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Social Media and its Effects on Sneaker Reselling

By August 24, 2023Make Money, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Social Media And Sneaker ResellingFrom word of mouth to paid television, newspaper, radio, and leaflet ads to a simple post on social media. That’s how advertising evolved and became much easier and more inexpensive upon the introduction of social media in 1997

Matter of fact, the sneaker culture owes social media big time for the way it evolved. To be more specific, it mainly helped the sneaker resell scene to evolve into the money-making market it is today. All a reseller needed was a phone and an internet connection to reach an extensive clientele range. So, let’s see what role social media played in the rise of sneaker reselling and what influence it left along the way. 

Social Media and the Sneaker Industry

Social Media And The Sneaker InudstryYou know, the reselling market wouldn’t have existed without the retail industry, in the first place. Meaning that, it all started with giant sneaker brands, like Adidas and Nike– aka retail manufacturers- to hype up their drops so that they appeal more to sneaker enthusiasts. Because at the end of the day, we ain’t picking just any pair of kicks and heading for the resale market hoping to make hundreds of dollars off it. We’re talking rare kicks here!

Other than the brand, you have to keep sneaker collaborations in mind. The more the artist has got fans and the more their marketing strategy is on point, the more money their sneakers will make on the aftermarket. Meaning that, the stock will clear out in record time. While the ones who don’t manage to catch them for retail directly head for the resale market. And that’s exactly where learning all about the power of copping for retail comes in handy. 

Yes, we’re talking about sneaker botting here. And even though Nike’s always been battling it out with resellers for so long now, the Swoosh is the one that accidentally started sneaker botting in the first place! It’s a fact you can find as you read through the history of shoe bots

Social Media and Sneaker Collabs 

This being said, other than a good sneaker collab and an eye-catching design, you’ll need the collaborator himself to be someone who gives marketing some of his time. Take Ye, for example, even though he’s got a lot of controversial moments, we can’t deny the fact that he’s a marketing genius. Becuase Yeezy was (and still temporarily is) Adidas’ most influential product sneaker and clothing line. The popularity of this particular fashion line was unheard of and social media only made it more popular.

Rumors, celebrities, and various people wearing the shoes can now be shared anytime and anywhere on social media. Social media is a news source that anyone in the world can participate in. And the sneakerheads take every chance to join in on a daily basis

Furthermore, when it comes to Yeezys, Ye effectively utilized the major social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram to advertise his brand. While fans and sneakerheads did their part in sharing news, release dates, gossip, opinions, etc. But now that Yeezy’s future ain’t clear anymore, where does this leave Ye and his marketing tactics? That nobody knows. All we can do is wait till the final batch of Adidas Yeezy clears out and see how it all works out. 

Social Media and the Rise of Sneaker Reselling 

The Rise Of Sneaker Reselling And Social MediaYou see, the sneaker resale market reached a state where it’s on a constant rise, no matter the circumstances. The pace may slow down sometimes and the hype might fade out a little after a surprise rise. But that’s all part of the normal business cycle. All that matters is that you can always make money in this market. But what changes in difficult times is that you got to choose the kicks that make you money the way you choose your battles. 

This being said, social media managed to bring together sneakerheads, retailers, and collectors. Some even use platforms like Reddit and Twitter to exchange tips, discuss new releases, and even ask for authenticity checks. So, social media acted like cook groups do now, but for FREE. 

This has led to increased competition among sneakerheads. And as a result, a higher availability of rare sneakers due to lower prices. But still not below their retail value, of course. And so gradually, people got introduced to sneaker reselling, till it became one of the most profitable side hustles out there. 

Influence on the Resell Market

First things first, the rise of social media has allowed sneaker resellers to connect more than ever before. Which means that, while buying and selling sneakers, sneakerheads are now able to share knowledge, news, trends, and opinions. This enhanced interaction fosters increased transparency, thereby allowing better-informed choices. 

Other than increasing accessibility to information, social media has allowed resellers to reach a larger audience. Which resulted in a wider customer range, thus generating more sales than they had before. Social media also helped resellers build customer loyalty through positive feedback. 

Now, this increase in visibility naturally led to increased competition. As more and more people saw how profitable sneaker reselling can be, they wanted in on the game. And so, resellers continue to advertise their products, compare prices, and then post a competitive price based on their analysis. 

The Dark Side of Social Media on Sneaker Reselling

The Dark Side - AIO Bot You see, there will always be people who like to take advantage of a certain product’s popularity and advertise fake products. And some people do fall victim to buying fake or unauthorized sneakers. They spend hundreds and sometimes thousands for what they might think is a rare sneaker. Only to find out later that they’ve been scammed. 

It’s unfortunate that people would use social media in a negative way, rather than for interacting with other people and keeping up with the news. But scammers are everywhere, no matter what the industry is. And so, it’s just something that the rest of us will have to be wary of. Who knows, maybe AI will be so advanced in no time that with one simple click, it will tell you whether your kicks are authentic or not. 

On a final note, there’s no arguing it, social media is a great way to advertise anything these days. It’s at everyone’s disposal, allowing people all over the world to express themselves, share, and advertise their business. And if used correctly, it’s something that previously seemed like a dying business can boost up like you’ve never imagined before. 

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