These Sneaker Designers Get?

Creative Process - AIO BotSo, the most important question in life, is how much money do you make? Does that sound kinda shallow? Let’s be real, though. You don’t and can’t exist in this industry if you don’t got cash on you! It’s just how it goes in this GIANT of an industry! Which makes us wonder, how much money do the sneaker designers make? If we out here hustlin’ and tryin’ to make some money from home, these designers have GOT to be making a pretty decent amount. Well, why don’t we delve into their financial statements and find out! Probably shouldn’t, but we still doing it. 

How do these sneaker designs concoct the epic sneakers we so dearly love, how much do they get paid for them, and, most importantly, how do we cop them? These are the questions that go through any sneakerhead’s head, and we’re here to answer them! It’s very important to understand the whole backstory of whatever sneaker you wanna cop – we ain’t paying over a hundred dollars without a reason. Of course, that reason is the flip and flex and making over a GRAND. But, the story also counts for something. Right?

How Much Money Does Kanye West Make?

Kanye West - Sneaker Designers - AIO BotKanye West, our main man, our boy ‘Ye! The one and only Yeezus! He is the man behind the Yeezy history and possibly one of the greatest sneaker collaborations in the industry. Kanye’s sneaker endeavor first began with Nike, and, well, we all know how that ended! Way to fuel the fire of the checks over stripes thing, ‘Ye. But, we aren’t entirely sad that Kanye decided to go with the Three Stripes, or else we would have never had all the new Yeezys! To be honest, Kanye left Nike for a very noble reason – he chose creativity over money! Well, not really. He’s still making a LOT of money with Adidas, but on his own terms! He’s full liberty when it comes to the creative process – something all sneaker designers want! Not everyone gets to base a sneaker colorway after an anime like Akira – unless you’re Kanye.

Kanye Makes Almost 200 MILLION DOLLARS!

Now, Kanye West gets around 15% of Yeezys revenue from Adidas – as in 15% royalty on Adidas Yeezys’ wholesale. Adidas manufactures and distributes Yeezys, while Kanye West is the sole sneaker designer on the job. Although the global pandemic did take its toll on most brands in the industry, the annual revenue reached a whopping $1.7 billion dollars! This rakes up about $191 million dollars in royalties for our man Kanye! That’s a pretty hefty paycheck. Let’s not forget that this College Dropout also has his own career as a rapper and his own fashion line! Our man ‘Ye is making some serious cash fam. This is one of the reasons why everyone wants to cop Yeezys – one of the toughest cops. That’s why no one swoops in for a Yeezy cop without a Yeezy bot.

The man’s going through a 4 million dollar divorce, but he still be dropping them sneakers like there’s no tomorrow. Whether it’s a Yeezy clog or a whole new pack of 350s, he definitely has sneakerheads on their toes in anticipation. And, with the new Yeezy material on the rise, it seems like he about to make a lot more money this year. So, make sure you know when these Yeezys drops, so you don’t get stuck copping Ls all year. 

Most Underrated Sneaker Designer: Sean Wotherspoon

Sean Wotherspoon - Sneaker Designers - AIO BotSean Wotherspoon is one of the most underrated sneaker designers in the entire industry. The man is a genius when it comes to sneaker design – NGL. He is the sneaker designer that is an actual OG sneakerhead – he speaks to the sneakerhead inside us all! Sean is one of the founders of Round Two, a Virginia-based vintage sneaker store. But, you probably know him for his work on the Nike Air Max 97/1 – one of the greatest sneaker designs in the history of sneakers. Not only are his sneakers extremely hyped, but they also make the perfect choice for resale! His sneaker currently resells for an average of $1,272 with a retail price of just $160! Nike and Sean were a match made in heaven… only to end later in 2019!

But, the man’s got a lot of tricks under his sleeve. He’s the one behind the cool eco-friendly sneaker – we’re all about sustainability in our industry! He isn’t the only one who dabbled around with both the checks and the stripes! His work with Adidas on the Adidas SuperEarth brings out all of this sneaker designer’s full-on creativity! Also, you can’t forget that this man has the mind of a pure sneaker reseller – rumor has it he actually sold his own sneaker online for 90K. We’d do that too if we were him. We don’t know how much this sneaker partnership was worth, but it must’ve been enough for him to leave! Either way, we hope we see more of him in the coming year!

What About… Mr. Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh - Sneaker Designers - AIO BotVirgil Abloh is a well-known fashion and sneaker designer – one of the greatest names in the industry. He is one of those sneaker designers who create fashion statements, not just cool kicks. We shouldn’t be much surprised honestly! Virgil Abloh is one of Kanye West’s friends, so we’d expect they ride the same wave of creativity? His take on streetwear fashion through his brand Off-White comes through in his partnership with Nike. He also happens to be the artistic director of Louis Vuitton – you hear that, Mr. Louis Vuitton Don? With amazing sneaker drop like The Ten, different wild Dunks, the sickest Jordans, and so much more! He’s one of those sneaker designers that never seem to stop coming up with more.

The best thing about him though is that his sneakers resell for a LOT of money. Which, at the end of the day, is what we mostly care about. Sure, the Off-White flex is cool, but the money… That’s something else! He has a net worth of about 20 million dollars with a salary of 3 million dollars from LV! Do we really wanna know how much money he makes off sneakers? For a person who seems to collect multiple large paychecks, we can only imagine how big this sneaker deal must be!

Tinkering with Tinker Hatfield

Tinker Hatfield - Nike VP - AIO BotMoving on to another epic sneaker designer, Tinker Hatfield – the Mad Hatter of the sneaker industry! Does this man have secret fairy dust that causes his designs to fly through the roof? No one knows! All we know is that he created the most legendary sneaker designs in history.  He is the man behind the greatest Nike achievements ever – Air Jordan 3 to Air Jordan 15, Nike Air Max 1, and a lot of other Nike sneakers! If it wasn’t for this mean, we might not have the awesome-looking silhouettes of the Jordans we know today. Tinker Hatfield is the reason behind the best sneaker trends this industry has ever seen. He is currently Nike’s VP for sneaker design. The man has a net worth of 25 million dollars. Mind you, the man started working at Nike right after he graduated! What kind of fatass paycheck are you getting Tinker?

Phenomenal Female Sneaker Designers: Chitose Abe

Chitose Abe - Founder of Sacai - AIO BotAmongst the greatest sneaker designers in the world is the self-made designer Chitose Abe. She is the person bringing her full-on A-game in female representation in our industry! We most definitely STAN this – especially since her sneakers, the Nike x Sacai are beyond phenomenal. Chitose is a great influencer in her movement to create fashion catered to women – mothers in particular. She proves that mothers don’t actually have to dress like moms. Fashion statements through clothing are her way of work! The innovation in her designs isn’t something anyone can overlook. Her Nike LD Waffles were one of the most expensive sneakers of the year 2019 – which works especially well if you managed to cop at retail! If not, you could try the aftermarket after you sell some organs. She’s a self-proclaimed perfectionist, and you can obviously see it in her modern-looking sneakers  – giving a whole new definition to creativity.