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Sneakers For Sale! Under Retail Today, A Better Flex Tomorrow

By July 7, 2021November 4th, 2022Sneaker News, Sneaker Tutorial

Sneakers for Sale - Under Retail - AIO BotWho said that you have to spend a lot of money to own the most hyped sneakers in the game? You can always find sneakers for sale like Jordans or Yeezys UNDER retail. Getting sneakers under the original retail price is basically sneaker heaven for collectors and even sneaker resellers. You just have to see the promising potential behind every release and know how to use it to your advantage,

The mark of a proper sneakerhead is making use of whatever may come their way, and flip it for profit. There are so many shoes to resell that can make you a lot of cash without actually costing too much money. Resellers make a lot of money by essentially NOT spending too much money. Which makes sneakers for sale a true gem. 

You can also take a leaf out of Kanye West’s own looney marketing strategies – the man can literally sell ANYTHING! So, without too much talk, let’s get right into all the best of 2021’s sneakers under retail – so far. We’ve just finished the second quarter of this year, so there’s a fair amount of opportunity for money-making. That’s the beauty of this industry. You can always find ways to make money!

Sneakers for Sale and Under Retail!

The Raging Bull 5s – About 46% Profit

Raging Bull 5s - Air Jordan 5 - AIO BotAmongst the coolest sneakers for sale off the aftermarket AND under retail is the Jordan 5 Raging Bull. They dropped back in April for a retail price of $190. You can cop this Jordan under retail for around $184 on GOAT and then flip it again on StockX for more. The average resale price for this sneaker is around $270. So, it’s definitely an easy STEAL!

This is where copping in bulk would have really made a difference in your profit. Copping multiple pairs of the same sneaker would definitely lead to a lot more potential profit on your part. To make it as a reseller, you really have to know what you’re doing. And, these days, it’s all about copping as many sneakers as you can. Sometimes, the number of sneakers you cop matters more than the sneaker itself. If you wanna learn more about proper sneaker buying and how to make money out of it, click the button below.

Jordan 1 Court Purple – About 27% Profit

Sneakers for Sale - Court Purple Jordan 1 - June Release - AIO BotThe women-exclusive Jordan definitely did make a splash and initial buzz when we first heard the news of the release. The Jordan 1 Court Purple really is a sick Jordan with an epic colorway that gives a nod to the OG Metallic Purple. It dropped in June for a retail price of around $170 and has an average resale value of almost $200. You can cop it off GOAT for a little under retail, exactly $158 – this offers a profit of almost 27% if you resell it. 

This obviously tells us that Jordans are great sneakers for sale and you can always find ways to make money out of them. So, sneaker life lesson, always cop a Jordan – even at resale!

The Brown Jordan 1 in Patina – About 50% Profit

Brown Jordan 1 Patina - Army Light - AIO BotThe Jordan 1 Rust Shadow and Patina is a full-on military sneaker with complete retro vibes. It looks a lot like the Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott. The vintage sneaker is a great find when looking for sneakers for sale! It had a retail price of $170 after dropping back in March of 2021. You can find a pair at a much cheaper price on GOAT for $159. Considering the average resale value that it currently has at about $237, you can look at an easy 50% profit!

Yeezy BSKTBL Quantum – About 34% Profit

Basketball-Yeezys-QUANTUM-AIO-Bot-1000x500Kanye West decided to rule footwear and rule the basketball court at the same time! That’s why ventured into hoops-inspired sneakers. They also make greats sneakers for sale under retail. That sounds kinda sad for a Yeezy. But, hey! We’re getting our sneakers at the end of the day. Which is all that matters! This Adidas Yeezy Basketball ‘Quantum’ dropped in March of 2021 for a retail price of $250. Yikes, a pricey Yeezy. Well, you can get it for under retail on GOAT for $149 – that’s over $100 under retail! It ain’t doing so hot on the resale market with resale going up and down.

But copping sneakers for sale means it’s different. It’s not about the retail price anymore. With an average resale value of about $200, you can expect a profit of nearly 34%! Also, they’re definitely worth adding to your collection. AND, they look FIRE!

Yeezy Boost 380 Covellite – About 8% Profit

Retail Sneaker Therapy - QNTM Onyx Release - AIO BotThe Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 ‘Covellite’ is one of those sneakers for sale with a very unique colorway and re-engineered Primeknit uppers. It gives off complete camo-like vibes with its perforated detailing. The sneaker originally retailed for $230 and dropped in March 2021. If you cop it at $209 off on GOAT you can make a bit of profit. It currently has a resale value of an average of $225. So, this means you can make around 8% profit. Or more, if you know how to!

So, give yourself a chance at becoming a reseller slowly! Cop sneakers for sale today, to become a better reseller tomorrow!