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HOW MUCH? How Much Money Do Sneaker Resellers Make?

By July 1, 2021September 25th, 2021Bot, Sneaker News

How Much Money Do Sneaker Resellers Make - AIO BotHow do sneaker resellers make so much money? It’s always that one sneakerhead on Twitter flexing a huge sneaker collection. The one who brags about the amount of money he’s about to make flipping them! But, becoming a sneaker reseller and joining the flipping ranks is not as difficult as it may seem online. If you wanna learn more about becoming a reseller, just read this guide here for all you need to know.

But, in reality, the essence of reselling is buying sneakers online to be able to sell them. This means you have to master copping sneakers to master the flip. In short, sneaker copping can be reduced to 3 elements: the best sneaker bot, some proxies, and a server.  But, if you need more information on the proper art of copping sneakers online, check out the button below. It’s got everything you need on copping sneakers the right way!

Learn-moreThe Typical Reselling Scene

Where to Sell Sneakers - Sneaker Resellers - AIO BotSo, we’re going to draw you a pretty picture of a typical scene that many of AIO Bot’s users experience! The story of average sneaker resellers making money off smart flips! This is the story of a sneakerhead who struck literal gold on a sneaker release


Just imagine this. An everyday sneakerhead, let’s call him Kurt, decided to run AIO Bot on the Jordan 6 Electric Green release. Of course, knowing that Kurt is a smart sneakerhead, he decided to pull up some proxies for the job. After contacting his favorite proxy providers, it was all about sneaker bulk city! Kurt managed to cop multiple Jordans – 11 sneakers to be exact.

Kurt copped 11 Jordans in different sizes, all ready for flipping. Also, because he got to cop at retail, Kurt paid $190 per kick. The average resale value of the electric green Jordan is $235 – that’s almost $50 in profit minimum! We all know the prices change according to the different available sizing, so you might even make MORE.

But, on the worst-case average, Kurt made around $550 off ONE SNEAKER RELEASE. Sneaker resellers don’t have to cop major releases to make money as long as you’re smart and efficient.

AND, using AIO Bot to cop hyped apparel like Supreme is your way to easy money-making! You don’t even have to spring out for a Supreme bot. Join sneaker resellers the smart way!


Other sneakerheads ride out the copping rainbow to find the pot of gold! Like copping the hyped Air Jordan 5 Raging Bulls and some Red Flints in BULK. Those are the sneaker resellers who make a high margin of profit – aiming for the sneaker stars! And, you can do it too! It all comes down to tactics and strategy! 

Here’s how it goes, you cop a couple Raging Bulls and like 3-4 Flints, and you’ll make an easy 600$ and much more! It isn’t one size fits all. BUT, the money caters to everyone in the industry. Copping the right sneaker means more money! But copping MANY sneakers also gets you money. You gotta pick your battles!

MYTH BUSTED: Sneaker Resellers

How to Become a Sneaker Reseller - AIO BotSneaker resellers are living the actual sweet life. And, you can also be a part of the reselling industry in no time. You’ll be making hundreds of dollars every sneaker release. In a few steps, you can actually be making an easy grand per drop. It really is THAT easy.  

There are basically two things you have to do. Actually buy the sneakers you want to resell and figure out where you want to sell them. What’s left is maybe getting a money counting machine to keep up with all your cash!

The greatest type of side hustle in the world happens to be the job of sneaker resellers. Once you get the hang of it, you can totally make it your full-time income or just a money-making hobby. The amount of easy, quick cash you’ll be making drop after drop will definitely get you hooked! Take a closer look at how reselling works and find out exactly how you can become one yourself! Even if you’re starting out with consignment stores, it doesn’t matter. You could sell shit on Amazon and it wouldn’t matter! Just watch the money roll in!