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Ruling the Sneaker Release Calendar! Find Out How Drops Work

By June 30, 2021July 20th, 2022Sneaker Tutorial

Sneaker Release Calendar - How Sneaker Releases Work - AIO BotDo you wanna find out how to KILL, DOMINATE, and RULE every sneaker release calendar? 

Well, it’s pretty simple. The way to truly understand how to cop WINS on every drop is understanding how sneaker releases work. It isn’t enough JUST to understand the mechanism behind a bot to master the monthly sneaker release calendar. Understanding how the actual releases work, how they happen, and more changes everything.

The sneaker release calendars consist of the most hyped sneakers and relate to a process of supply and demand. We’re going to give you all the intel related to sneaker drops. But, we have to preface, the only way to truly DOMINATE a sneaker release is by utilizing a sneaker bot.

The bot you choose could depend on the type of release you wanna go for. But, ultimately, you could make the smarter decision of getting an AIO Bot. You know, bots like OUR AIO Bot? Because let’s be real, it is the ONLY bot that works without costing a fortune. It supports all of the places you would want to buy sneakers from, and has everything you’d look for in a bot! Check it out now!

buttonExplaining The Sneaker Release Calendar
How Sneaker Releases Work?

Buy Sneakers Online Adidas VS Nike At Retail and Make Money - AIO BotThere are two different types of sneaker releases you encounter during your lifetime as a sneakerhead. Your sneaker release calendar could include drops on online retailers like Shopify sites, Footsites, or Demandware-hosted sites like Yeezy Supply. And other releases, like some of  Nike’s releases, could include raffles! 

Now raffles are just another anti-bot ploy to keep sneaker bots out of the game. No fun! This is something that Nike does a lot. The @nikestore tweets a link to the latest sneaker release on the Nike SNKRS app inviting you to enter the draw. Of course, this requires that you have Nike accounts, and, in our case, a Nike bot! Then, the countdown to your W or L begins. That’s basically how sneaker releases work when they’re raffles. 

Most of the time though, you cop sneakers through online retailers. In this busy industry, you’re continuously showered with news and release dates that you’ll schedule in a sneaker release calendar. And f you follow the AIO Bot blog, then you’ll get the latest news on all the upcoming sneaker releases. Knowing when and where a sneaker drop is the most essential part of how sneaker releases work. You also have to know the time too!

After you’ve figured out the time, date, and location all you have to do is cop! The kicks you set on your sneaker calendar depend on an epic copping strategy. Different websites have different time durations for drops. So, some might last longer than others – usually 30 minutes to an hour maximum. Unless you’re copping Supreme which normally lasts minutes. 

Dominating Drops

To get around the sneaker release calendar and understand how releases work, you need proxies. If you ask about the most important factor in sneaker copping, it’s SPEED! Releases themselves are not that complicated! But the process requires lots of steps. You need to choose the shoe, the size, fill out your billing and shipping information, and check out. IF you get to that point, of course.

Now, we know that a sneaker bot already does that for you. But, it’s the proxies that give you a fighting chance. So, make sure you have a good set of proxies and you’ll dominate the sneaker release calendar! If you’re wondering how sneaker releases work; they work on the efficiency of sneakerheads!