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The fact that you’re about to dive into this comprehensive sneakers historyguide means that you’re interested (even if slightly) in how the sneaker industry works and the profit you can easily make from it using the right tools. Like a good sneaker bot and some great proxies. So, we’re going to take you back to how sneakers came to exist. Then we’ll fast forward to the industry’s biggest names and collaborations. And three sections will teach you how to get a piece of that money cake. Believe it or not, the entire industry owes it to a chemical mistake made in some scientist’s kitchen! There’s your first interesting fact. Watch the video below for 8 more!



Brief History of the Sneakers Industry: How It All Started

Ultimate Sneakers HistoryCharles Goodyear Invents Vulcanized Rubber in 1839

American inventor and chemist Charles Goodyear began experimenting with natural rubber in 1834 at the age of thirty-four. Five years later in 1839, he accidentally dropped a mix of Indian rubber and sulfate on a heated stove and discovered vulcanization! Or the process of hardening rubber for commercial use. 

Goodyear’s revelation was an industrial breakthrough for manufacturers, tire companies, and the sneaker industry at the time. The phenomenal transformation of raw material into a flexible and durable alternative pressed athletes to give up their leather and canvas shoes for rubber soles. 

Rubber Soles Have the Sole Right to Sneakers

Before rubber soles were invented, populations relied on shoemakers for the production of every day, clunky footwear. Traditionally made from leather, canvas, and wood, the word “sneakers” was non-existent in the footwear industry before the late 1800s. Shoes were considered these hand-crafted chunks of loud materials. Attention-sore, if you will. 

So, when the Industrial Revolution tied the knot with the mass production of vulcanized rubber items, sneakers were invented. Since the elasticity and quiet character of rubber sole shoes were thought to permit and encourage the act of sneaking. After 1862, when rubber soles hit the mass market, sneakers were referred to as “sneaks”. After those who used them to their advantage. Can you blame the collective unconscious for it when the old English word for “snican” actually means snake?

What Went on Under Brooks?

Founded in 1914 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Brooks is among the world’s oldest sneaker companies. From manufacturing baseball cleats in 1921 to making children’s shoes in 1938, Brooks existed 35 years before Adidas and half a century before Nike! It boomed with success during sports seasons. And was the first brand to incorporate EVA in the midsole of its 1976 Vantage sneaker. 

Since its inception, Brooks has adopted a purist line of thought. Not so long ago in 2013, Brooks’ Global Heritage Director Shane Downey set out to invent a Brooks Heritage Line, reminiscent of the brand’s American history. As a result of time and circumstantial mishaps, Brooks’ sneaker history was scattered and dispatched here and there. Due to lost databases, relocations, and damaged boxes. But the brand managed to patch up a memory box of items it found to reinvent its brand mission! Its strive for authenticity over external hype is unmatched for.

Brooks is an authentic sneaker brand made for runners by runners. It cares to preserve its sacred spot in the runners’ market. And is unaffected by sneakerheads’ lack of interest. For $70 off a Nordstorm shelf, you can buy a pair of Brooks and embrace the gift that is running. 

Read more about Brooks’ philosophy here.

Where & When Did the Sneaker Culture Start?

To explain how the sneaker culture came to exist as one of the world’s largest industries, we’ll be tackling three things: Hip-Hop, skateboarding, and sports. So, Hip Hop, a popular musical genre, dug its way out of destitute South Bronx, NYC in the 1970s. To represent the voice of overworked African Americans. So technically, before it became known as rap music that blasted through your car speakers, it was a cultural movement that called for change. A street version of soul, if you will.  

Now, almost twenty years older than Hip-Hop is skateboarding. Which originated in the fifties and therefore, had a head start in American street culture. It was first called “side-walk surfing” and was invented by Californians when actual surfing was not an option. So, how did a street sport relate to cultural music? Through Hip Hop performers and rappers, who formed personal bonds with the sport/hobby. For its adrenaline and street surfing freedom. That’s what the hype streetwear empire Supreme is all about, isn’t it? Connecting soul surfers and giving the skateboard an honest home.

Moving on…

To the bond between Hip-Hop performers and sports. The relationship between rappers and sneaker brands like Nike exploded with the Air Force 1 in 1982. The sneaker industry spoke to Afro American communities, particularly through basketball. Michael Jordan, the greatest and wealthiest NBA player of all time, kicked off his Air Jordan brand in 1984. With the Jordan 1 model. Nike SB Dunk followed a year later in 1985.

Skateboarding and music hit it tight in the seventies. And Nike lit them on fire in the eighties. By introducing the street duo to sports and sneaker culture. The classic merge of all three hasn’t stopped rippling and continues to expand to this day!

To top off this sneaker phenomenon with a twenty-first-century example would be mentioning the #1 brand to strengthen the bridge between music and sneakers: Kanye West’s Yeezy brand! Isn’t it just the perfect fit in this sneaker ripple effect? For everything Yeezy, check here.

Sneakers That Made or Broke You in the Seventies

Like any global industry, the sneaker industry has its pros and cons. Although it’s become a multi-billion dollar business both sneakerheads and non-sneakerheads live by, it started out more personal than that. The music spoke to troubled communities. And the sneaker industry formed music collaborations to make people wear their hearts on their feet! 

Find linked a New York Times article on sneakers published in 1979. When sneakers were an identity piece. And were no longer restricted to sports but reigned over lifestyle fashion. They delivered one’s status, mentality, and character. And spiced up entertainment. The author of the article even writes, “honor was at stake that winter, and I chose to fight for it in black sneakers.” 

Chuck Taylor All Star Was Basketball Before Nike

In 1920-21, Converse marketed the Chuck Taylor All Star Converse Non-Skids. Which revolutionized basketball as the most striking vulcanized sports shoes in history. The Converse brand, which was founded in 1908, joined collaborative forces with American basketball player Charles Hollies. Or, Chuck Taylor. Who became a Converse employee and contributed to enhancing the shoe’s performance quality. Since Converse was not initially designed for basketball, till Chuck Taylor put on his salesman shoes and promoted it in that direction. 

After about 10 years of working for Converse and coaching the Converse All-Stars did the brand decide to honor his contribution. By putting his name on the sneaker. There was no commission or share in it for Chuck. He did it for the love of the brand. And the love for the sport.

Nike Buys Converse at the Age of 95

Two years after Converse filed bankruptcy, Nike bought it in 2003 for $315M. When Converse’s annual sales were limited to $200M. A study of Nike’s investment in Converse was made recently in 2019 to find that Converse’s revenue growth had hit $2B since 2003! Which meant a total revenue contribution of 5%. Nike’s decision was a bargain, according to Forbes. Since it transformed a sneaker pillar into a multi-billion dollar brand. And, to top it off, added fashion/streetwear diversity to its market. Which Nike purposely aims to do. 

9 Biggest Names* in the Sneaker Industry

*Brands in this section are listed in alphabetical order

Established in 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany by one of the Dassler brothers, the market cap of Adidas is now at $44.9B. With revenue at $25B. Adi purchased the right to the iconic three stripes from Finnish brand Karhu in 1951. And is now known as the world’s second sneaker/sportswear giant after Nike. As well as the first sports manufacturer in Europe. Famous for Adidas Superstar, it’s been pushing boundaries with its latest collaborations! Read more about these hot collabs in the Golden Sole Mates section below.

Ever since billionaire artist Kanye West made Yeezy history with Adidas in 2015, the sneaker industry hasn’t been the same. The Bank of America valued the brand at $3B last year. Not to mention Kanye’s $1.26B stake in it. Since he owns 15% royalties on Adidas Yeezy sales. His hype strategies have brought him closer to achieving his brand goals. Which are summed up by one, outboxing the Jumpman and two, Yeezys for all!

At a $2B net worth, Michael Jordan is the richest NBA player in history. He founded the Jordan brand and signed off with Nike in 1984-85. He had his heart set on signing with Adidas. But his mother made him go with Nike. And listening to his mom paid off in $1B over the last 35 years! Forbes describes it as the biggest endorsement bargain in sports.

Established in 1908, Converse is among the oldest sneaker brands in the world. It’s iconic for its Chuck Taylor All star model. And pillar presence in basketball history. Interesting fact: Converse filed about 180 lawsuits against Chuck Taylor trademark violations since 2008. It was just that popular in the sports and lifestyle market sects.

Also a sneaker brand from yore, New Balance has passed the test of time in the competitive sneaker world for one main reason: stability. It’s the only major sneaker company that manufactures its footwear at home in the US using domestic supply chains. And other brands like Yeezy are following in its footsteps back homeIts uninterrupted supply chain in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic led it to even outshining leading industry names like Nike and Adidas. It is presently among the top cause contributors and producers in the industry. With a total value at $4.4B.

Established in 1964 in Beaverton, Oregon, United States, Nike is the world’s leading sports brand. With a market cap worth $136B, it’s got Converse, Air Jordan, Hurley, and SPARQ right under its umbrella. From the Air Force 1 that stood out in the eighties’ street culture to the Swoosh logo on every Jordan sneaker, it dominates the sneaker industry with its multi-purposes. Whether it’s supporting the health system or the female voice, Nike’s innovations and diverse collabs have it seated on the sneaker throne so far.

If Herzogenaurach, Germany sounds too familiar a location, it’s because Puma is owned by Adidas’s older brother, Rudolph. It’s the first sneaker manufacturer to use tech-advanced vulcanization. And a handful of athlete legends have attained records in Puma sneakers. Check out this statistical report comparing Nike, Adidas, and Puma revenues. The brand’s worth is at $4B but still doesn’t seem to have won the brotherly dispute of 1948.

Founder and CEO Kevin Plank founded the brand in 1996. As a team captain on the University of Maryland football team, he strived to create performance-enhancing apparel. Sales exceeded $200M in sales by 2004. Its hype endorsements with personalities like Tom Brady and Tom Brady’s wife brought it a long way. The brand soared so surely that it beat Adidas and competed with Nike in 2014! However after 2017, drops in fashion/material qualities as well as public opinion clashes, the brand began to collapse. CEO Plank was replaced by COO Patrik Frisk in 2019 for transformative purposes.
Read more extensively about Under Armour’s Sneakers history here.

A California sun child born in the sixties can only mean one thing: peace, love, and surfs up! The brand’s connection to timeless creators like Disney and rock legends like Metallica makes them a staple in American culture. And their 42K square foot skate park in Huntington Beach promotes their free spirit. Bought by VF Corporation for $370M in 2004, the brand had started to fade in the nineties after being traded publicly for $74M in 1988. VF pulled it up to $2.3B in sales in 2015 and now it’s worth over 7 times what VF paid for! That’s California dreamin’ for ya.

Stay up-to-date with our 2019 sneaker review!
And if you’re interested in finding out how these values could mean something to you, all you need is a bit of time and an average attention span to own a piece of that “profit-erole” cake. 

3 Rules to Beat Sneaker Game Hassles

Before you get tangled up in learning about copping methods, deciding on one that suits you, and putting it into action, you first need to know what you’re buying. The sneaker reselling industry isn’t expected to reach a $6B value by 2025 for no reason and mindless tactics. Like any game, the facts unite all players. But it’s how the players analyze these facts that makes them win or lose the game. In the sneaker game, common hassles include not knowing what to cop and not knowing what to look for. These 3 tips will help you get a head start on determining HYPE. And thus PROFIT!

Hot Collaborations

Hot sneakers collaborationsWhether sneaker brands are at their top game or striving to reach their potential, collaborations are total game-changers. We’re talking artists, designers, visionaries, and influencers. The whole spectrum of people who mean a considerable deal to others. Also meaning other brands! Adidas made it happen with Beyonce’s IVY PACK. Supreme recently dropped the Supreme Nike Air Force 1. Nike is on a roll with famous rapper Travis Scott.

And the list goes on. How to know if a collaboration is hot? If you have to ask yourself this question, then a little research won’t hurt. Because if you know what’s big in the world, you’ll know what’s hot in the sneaker industry. Plus research is not an amateur move. Expanding on your knowledge of what’s hot and what’s not feeds your intuition. Our Golden Sole Mates section lists the toughest collaborations in sneakers history.

Limited Releases

Limited stock releases mean scarcity. And scarcity combined with a powerful marketing and a powerful name often leads to the success channel. Without a doubt, the style has to be worth it, and the overall brand mission and vibe likable. A brand’s got to mean “something” or belong to “somebody” for scarcity to work. That’s the best way to explain the Supreme brand phenomenon. And why Jordan and Yeezy are on top of the world. Nobody would care if underrated brands, although internally valuable as they might be, released 1,000 pairs only of an unacknowledged sneaker model.

But 1,300 pairs of Semi-Frozen Yellow Yeezys or 8,500 pairs of Air Dior? Sneakerheads pull all-nighters for drops like these. 

Air Jordan 1 High DiorResale Value

Since our section on Sneaker Reselling covers everything you need to know about the business, it will be dealt with here as the third hype factor. Or, the “right on the money”. With exposure and practice, you will develop a hype detector. By just looking at a sneaker, you can assess based on the collab, the brand, the design, and the stock if it has potential. And depending on what you pile up, the numbers you find can make or break your copping pursuit. 

Resale sites can provide you with a sneaker’s average resale value, bidding rates, and price premium percentages. As well as latest sales details. So, if a sneaker is hot on resale, then it’s most likely cop worthy. The numbers are there to prove it. For the best resale sites in the market, check .

Fresh Sneaker List to Help You Spot Hype

We’ve compiled a list of the 12 most hype sneakers to dominate the first quarter of 2020. It’s basically a concrete display of the 3 factors explained above. You’ll realize that every sneaker on that list has at least one of the hype factors listed. We’ve got Jordan, the most iconic name in basketball. You’ll find the street culture of Nike SB Dunk in collaboration with rapper Travis Scott. And two Dunks in tribute to the Californian 4/20 society! This list will give you a taste of real and recent hype to help you gain some perspective. So, any upcoming drop resembling a pair on this list, is a cop-on-sight!

13 Most Expensive Sneakers on Resale

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Turtledove

Release Date: 27 June 2015
Avg. Resale Value: $1,390
Price Premium: 735.0%
Know more about this Yeezy here.

Nike SB Dunk Pro High Supreme Red Stars

Release Date: 8 August 2003
Avg. Resale Value: $2,041
Price Premium: 3046.7%
Know more about this Nike Supreme line here.

Tom Sachs Nike Craft Mars Yard 2.0 Space Camp

Release Date: 8 June 2017
Avg. Resale Value: $3,967
Price Premium: 1195.5%
Know about Nike x Tom Sachs here

Jordan 5 Retro Trophy Room Red F&F

Release Date: 18 May 2019
Avg. Resale Value: $5,343
Price Premium: 3,000.0%
Know more about expensive 2019 sneakers here.

Nike SB Dunk Low What the Dunk

Release Date: 1 October 2007
Avg. Resale Value: $6,005
Price Premium: 7931.7%
Know more about What the Dunk here.

Adidas Pharrell Human Race NMD x Chanel

Release Date: 21 November 2017
Avg. Resale Value: $6,068
Price Premium: 503.4%
Know about reselling Human Race NMD here. 

Jordan 1 Retro High Colette F&F

COLETTE SNEAKERSRelease Date: 21 March 2018
Avg. Resale Value: $6,224
Know more about F&F sneakers here.

Jordan 1 OG Chicago

Release Date: 16 September 1985
Avg. Resale Value: $7,819
Price Premium: 11438.5%
Know more about top Jordan 1 colorways here.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October

RED OCTOBERRetail Price: $250
Release Date: 9 February 2014
Avg. Resale Value: $8,050
Price Premium: 2670.0%
Know more about Red October here

Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt

EMINEM JORDANRelease Date: 23 November 2015
Avg. Resale Value: $10,200
Know more about this collaboration here.

Nike SB Dunk Low Jeff Staple NYC Pigeon

DUNK PIGEONRetail Price: $200
Release Date: 1 March 2005
Avg. Resale Value: $11,581
Price Premium: 2650.0%
Know more about this Dunk here.

Nike MAG Back to the Future

MAG 2016Release Date: 4 October 2016
Avg. Resale Value: $27,334
Know more about the history of Nike Air MAG here.

Nike SB Dunk Low Paris

DUNK PARISRelease Date: 1 March 2002
Avg. Resale Value: $34,983

5 Iconic Kicks to Shape the Industry We Know


The Golden Sole Mates* of Sneakers

*Brands in this section are listed in alphabetical order

Adidas x Beyonce IVY PARK

In April 2019, iconic artist and woman-in-power, Beyonce joined a partnership with Adidas. Which she referred to as “a proven, dynamic leader”. The collaborators dropped their gender-neutral take on IVY PARK apparel and footwear in January 2020. Read more about this golden collaboration here.


Adidas x Pharrell Williams

The peak of this exotic collaboration was in 2018. When the festive NMD Hu Trail Holi pack dropped in March. Followed by the China-exclusive drop of the NMD Human Race pack in May. The pack got so much hype that sneaker copping etiquettes were thrown right out the window. The partners also managed to drop an African-inspired Solar pack in August. Check out Adidas x Pharrell Williams sneakers that dropped in 2019 here.

Adidas x Stan Smith

One word to describe the Adidas x Stan Smith collaboration is classic. Their partnership goes back to the seventies and into tennis history. By 1988, sneaker sales made it into the Guinness World Records at 22 million pairs! Their authentic clean design and comfort places them among the top sneakers ever made. To learn about the epic collaboration between Adidas, Pharrell Williams, and Stan Smith, visit here.

Adidas x Yeezy

After Kanye West left Nike for creative differences and unmet profit demands, Adidas welcomed him with open arms in 2015. The sports giant allowed the Yeezy fashion brand, which Kanye owns entirely, 15% royalties on Yeezy sales. The Yeezy Boost line is one of the most iconic and profitable in the industry. And with Kanye’s past, sparked the Nike vs. Adidas duel. Visit the Adidas Yeezy empire here.

Air Jordan x Eminem

The Jordan brand boasted its bold character with its “banned” reputation back in the 1980s. Since MJ was fined $5,000 every time he wore the Jordan 1 OG to a game for violating uniform policies. Eminem isn’t much different in how he started as an artist. He pushed through years of bashing for being a non-African American rapper. So, when you put two powerful startup stories together, they’re bound to make some noise.

Nike x Michael Jordan

Sleazy is out the door when the greatest basketball player in history unites with the #1 sports giant company. In 2019, the brand hit its first billion-dollar quarter. According to Forbes, it is worth a minimum of $10B. And with its heated involvement in style quality that catches fire, it is set to make you tons of money. And uplift your fashion! Read about why Jordans are unlike any other shoe here.

Nike x Off-White

Off-White is an Italian fashion brand founded by designer Virgil Abloh in 2012. It is known for using stylized items and labels to give self-expression a modern feel. 2017 was a big year for Nike and Off-White when “The Ten” dropped. It included Converse sneakers, Jordans, and Nikes. There’s a continuous touch of diversity in their teamwork that modernizes the concept of “Retros” and keeps resellers thirsty for more.

Nike x Travis Scott

Kanye West broke up with Nike and hooked up with Adidas. And Kylie Jenner seems to have done the exact opposite. Her relationship with rapper Travis Scott doesn’t leave much to brew for conspiracy. But the fact that a self-made billionaire hot icon and famous rapper are getting stormy over Nike, the cash is bound to flow like champagne. Not to mention that collaborative design efforts are phenomenal. With only a handful of releases marking the industry so far.

Nike x Yeezy

The Air Yeezy, also known as the sneakers that didn’t lace so tight. Kanye West claimed to have left Nike because his creative potential was not recognized. There’s also the unspoken issue of royalty payments. Nike wanted Kanye’s Yeezy royalties to proceed to the charity of his choice. But Kanye did not agree to it. From what we’ve seen, he’s the type of person to donate under his name rather than get his brand in a philanthropic twist. For instance, he most recently donated $2M to black communities. The Air Yeezy 1 and 2 models haven’t ceased to skyrocket on resale. Since they were actually limited before that became a marketing hoax.

Who Are Sneakerheads?

Yeezy 700 OG
You either are a sneakerhead or are on the path of becoming one. It’s as white and black as it gets. But it takes more than being obsessed with cool kicks and style to call yourself one. You can know if you’re in this ankle-deep if you relate religiously to this
story. Also, if you live by the sneakerhead quirks and habits listed below!

Your kicks are cleaner than your life.

Since trees have eyes and anything with eyes has an opinion, a sneakerhead does not risk misrepresentation. Whether it’s polishing Jordans or maintaining Yeezys, it’s the same for sneakerheads as taking showers and changing sheets. Maybe more of a priority sometimes.

Your sneaker storage is your stairway to heaven.

If you’re a sneakerhead, opting for a vintage shoe closet in the basement is not an option. Whether you go for floating shelves or rent out storage space, you know what your sneaker storage duties are like the back of your foot. And if you find yourself around your sneaker collection on sleepless nights, you’re a sneakerhead beyond saving.

Bae knows exactly what to get you. A sentence like that isn’t just blurted without facts to back it up! For a Valentine’s gift, you’re easy. Anniversaries are a slice of pie. And with your birthday coming up, they’re bound to know the anticipated sneakers that coincide with it. As a sneakerhead, you either want new kicks, cleaning kits, display luxuries, or some cash. $200 being the minimum limit.

You dedicate the time to treat your kicks.

“It’s been 3 months since I last aired out my Jordans.” “My Yeezy Boosts have been kissed by air particles and now I have to clean them.” “My storage display is a 7.3/10.” Maintenance is harder than starting out on a project or passion. We’ve listed these tips for sneakerhead lockdown. But the truth is, this is how dedicated sneakerheads lead their lives. And maintain the pillar of their existence.

You look down at Hypebeasts.

Who are basically young, uneducated sneaker gamers who impact the market by using their butts for brains. The sneaker reselling business is a chain of well-thought investments. A pro knows what kicks to wait on and what kicks to flip for easy cash. Hypebeasts, on the other hand, are looking to make fast money without understanding their effect on resale platforms. If you’re getting all riled up reading this, don’t let it get to you OG!

For more details [and a cool infographic!] on what it means to be a real sneakerhead, click here

Sneaker Reselling: Why Copping to Sell Is Worth It

Hype factors, check. Total sneakerhead or have sneakerhead potential, check. Hottest names, collaborations, and kicks in history mastered!

Now that your head is packed with sneaker knowledge, all that’s left for you to do is make smart money off it. Degrees give you jobs which give you money, right? Same concept here but bigger! The sneaker reselling industry is expected to reach a $6B value by 2025. If you don’t apply to jobs or in this case, resale sites, you won’t get your share of it. In Sneaker Bots Explained, a series of steps will show you how you can double (and almost guarantee!) copping hype pairs to resell. But for the how-to matter, you’ll want to see the final outcome of your efforts first! 

Know Your Worth

Let’s say you have a couple (or even a pile!) of deadstock sneakers freshly packed in a safe humid-free corner. What do you do next? What you want to do is open countless tabs of resale sites and check the hype rate on your kicks. To know the fair but also the profitable price you want to set or decide on your “ask.” If the hype train’s on speed, benefit from the times before it slows down. And if you think that your kicks are worth more than what the market is paying for, it wouldn’t hurt to wait a healthy while. As long as you keep a steady eye on the market. 

Interested in Yeezys? Check out this ultimate Yeezy resale guide here

Sell Value, Earn Value

Yeezys MarketingIf you know what the market is paying for your kicks and you like the numbers you’re seeing, the next step is to REPRESENT! Buyers want your kicks for their value. So show them what value is made of. If your sneakers have been worn, whip in your cleaning efforts for a deadstock aura. Know a bit of interesting history about your sneakers? Reel potential buyers in with that. And above all, the golden rule is, don’t be sloppy with the photos you take. Hire a photographer if you got shaky limbs! Keep in mind that if you won’t buy the sneakers in the picture, nobody will.

Maximize the resale value of your sneakers with this
advanced guide.

Pick a Resale Platform

Fight Club cuts you a check for your deal. Other sites like the popular StockX promotes the auction dynamic. Resale platforms are distinguished mainly by the quality of what they sell and the method in which they sell it. We can’t choose the best resale platform for you since that depends on your preferences and goals. But we can provide you with the information you need to decide! Check the top 9 resale sites in the market today. With their estimated visits per month, sales fees, and other must-knows! Also, learn buyers’ perspectives of these sites to own your decision from every angle.
Sneaker reselling sites

How Much YOU Can Make Reselling Sneakers

Now that you’ve wrapped your head around value and its market space, it might be healthy for your sneaker ambitions and general sanity to provide you with some data. And what better source than Twitter shoutouts made by real-time coppers? Along with a credible estimation of profit per shoutout. 

How to Estimate Profit Per Cop

So, we’ll first estimate the number of copped sneakers per user Tweet. To have the actual number of copped pairs or an incredibly close number to it. After that, we will rely on StockX sources to subtract the retail price of the sneaker understudy from its average resale value. Therefore resulting in the estimated profit per single cop. And finally, we’ll multiply the profit result and number of copped pairs. That’s about it! Basic grade school math beats a formula that can make you thousands of dollars! Check out our list of 12 most hype sneakers to drop in Q1 this year for some alone time fun math!

The following @ANB_AIO user successfully copped 11 pairs from the Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue restock. Which retailed at $170 and is reselling on StockX for an average $274. By subtracting $170 from $274, the result is $104 in profit. Which multiplied by the 11 pairs copped piles up an overall profit estimate of $1,144! Release pairs and restock pairs combined, AIO bot has successfully copped 5K+ pairs. Implying a mass profit estimate of half a million dollars distributed among its users!

Easing into the process? Here’s a Yeezy cop study. The Yeezy Linen dropped on April 18 for $220. And is reselling on StockX for an average value of $307. For a profit estimate of $87, we refer to this as an easy flip. Since profit isn’t relatively high but worth some fast cash. But multiply that easy flip with the number of pairs copped and it’ll make a difference! Since the user below copped 10 Linen pairs, his profit has skyrocketed up to $870 per cop. And that’s just from copping Yeezys! He also copped 6 pairs of the Jordan 6 DMP with a total profit estimate of $234. $1,104 per cop doesn’t sound too shabby, does it?

Feel like you’re on top of the world already? To maximize your moment’s high, here’s how AIO bot did on the latest Jordan 13 Flint release. Which retailed for $170 and resells for $270 on average. Given our bot’s 3.3K checkout estimate, that’s about $330K distributed among our coppers!

The steady common factor among all those successful cops and Tweets is a sneaker bot in action. AIO bot to be more specific. So, if you’re wondering about sneaker bots and how essential they are to accomplishing your sneaker reselling endeavors, stick here for one extra section to guarantee an answer!

Sneaker Bots Explained: What, How, and Which

Sneaker Copping
If you’ve reached this point in the article, you’re certified as a potential sneakerhead. Because now it’s time to put all the information above into action. It’s time for your hype detectors and reselling skills to get lucky. So, what is the basic definition of lucky in this context? Copping, or successfully buying, a hype sneaker release on retail. And not a penny extra! Unless you’re
buying sneakers from overseas, then some extra shipping fees are due. But they’re usually worth it.

So, in order to cop sneakers at retail, you need to thoroughly understand the world of botting. And you’ll be surprised how simple explaining bots actually is!

What Is a Sneaker Bot?

A sneaker bot is a software program designed to increase your chance to cop limited edition and hype sneakers. Since sneaker online retailers typically allow 1 pair/customer to promote an equal customer experience, that’s when investing in a sneaker bot is the most promising option. 

It’s an auto-checkout program that automates how you buy sneakers or any item you wish to purchase. As long as this program supports targeted websites. It allows you multiple tasks or attempts to cop, to increase your likelihood of buying. And helps you avoid getting caught by site security systems. The major plus side? It does most of the hard work for you, fast!

A sneaker bot can get through to the checkout page and actually get the sneaker you want in a matter of seconds. Compared to the non-ending minutes of frustration you’d be spending trying to cop manually, “a few seconds” sounds pretty quick. But speed comes with its own set of risks, the biggest being set on time out during release time. Or getting banned. That’s why some add-ons are recommended to get away with as many pairs as you want as smoothly as possible. 

To Bot or Not?

Now, to start botting, all you have to do is typically buy a bot, fill in your information, and set up as many tasks for it to carry out. So, how does it make sense to pay for a product when you’re looking to make a profit? Since the point of this section is to help you join the billion-dollar sneaker industry. The answer is simple; If you don’t make an investment in a bot, it is unlikely you’ll be able to manually cop a hype pair on retail. Since it’ll most probably be out of stock by the time you set your alarm off! 

Check this overview on why bots are unbeatable here.
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What Makes AIO Bot Different?

The top sneaker bots in the market are not cheap and are mostly out of stock. Similar to the sneaker reselling business you’re trying to get into, sneaker bot reselling is a thing too. And while sneaker bots usually cost in the $300-500 range, they can easily cross $1K on resale. 

AIO bot is the OG sneaker bot constantly available in stock for $325 only. It is extremely easy to use and is a top killer on Footsites. As well as on Shopify,  YEEZY Supply, and Adidas. Our success rate not only depends on the quality of our bot but also on the quality of the sneaker proxies and servers we provide. If you’re a Yeezy fanatic, learn more about how AIO bot can help you cop them here.

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What Are Sneaker Servers?

Not only are bots technically demanding but copping sneakers, being dependent on speed, also requires an internet connection at roadrunner speed. Your desktop and Netflix-bearing internet connection won’t do. Why? Because they are not optimized for copping sneakers. 

A sneaker server is a sneaker-optimized computer-like machine that runs an internet-hosting service. Websites and products rent out servers to ensure their customers the best online experience. Instead of relying on overworked private computers and connections. 1 GB/s is a great network speed provided by a server and it would do the trick with most drops. But speed and power dedicated to sneaker copping requests aren’t enough. The server location is key. 

This is how it works. When a sneaker server is located within close proximity to the servers of the site your bot is copping from, you decrease ping latency. That is the amount of time it takes for your request to reach its target and boomerang back to you. And when a release is hype, a fraction of a millisecond can make a copping difference. So, decide on where you’re copping from and rent your sneaker server accordingly.

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What Are Sneaker Proxies?

In order to fire up multiple user accounts on your bot to increase your copping chances, you will need to appear online through different identities. And since different identities aren’t normally located in one place, you will need more than one IP address. Sneaker proxies are divided into two types: residential and datacenter proxies. Residential proxies are assigned to valid physical locations and perform safer on high-security sites like Shopify. Where the Yeezy Boosts of your copping pursuit are temporarily available. Datacenter proxies, on the other hand, are bought for their speed and anonymity. And have proved to work well copping Supreme.

So, through purchasing different proxies or proxy packages from your provider, you’ll be able to cop as many times as the number of proxies you’ve set up on your bot.

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What Are Sneaker Cookgroups?

How to copSo, the most basic definition of a cookgroup is a gathering of sneakerheads, where you share tips, tricks, and expertise on sneaker copping and reselling. Although cookgroups can sometimes be found on Slack and Facebook groups, the majority of this kind of action happens on Discord.

Looking at it differently, sneaker cookgroups are kind of like study groups. Where the smartest kids with the best hacks and cheat sheets share their knowledge to help less fortunate sneakerheads. Upon joining these underground communities or cookgroups, you’ll get exclusive access to resources, copping guides, bot setup info, and early links to upcoming sneaker releases. In addition, cookgroup members benefit from accessing exclusive occasional giveaways and groupbuys from major bots. As well as proxies, ATC slots, and even limited-edition sneakers! 

Although the concept of cookgroups and Discord servers was probably the last to join the sneaker cooking pot, we recommend joining a sneaker cookgroup as a stepping stone into the hectic sneaker frenzy. After all, shedding $20 to $50 a month to learn or test your feelings about the game is safer than hopping all in and buying a sneaker bot. Only to realize you’re more into tutoring as a side hustle!

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Bottom Line

You know, and we know, you’re ready to blaze your trail into the sneaker world when you’ve reached this far into this guide. At times (or most regularly), 9 to 5 jobs aren’t financially sufficient and don’t really cater for the creative, free-spirited entrepreneur in you. That’s when sneaker copping and reselling can get you on the money-making line! And the best thing about this business?

You don’t need ANY previous knowledge or experience. So, chuck that curriculum vitae out the window and rely on your mental force! Because the resources to help you get smart and rich are limitless and usually provided by our blog! You need little to no capital to start and you can get at it from the comfort of your bean bag. The sneaker industry is titanic in size (sparing you sinking hazard) and indulges in all trendy niches and fashion fetishes out there. Safe space!

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