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Stay Ahead of the Hype with these 6 Best Sneaker News Sites!

By July 25, 2023Sneaker News, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Best Sneaker News WebsitesThe early bird gets the worm. We could say the same thing for sneaker copping. You always have to stay ahead of the hype and note down what might be dropping and what not. However, you can’t trust just any website with your sneaker news. They’ve got to be both, reliable and FAST in delivering news, especially when it got something to do with an epic collaboration, like the new Travis Scott Cut The Check!

So again, to get into sneaker flipping, you first need to ace the sneaker copping game. But copping doesn’t even happen if you don’t know the best references- aka sneaker blogs and websites. Thus, breaking it into more simple steps, starting a sneaker reselling business goes something like the following: 

In other words, knowing where and when to cop your sneakers, what they look like, and what they feature in detail is so important. Because you know, as with any relationship, you really wanna know your kicks before you get involved with them. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best sneaker news sites out there, that even our blog refers to!

Your Go-to Sneaker News Websites

  • Hypebeast

Best Sneaker News Site - Hypebeast siteHypebeast is one of the first sneaker news sites you go to get the latest info on any new sneaker release. As its name implies, Hypebeast isn’t only focused on sneakers. It actually offers the latest news on technology, music, gaming, streetwear, and a lot more. 

One cool feature you can find on Hypebeast is the tiny hypemeter. This little flame icon you see next to sneaker news posts can really indicate how “in-demand” a release is. Such a feature can actually be convenient if you’re just starting out and need help knowing what to cop.

  • Sneaker News 

Sneaker News Logo - AIO BotAnother go-to sneaker site is Sneaker News. From simple rumors to definite sneaker releases, you can find it all here! Amidst all this competition and a large number of sneaker sites, Sneaker News is one of the most reliable sites and one to get the word out there, faster than other sources.

Browsing through Sneaker News you’ll almost always find site lists for any upcoming sneaker releases. And a list of where to cop your sneakers from is the second-best thing to have. Right after a powerful sneaker bot.

This site’s release news posts are short, straight to the point, and include everything you need to know about your favorite kicks. Moreover, Sneaker News’ site includes release calendars for Yeezys, Jordans, and other sneakers you might be interested in copping. 

  • Highsnobiety 

Highsnobiety - Sneaker NewsNext on the fastest and most reliable sneaker news blogs list, we’ve got Highsnobiety. This sneaker website provides the usual intel on sneakers, streetwear brands, and overall community updates. It even covers topics related to cars, lifestyle, music, and art. 

It gets to the point where you might think that Highsnobiety might have an insider in each industry. Because this website provides you with information that has barely made it out to a few people- backdooring of some kind. And we’re all in for this kind of backdooring. This being said,  if you’re looking to get a bigger picture of the industry, Highsnobiety is the place for you.

  • Complex 

Complex - AIO BotWhether you’re looking for the latest sneaker news, a cool new show to binge-watch, or the latest in the music industry, Complex should be your default homepage. If anything, Complex is a staple of the sneaker and pop culture. Even non-sneakerheads know about it, like it, and refer to it for the latest hypes and trends.

If we were to recommend some of the shows featured on Complex, it’ll be sneaker shopping and Hot Ones. Food and sneakers, the best of both worlds!

  • Kicks On Fire

Kicks On Fire - Best Sneaker News BlogAlthough there are PLENTY of sites providing sneaker news, Kicks On Fire stands out thanks to one thing: images! If you ever want to get a closer, more detailed look at any upcoming sneakers, check Kicks On Fire. 

Every post about any new sneaker drop features so many images teaching you the ins and outs of the shoe as if you were carrying it in your hands. Plus, KicksOnFire features a handy sneaker release calendar to keep you on top of your copping game.

  • Sneaker Freaker

Sneaker Freaker - Sneaker News SiteLast but not least, we’ve got Sneaker Freaker as one of the best sneaker news sites. For one, Sneaker Freaker has established itself as the very first international footwear magazine and an essential source of information. 

On their website, you’ve got a News section where you can get the latest updates on everything sneaker-related. And they also provide you with a monthly calendar with all upcoming sneaker releases, providing all details, from the colorways, style codes, and release dates, to the count down of the drop. 

More Sneaker News Sites?

More sneaker news blogs we check quite often include Sole Collector, The Sole Supplier, Sneaker Bar Detroit, House of Heat, and many more. In addition, sites like Solelinks and The Drop Date are great if you need to know where your kicks are dropping or being raffled. Needless to say, you can also find most of the news you’re looking for on main retailer sites like Adidas, Nike, Nicekicks, NewBalance, and others.

However, with Adidas taking Ye in again, and Foot Locker making space for Yeezys on their shelves as well, you can imagine the hype level in the industry. Meaning that you’ll need a Yeezy-specific source that can get you all to release information even faster than any sneaker news website can. So, here’s where Twitter accounts come in handy. You’ve got @Yeezy Mafia and @Yeezy God, two Twitter accounts that drop Yeezy information before any website does. 

Of course, if you’ve already started your sneaker journey and got a sneaker bot, shopped for proxies, and joined some cook groups, the latest sneaker news might be within your reach. Many sneaker cookgroups on Discord provide sneaker news, release dates, early links, and copping guides to get you copping, and leveling up on your reselling game

Finally, if you want the best of two worlds, you can keep it locked to our blog. Which provides you with the latest, most important, and trending sneaker news that all websites mentioned above have in common. This way, you can focus on what’s important and the sneaker drops that are most worthy of a cop!