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Sneakerheads Netflix Series Will Make You Jealous! Here’s Why!

By December 2, 2022Sneaker News

Sneakerheads Netflix Series - AIO BotWe gotta say, a TV series that’s all about a sneakerhead is long overdue! If the world doesn’t appreciate and understand the power of sneaker culture, they’re missing out! Although we have seen sneakers share the TV limelight, we’ve never actually had a show ABOUT sneakerheads. And so, this makes the Sneakerheads Netflix series all the more special to our sneakerhead hearts!

Sneakerheads is an American comedy show that premiered on Netflix back in September 2020. The series came from Complex Networks which is very well known for its love and passion for sneakers. The cast included Allen Maldonado, Andrew Bachelor, Jearnest Corchado, and Matthew Josten. However, the star of the show is most definitely the thirst for sneakers.

You can’t consider yourself to be a sneakerhead if you’ve never experienced such thirst!

So, we’re going to go on a review of the Sneakerheads Netflix series and talk about a possible SEASON 2. But, be warned. If you are going to watch this series, you’re definitely going to run the risk of sneaker fever! And, if you do, the only way to cure that fever is getting into sneaker copping yourself! However, once you’re in, you’ll never wanna leave! Especially when you learn about THE MONEY! Learn more about how YOU can start sneaker copping yourself by clicking on the button below! Maybe even start your own MILLION DOLLAR sneaker collection!


The Sneakerheads Netflix series is the place for sneaker fanatics – aka, sneakerheads – to find their calling! It highlights the hectic, die-hard love of a sneaker lover’s quest to find the most priceless kicks out there. The 1-of-1 sneakers, the most exclusive rarest kicks, and the legendary myths of the game. The series focuses on how it is to live life as a sneakerhead.

Constant adrenaline rush. The thrill of the chase. The high of the Ws. And, the ultimate satisfaction of the flex!

THAT is what it feels like to be a successful sneakerhead in the game. And, the Sneakerheads Netflix show does a really good job at showcasing that. Being a part of the sneaker industry means that you never get enough of the excitement. And, at the same time, there is no end to the temptation. There’s always something bigger and better with every new sneaker drop! This is why we’ve got new sneaker calendars every single month!

If you haven’t yet seen the Sneakerheads Netflix show, watch the trailer because it is FIRE! The show takes us on a journey with “recovering” sneakerhead, Devin, who has sadly left his sneaker collecting days behind. Why? The dude got married and was living the stay-at-home dad life. Would you give up sneaker collecting for love? We sure as hell wouldn’t! 

BUT, like the true sneakerhead Devin is, he soon falls back into old habits. 

When will the Sneakerheads Netflix SEASON 2 Air?

So, will the Sneakerheads Netflix show make a comeback? With everything going on in the sneaker industry, we sure do need some spirit-lifting. However, after a lengthy search on social media, all we got is radio silence. There’s no definitive answer on whether or not Netflix is bringing back the show. BUT, at the same time, no one announced canceling the show!

Consider this our official request for Netflix to BRING BACK SNEAKERHEADS!

In the meantime, while we wait for Sneakerheads Netflix to come back, you might as well live it IRL! Do your own sneaker collecting starting with the December Jordan releases! We’ve got FIRE releases coming up this month which includes the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Phantom! So, if you want a true feel of the series, start collecting!