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Sneaker Resell: Turning Your 750$ to 3.5K$ this September!

By September 7, 2019July 25th, 2020Adidas, Jordan, Sneakers, Yeezy

It’s one heck of a September with the kick-start release of 11 new Yeezy sneakers! New Jordan colorways! New releases everywhere! More sneaker resell opportunities!

What a time to be a sneakerhead!

And even if you’re not into flaunting any of the upcoming drops, you still should NOT miss out on the chance of making some serious cash from reselling.
Just think of all the possibilities. Think of all the sneakers. Of all the money you could make flipping them! And while you can make extra money from sneakers at any given month, September is another story. This month you can turn a couple hundred dollars into a couple thousand in just about 3 days!

Care to know more?

Sneaker resell prices tend to skyrocket, especially when they’re totally unique and limited in quantities. Talk about out-of-stock in a blink of an eye. And these upcoming dope kicks fall straight into that category. So getting your hands on at least one pair could mean serious business. Confused?

Well, let’s just take 3 of these sneaker pairs that are going to be dropping this September for reference.

Air Jordan 6 Travis Scott: Money-Making Sneaker Resell


Release Date: September 14th, 2019
Retail Price: 250$
Colorway: Medium Olive – Black Sail – University Red
Avg. Sneaker Resell Price: 1644$
High: 2000$ Low: 1168$

These shoes have been long-awaited, ever since they were first spotted on Travis Scott himself during his Super Bowl LIII performance in August.

The features of this Air Jordan 6 come full with a tiny pocket fixed with a button on the ankle collar, suede panels and a series of prick-like holes.

So let’s talk sneaker resell!

On average, this sneaker is reselling at an average of 1,644$ StockX. 

This is almost 560% of the original retail price! Which is MADNESS! More than 6 times the retail price.

Also, StockX gives you the option to place an ask which have ranged from as high as 2000$ to as low as 1168$. So you might be lucky and bump into a rather desperate sneakerhead who’s willing to pay the asking price; especially with the release of Travis Scott’s new Netflix documentary Look Mom I Can Fly”.

But either way, it’s a big win.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Cloud” – Reflective 


Release Date: September 19th, 2019
Retail Price: 220$
Colorway: Cloud – Reflective
Average Sale Price: 1043$
High: 2000$ Low: 685$

These cool sneakers will have you on cloud 9 for sure. Especially with THE impressive reflective uppers and mesh side-stripe. They will literally have you shining everywhere you go! A real head-turner!

But let’s stick to the point: Sneaker Resell! These bad boys retail at a price of 250$, but early pairs that made it to StockX are selling for an average of 1,043$. That’s like 4 times the original price! Literally mind-blowing. Some have even gone as high as asking for 2000$ for these sneakers. Which is understandable since these shiny pairs look pretty LIT!

But what if they go regional like the Lundmarks and Synths?! Then, the price of these Yeezy sneakers would go through the roof! And the cashback would be out-of-this-world insane!

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Citrin” – Reflective


Release Date: September 24th, 2019
Retail Price: 220$
Colorway: Citrin – Reflective
Average Sale Price: 1043$
High: 2000$ Low: 685$

This Antlia and Synth mashup reflective colorway is one of the stars in the September line-up. With the unique lateral side-strip and its reflective primeknit it is guaranteed that this pair is a sure hit! Especially if it goes region-exclusive.

Same as the Cloud Reflective, this Yeezy Boost retails at just 250$ with almost 320% price premium in sneaker resell!

Sneaker War Loot

So all in all, if you score these 3 sneakers you’d be paying around 750$. But, on the other hand, if you flip them the sneaker resell price would go up to around 3,730$!

And you know how Bae sizes and larger ones go for a lot more. So try copping those sizes and see your profit peak up to over 4K instantly! Now that’s a heap-load of money to make off of shoes, right?

But let’s be reasonable. What are the odds that you’d personally cop not one, not two, but all THREE sneakers? Tons of sneakerheads have been in this game for AGES! And when they say these are hard to cop, hard you shall expect!

What You’ll Need

Unless you buy yourself a powerful and successful sneaker bot which will then do all the dirty work for you.

For years now, sneaker bots gave fans like yourself that extra push they always needed to reach the shoes of their dreams. And with sneaker resell prices now going up again, the search for the perfect copping recipe is on.

And as much as we emphasize the need for a bot, we must point out to the fact that you’ll need more. More than the bot alone. You’ll need proxies, servers, and the support of a cookgroup!