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The 3 Best Sneaker Resell Sites in Europe [2023]

By December 16, 2023Make Money, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Best Sneaker Resell Sites In EuropeYou’re starting your sneaker reselling business, but you’re still not sure what the best sneaker resell sites in Europe are. Or you do know your sneaker sites, but you’re not sure which ones have authentication centers somewhere in Europe? Well, in either case, you’re at the right place! Read through to learn all about the THREE best sneaker resale sites in Europe!  

Best Sneaker Resell Sites in Europe 

Seeing four and five figures as the resale price of some sneakers on reselling platforms might make you a bit skeptical. Like, is it even possible for a sneaker that once retailed for $75 to now be worth $3,300 on average? Well, that’s the sneaker resale market for you! A place where you can make tons of money if you learn how to predict the resale price of hype kicks. But that won’t help you achieve anything until you learn how to buy sneakers AT RETAIL on release day. So, click on the link below for your free guide to stepping into the resell business. As for now, let’s dive into the details of the best sneaker resell sites Europe currently has! 

NOTE: Having a sneaker reselling platform that has authentication centers in the same continent, or country, you live in, can save you a lot of money. Because then, you don’t have to pay hefty shipping fees for every transaction. 

Where To Sell Sneakers in Europe?


KLEKT - Best Sneaker Resell Sites In Europe - AIO BotBorn and raised in Europe, KLEKT is the OG European sneaker reseller site run by sneakerheads for sneakerheads. The marketplace has warehouse locations in The Netherlands and Germany. Most importantly, it’s 100% legit and only sells authentic sneakers. As a reseller, you’ve got 24 hours to confirm your sale. This way, you avoid the possibility of mourning some of your favorite pairs. Which you might have spent ages to add to your sneaker collection. You can also sell both used and new kicks on this sneaker reselling site. It’s also worth noting that although KLEKT is located in Europe, you can buy and sell the platform from any country in the world. 

Selling Fees: 17% commission fees + shipping fees based on location. 


StockX - Best Sneaker Resell Sites In Europe - AIO BotNot only is it one of the best sneaker resell sites Europe has, but StockX is one of the best sneaker reselling websites in the world. In addition to having verification centers in the Netherlands and England, the company also has centers in Korea, Japan, China, and more countries. And even though this marketplace’s reputation received a blow from that data breach that occurred in 2019 and Nike’s accusations of selling fake, StockX is still considered one of the best sneaker resell sites in Erupre, as well as worldwide! 

Selling Fees: 3% processing fee + basic transaction fee  7% to 9% depending on your Seller’s Level + shipping fees based on location. 


GOAT Logo - AIO Bot


GOAT is yet another middleman between sellers and buyers. It quickly became one of the best sneaker resell sites in Europe. GOAT got one strict system for product authentication. It uses digital authentication, in-hand verification, as well as machine learning technology. 

Seller Fees: commission fees from 9.5% to 25%, based on your seller rating + Shipping fees cost between $14.50 to $40 depending on the buyer’s location.

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