How to Join the $6 Billion Sneaker Reselling Industry

By March 30, 2019December 24th, 2020Bot, Sneakers

We all recognize the hype around the sneaker industry, but not all of us know the rules of the game. Given that you’re here, you must have heard a bunch of stories about people becoming super rich through selling their beloved kicks. It’s true, reselling sneakers can turn into a full-time gig, if you do it right. What some may consider a shallow interest, sneakerheads perceive as a profitable investment. This perception or vision of the sneaker game has built a sneaker reselling industry worth $6,000,000,000 over the years! We’re obviously trying to say that if you play your cards right copping sneakers, flipping them might just be your next money-maker.

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Why Are Sneakers so Hyped?

Sneakers are hyped and desired for their stories at times, but mostly for the potential profit they hold. Not all sneakers are hyped because not just any pair can be flipped for cash. The ones that are worth reselling however, are the ones you can’t easily get your hands on. They can be so darn limited, they release and sell out before you can even decide what size you want to cop. And since there’s money in scarcity and exclusivity, limited edition sneakers have gained more hype along the years. Don’t we all want what others can’t have?

Selling sneakers is not a general passion. Some people are in the sneaker game because they dig collecting and flexing soles. But we’re not here to discuss that. Since you can’t push for a business based only on your feelings about it. We’re here to show you how you can make tons of cash out of sneakers. Which you may not even want to wear! Emotions aside, people. Although you’re pretty lucky if you do develop a passion for the kicks you buy and sell. Sneakerheads are willing to pay above and beyond retail cost to get a single pair of shoes. And that, my friend, is when they’ll head straight to you. You know, after becoming a master sneaker reseller. Or even a lucky beginner!

Sneaker-reselling-industryThe Brands Leading the Sneaker Race


Leading the exclusivity race are the famous athletic wear brands: Nike, Adidas, and Air Jordan. Which, without doubt, interchange rankings every once in a while. The competition among hot brands is triggered on several levels: scarcity, technology, design, and collaborations. Whichever sneakers check more factors off this list, win the round. Two great examples of this are the Nike Off Whites and Adidas Yeezys

For over a year, Nike’s collaborative line with designer Virgil Abloh managed to completely take over the sneaker industry. As well as the sneaker reselling spotlight. Everyone wanted their share of The Ten collection. Adidas Yeezys are another example of hyped sneakers responsible for the booming reselling industry. Right from the start, the Adidas Yeezy line stole the show and sneakerheads who seized the opportunity made thousands of dollars per Yeezy pair! Detect the similarity between these two popular brands? It’s the single most fool-proof strategy used by apparel and footwear brands: COLLABORATION. 

When the power of sportswear giants meets the creativity of world-renowned artists, the outcome is a highly-coveted brand worth the investment. And these are just two examples pulled out from a list of hundreds! The list of Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Converse collaborations with big names in the fashion, sports, and art industries is infinite. The biggest collaborations to date are Nike with Michael Jordan and Adidas with Yeezy. So far, nothing beats the steady power of these two collaborations in the industry.

How Are People Making Money Out of Kicks?

As with any limited items on the market, sneakers are sellable. If you grab hold of the right pair and sell it on the right platform at the right time, you can make a whole lot of cash. In fact, there’s absolutely no limit to how much you can sell your sneakers for. But you gotta make sure you’re selling your kicks in their value range. 

This skill requires knowledge and practice. For example, you can’t go ahead and sell a Nike SB Dunk StrangeLove for a few dimes above retail. That’ll ruin the balance of the game. With some research, you’ll find out that Nike SB Dunks typically sell for a minimum of a couple hundred dollars above retail. The Nike SB Dunk StrangeLove mentioned above sells for $615 on average. Don’t be that kind of beginner, pal. You wouldn’t want to ruin it for yourself and everyone else.

Is Sneaker Reselling Legit?

Let’s take a real life example and apply some simple calculations. This guy says that in one month he managed to cop 14 pairs of the Air Jordan 1 UNC Patent, 20 pairs of Nike Off-white Air Max, and 10 pairs of the Air Jordan 1 Turbo Green. Or as we can see in this Tweet.

To estimate how much dodo earned on the aftermarket, we referred to the average resale prices of these pairs on StockX. And are proud to have reached this incredible number; $24,666! If our friend sold all the pairs he copped, that’s how much he made in ONE month. Now, in order to figure out his net profit, we did the following. We deducted the retail price of each release. In addition to the retail prices of the used sneaker bots (AIO Bot: $325, NikeShoeBot: $500, Ghost AIO: $300). We also assumed he had to pay about $250 for proxies and servers that month. The net profit we got was a whopping $17,851! Which, we must remind you, is an estimate. 

Extra small and extra big shoe sizes usually fetch more money on the aftermarket. And you normally don’t buy 3 sneaker bots in one month, especially if you’re starting out. We’re showing you an extreme case of a pro sneaker reseller. You can also increase your potential profit by chasing even more limited pairs. Since logically, flipping more pairs, means making more money. Many others like PCM Stone have started their own sneaker reselling businesses. Which you can kickstart right now with the right tools and guidance. 

How Much Can You Make From Sneaker Reselling?

SNEAKERS TO RESELL 2020 AIO FEATDepending on what you cop, you can make anywhere from $50 a pair to over $2,000. A good example is the Jordan 1 Travis Scott “Mocha”. This pair is one of the most sought-after pairs in 2019 and can make you an easy $1,000+ net profit. Since we’re on the subject of Travis Scott, another release worth adding to your inspiration pile is the Nike SB Dunk Travis Scott. Reselling a single pair for an average of $1,250 will set you up for months. 

So, if you’re seriously looking into starting your sneaker reselling business, now’s the best time. Now that the year’s over, we’re anticipating some highly-desired and anticipated sneakers in 2021. Now’s the time to find the right tools to start your business on a clean sheet.

What Will It Take to Join the Sneaker Reselling Club?

Before you get to sell your soles, you need to buy them. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past ten years, you know that buying or copping online is the way to go. Copping hyped sneakers is not an impossible mission. It’s just a matter of finding the right set of tools and mastering your performance. It can take a bit of time to get the hang of this, but once you cop for the first time, you can’t go wrong after that. As with any business, in order to cop and resell sneakers, you need a capital to start with. It can be as low an amount as $500, which you can get back in a single transaction. 

It All Starts With a Sneaker Bot

Due to the undying hype of sneakers, buying them online manually is not quite possible. Over the past few years, software programs have developed to automate how we buy sneakers online. A “sneaker bot” is the main tool you need to get before you see your business booming. Through using a sneaker bot, you facilitate your entire purchasing process much faster than you’d do manually. Plus, bots function on a diet of proxies and personal information. Which basically includes your address and payment and shipping information. In addition to your desired shoes, sizes, and websites. 

Although we’d all like to kickstart a profitable side hustle, we wouldn’t want to blow all our savings in the process. Especially since copping sneakers has a lot to do with luck. The reality is that most sneaker bots have opted for an out of stock or OOS business model. This means that you can only get those bots when they restock in super limited numbers. Or alternatively, for thousands of dollars on the aftermarket. Since there’s a market for buying and selling bots as well as sneakers. 

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Sneaker Proxies Are Your Next Priority


If you’ve heard of (or just learned about!) sneaker bots, chances are you’ve heard of sneaker proxies. Sneaker proxies are IP addresses assigned to you by a provider. With the main purpose of masking your real IP address from websites you’re browsing. To give everyone a fair chance at copping sneakers, both online and store-based sneaker retailers have a 1 pair/customer rule. And well, proxies help you break it!

When using a sneaker bot, you assign every task (purchase request) with a different proxy (IP address). This helps you disguise as several customers from different locations at once. Which, from the perspective of retailers, is the normal case! In order to cop multiple pairs without getting banned or risk getting your order cancelled, sneaker proxies are your top priority.

To explore the best proxies for every website you’re botting, check out this fantastic proxy guide.

Sneaker Servers Keep You Connected

Renting a sneaker server to cop sneakers is just like renting a super computer. You run your sneaker bot on it and get to benefit from all the specs it has to offer. Which include better processing and faster internet connection. This will help you increase your copping chances. Rather than depending on your loaded computer and exhausted connection. You may even buy a good sneaker bot that demands high specifications that your PC or Mac lack. Renting a server can make up for this mishap. Instead of forcing you to opt for updated machinery and spend more money.

Your Cook Group Is Your Sneaker Conscience

Cook group AIO Notify
A cook group is a group of sneakerheads who share information, tips, tricks, and connections to help each other succeed. In a cook group, you can find expert sneakerheads who know everything there is about successful botting. They share early links, bot setup recommendations, and the best practices for every type of release and bot on the market.

Joining a cook group is not mandatory, the same way buying or renting a sneaker bot, proxies, and server aren’t. But when you’re planning on starting a business, at least a profitable one, you gotta give it all you’ve got to make it work. 

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Beyond Sneaker Reselling!

The same way flipping shoes built the sneaker reselling industry, flipping other limited edition items has gained momentum. Items like Supreme, Palace, Funko, and even limited edition Kaws figurines make decent flips. As a matter of fact, Supreme resale prices can go as high as a thousand dollars for a plain BOGO T-shirt. Same goes for a never-before-seen Funko pop or even a rare coin! People, particularly rare item collectors, are willing to pay insane amounts of cash for a last piece. In our case, sneakerheads have paid approximately $6B for limited edition sneakers. And still counting!

So, to join this multi-billion dollar industry, you don’t need a special invite. You just gotta have a sneaker bot, some proxies, and the patience to get your business started. Keep posted on our blog for helpful posts and copping guides!