Sneaker Slang: 62 Words to Know to Not Sound Like an Idiot

By September 12, 2020 Food for thought, Sneakers

A Hypebeast stray but haven’t quite found yourself as an OG sneakerhead yet? This ultimate list of sneaker slang will up your sneaker game and get you vocal around your community. No need for low self-esteem or fake listening skills anymore! Because when you know your way around this list, you’ll find yourself creating slang of your own. Since nothing sparks creativity like confidence. And there ain’t nothing sexier than a person who represents! 


A.C.G (n.): All Conditions Gear [Nike sneaker line] ADC: Adidas Dot Com or
Aglet (n.): metallic tips at the end of shoelaces.
Alphet (n.): a shortened version of “outfit”



Beaters (n.): sneakers worn despite their miserable physical conditions
B Grade (adj.): shop-worn sneakers sold at a discounted price
Bred (adj.): black and red colored sneakers [inspired by the Jordan 1 OG]


Coke Whites (n.): flawlessly white sneakers
Colorway (n.): the color/design combination of a sneaker
Cop (v.): to successfully buy [most likely a pair of sneakers!] Cozy Boy (n.): the slang version of “when fashion meets comfort”
Crepes (n.): sneakers
Crispy (adj.): cleaner than your conscience 


Deadstock (n./adj.): a pair of sneakers that has never been worn
Deubre (n.): lace tags [usually for model names, numbers, or collabs] Dope (adj.): hip and fashionable
Drop (n./v.): new sneaker release
Double Up (v.): buy two identical pairs of the same sneaker


Factory-laced (adj.): sneakers with untouched or untangled laces
Feezy (n.): fake Yeezy
Fire (adj.): a fierce synonym of “dope”
Flop (n./v.): poorly sold
Fresh (adj.): new
Friends & Family (n./adj.): stupidly rare pairs released only to the friends and family of collaborators and designers, which is stupid…
Fugazi (n./adj.): fake or damaged beyond repair


Garms (n.): clothes, an abbreviation for “garments”
GOAT (n./adj.): Greatest Of All Time! [can you picture a GOAT goat?] Grail (adj./n.): super rare sneakers
GR: general releases of sneakers
Gum Sole (n.): refers to the rubber outsoles of sneakers


Heat (n.): must-have sneakers that are “fire”
High Top (n./adj.): a sneaker that rises above or on the ankle
Hypebeast (n.): a trendy celebrity wannabe and a parasite to OG sneakerheads
Hypebae (n.): a trendy, fashionable female
Hyperstrike (n.): super limited sneaker drop usually given to Friends & Family only


JB: Jordan Brand, hello!
Jumpman (n.): the Michael Jordan logo on Air Jordan sneakers


Ice (n./adj.): sneakers with transparent outsoles
Instacop (v.): “shop-a-sneaker”-holic put into action


Kicks (n.): sneakers


L (n.): loss or failure to cop a sneaker
Lit Up (adj.): fantastic
Lows (n.): the opposite of High Tops, or sneakers that sit below the ankles


Nib (n.): New In Box, or sneaker fetus


OG: original, derived from “Original Gangster”


PE: Player Edition, or sneakers released exclusively for team athletes
Poop Sneakers (n.): sneakers with loops on the back [find out why for a laugh!]


Quickstrike (n.): limited edition sneakers that drop regionally without former announcements.


Reseller (n.): one who cops desirable sneakers and sells them on the aftermarket
Retro (n./adj.): re-release of an OG sneaker pair


SB: skateboarding, ever not heard of Nike SB Dunk?
SE: Special Edition sneakers that celebrate a special occasion
Silhouette (n.): design of a sneaker
Sitting (v./adj.): sneakers whose shelf lives expired long before this list
Slept On (v.): unappreciated and pushed back [“Ima sleep on that” sound familiar?] Sneakerhead (n.): sneaker enthusiast [#writing this list on a Saturday night] SP: Special Project, or sneakers that represent the highest quality of Nike manufacturing
Steezy (adj.): slick and stylish


Tackies (n.): South African slang for sneakers
Tonal (adj.): monochrome sneakers


VNDS (n./adj.): Very Near Deadstock, or sneakers worn for a moment’s worth because who’ll notice?


W (n.): win or successful sneaker copping
Wookie (n.): knock-off

Whether you’re an industry newbie or loyal enough to sit through a memory quiz, you’re 62 words closer to being a sneakerhead. If you’re a sneaker reseller, you better up your profile and own up to your knowledge. And if you’re a buyer, well that’s just another push toward serious haggling. But you can only truly call yourself a sneakerhead after you complete this post! So, what are you waiting for? Fresh drops will not stop dropping for your sweet sole!