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FAQ: Do Sneaker Raffle Bots Work? Everything You Should Know!

By October 23, 2021June 22nd, 2023Bot, Sneaker News

The Best Sneaker Raffle Bots - AIO BotA while ago, we discussed sneaker raffles: how to find them, enter them, and win them! But, we also mentioned the thing that increases your chances of winning a raffle. That is, either you put in a hundred manual entries, OR you use sneaker raffle bots!

However, we know you’ve got questions and concerns. But, you don’t have to worry about anything! We’re here to explain everything there is to know about sneaker raffle bots. In other words, how to use them, which ones to try, and more!


Sneaker Raffle Bots - BANNER - AIO BotHow do sneaker raffle bots work?

They automate entries into raffles, specifically sneaker raffles. They automatically create accounts, confirm entries, and more. In short, they help increase your revenue channels by increasing your winning chances!

Are they the same as sneaker bots?

Not really. Although they operate with the same purpose in mind – increasing copping chances – sneaker bots work differently. If you want to learn more about how sneaker bots work, click here!

Sneaker_Raffle - AIO Bot

Are sneaker raffle bots illegal?

Now, although you technically buy tickets to enter raffles, they’re raffle tickets. And, you’re going to use raffle bots and not ticketing bots. Sneaker raffle bots are NOT illegal, sneaker bots are NOT illegal, but ticketing bots ARE.

Do they actually work?

Yes. BUT, just like sneaker bots, you’re going to need a bit more outside resources. In other words, you’re going to need the right proxies, a few Gmail accounts, a catch-all email, different credit cards, and some CAPTCHA solutions. If it’s an insanely hyped release, then it’s definitely worth it.

Where to find sneaker raffles?

If you want to run sneaker raffle bots on different draws, check out this list of sneaker raffle apps.

How do I know when a sneaker raffle is about to start?

The best way to stay up to date with all the sneaker raffles in the game, you should follow the best sneaker Twitter accounts. Check out our full cheat sheet here!

Best Raffle Bots

Sneaker Raffle_Bots - BANNER - AIO_BotSo, to make the best out of any draw, you must have the best bots on hand! Here’s a list of our top 5 bots for you!

#1 Sole Retriever Mobile

    • One of the best bots in the sneaker industry
    • Supports up to 1000 stores and features 30 lucky draw activities every day
    • On-site release calendar, restock monitors, and more
    • Works on iOS and Android devices
    • Sole Retriever App Price: Free download + $7.49 basic subscription
    • Download their app here

#2 Hype Raffle BotsShoe_Fair - AIO_Bot

    • Unlimited entries to the lucky draw
    • Cloud-based and runs tasks on servers
    • A web application that doesn’t depend on an operating system
    • Includes a Chrome extension
    • Hyper Raffle Bots Price: OOS
    • Check it out here

#3 Osiris Raffle Bots

    • Designed to maximize its speed of sending entries
    • It is an all-in-one bot with one of the best anti-bot solutions
    • Automatic updates and unlimited entries
    • Supports Footsites, Shopify, and more!
    • Osiris Raffle Bot Price: $100 followed by $39095/month

#4 ThunderIO

    • This sneaker lets you use unlimited proxies
    • Supports both Mac and Windows
    • You can use it to create unlimited custom files for scheduled drops or restocks
    •  Has account generators
    • Continuous discord support, monitors, and anti-bot solutions
    • ThunderIO Price: OOS
    • Check it out here

#5 Flare Raffle BotsShoe_Fairs Bottle - AIO_Bot

  • Supports both Mac and Windows
  • Unlimited tasks to cop as many sneakers
  • And, has an account generator to use on different profiles
  • Flare Raffle Bots Price: 99,90 €  or about $115 (including one1 month) followed by $30/month
  • Check it out here