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The Top 4 Sneaker Trends 2020 – You’ll See Them EVERYWHERE

By February 1, 2020July 6th, 2023Fashion, Sneakers

Sneaker Trends - AIO BotJanuary is officially over, and we’re starting a new month with all new beginnings. The year’s already passing by real quick. And, from what we’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say that this is going to be one heck of a sneaker year. We got sneaker reveals everywhere, collabs and sneaker releases lining up. But, what about the trends? Looking back at everything that went down in the sneaker industry last year, it’s hard to predict what’s about to happen now! Which sneaker trends 2020 will feature? Well, you’re about to find out! 

So, we checked all the upcoming sneaker releases, and pinned down the top 4 sneaker trends you should follow in 2020! We totally got a crystal ball for this. We go all out.  It’s totally up to you, but your sneakerhead cred might depend on it! 

Sneaker Trends 2020: You Need to Hop On!

Clear and See-Through Sneakers!

Yes. You read correctly. Clear see-through sneakers! But we don’t mean like Kanye’s clear PVC boots. Don’t worry. We won’t go that far. Or will we? We mean sneakers like the Invisible Woman Air Force 1 that had clear a toebox and side panels. It was kinda pretty cool. We’ve also had the Comme Des Garcons x Nike Dunk High. Also a clear sneaker. And, most recently, we had a clear Adidas Superstar. So, sneaker brands are getting more and more into the trend of clear see-through sneakers. But, there’s a steaming issue. Like actual steaming toes. This throws us off! So, we do hope people choose to put on socks if this trend takes off! For now, all we got is some transparent midsole action! 

Adidas Superstar Clear Sneaker Trends

Technology-Based Sneakers. The Future is Now!

It’s the era of technology, fam! Everything is getting an upgrade. Even sneakers! And technology-based sneakers are the best kind of sneakers out there. Why? Well, for starter, they look insanely cool. Like totally futuristic, sleek and clean. And second, they got some mad science skills put into them! Who would have thought you’d print a sneaker? Yup. 4D printed sneakers and self-lacing ones like the Nike Adapt BB! And, as technology evolves, so will sneakers. This is a sneaker trend we’re sure is here to stay!

Nike Adapt BB 2 - Sneaker Trends

The Ugly Dad Shoes Trend!

It’s still standing! Still going strong! The ugly dad’s shoes are one of the sneaker trends that never seems to go away. And, we’re not exactly mad. The chunky sneaker reached the highest of luxury sneaker brands!  Even new sneakers that may not seem like dad shoes, are accused of being dad shoes! Like the new Vapor Pegasus! That’s how much the trend’s gotten to us! Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay! 

The Ethical Sustainable Sneaker Trend!

Now, this is a trend we HOPE gets all the hype this year! It’s a trend we desperately need. Especially after the first month of this year. We need some good to go around. Especially with the ugly truth of fast fashion that’s been going on. Sustainable fashion and sneakers are what’s happening now! We got brands that provide ethically made sneakers. Like Veja that provides Vegan shoes! And the very first Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner, or clog! We’re definitely hopping on this trend, even if it doesn’t get the attention it deserves! We’re all for sneakers that make a better world. That’s why sneakers exist!

Honorable Mention!

We just want to mention another of the sneaker trends that we think will ALWAYS be a huge thing. It’s a sneaker collab! Sneaker collabs bring the best possible sneakers, and this year seems to be full of them! We got the Adidas x IVY Park,  we got sneakers with Cactus Jack and even more Off-White sneakers. And, of course, nothing is complete without some Yeezys! We got some seriously crazy Yeezy drops too! No year is complete without them!

So, these are the top 4 sneaker trends that we think are going to make a huge impact on 2020! There are a lot of sneaker releases coming soon, those that we know of at least! Which is why you should be well-prepared to take on the year! Make sure you have the best sneaker bot possible and the money because this year has it all!