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Cracking the Code: The Significance of SPLY 350 on Yeezys

By August 25, 2023Food for thought, Yeezy

AIO Bot - Yeezy SPLY 350Being one of the most hyped sneaker collaborations out there, we’ve all seen SPLY 350 brandings on some Yeezys here and there. But have you all ever wondered what it stands for, and what significance it holds? Well, we’re here to find that out together!

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What Does SPLY 350 Mean?

SPLY 350 stands for either Supply 350 or Saint Pablo Loves You. Well, that’s what some speculated at least. Truth is, up till now, nobody really knew what SPLY 350 really means. But, does it matter as long as we’re flexing a pair of the Yeezy Boost 350s? 

Matter of fact, with the launch of the 350 V2, not only did Adidas introduce a new Yeezy silhouette, but a new colorway as well: the Beluga. Which is now a staple in sneaker history. The Yeezy 350 V2 Beluga came with a more prominent heel that featured internal 3 stripes, and a reinforced toe box. This 350 also came with a contrasting bright Orange stripe across the sidewall with SPLY 350 on it. 

Later on, Ye dropped other 350 V2 colorways. Which featured the SPLY 350 branding on the lateral side, including Zebra, Bred, Copper, Core Black White, Blue Tint, and Static (reflective and non-reflective).  However, at some point, Adidas seemed to have had enough of the SPLY 350 branding visible on the stripe. And so they decided it’s time they print it on the inside so it’s not visible anymore for a change. The first to feature this design is the Yeezy 350 V2 Butter. However, it was in 2017, with the drop of the Triple White 350 V2 that Yeezy decided to drop the SPLY 350 branding. 

Now, whether you decide to buy Yeezy 350s for retail or resale, you gotta keep in mind that they don’t run true to size. On the contrary, they run small. So, you have to go a half or full size up, depending on your preference. For a more thorough Yeezy size guide, click here

Heaven knows you don’t wanna score a W on the Adidas CONFIRMED app only to get your size wrong. And you definitely don’t want to mess up an order on resale platforms either. Because canceling orders on sites like StockX tends to be a little of a hassle. BUT in case you do mess up an order on StockX, click on the button below for a full guide on how to cancel it! 

button_learn-moreHow To Catch Upcoming Yeezy Drops

Yeezy Boost - SPLY 350 - AIO BotWhether it’s a 350 V2 with a SPLY 350 branding on it, or a Yeezy slide, Yeezys are still dropping. And considering that we won’t have Yeezys anymore after Adidas runs out of stock, now is the perfect time (and maybe the last) to cop Yeezys for retail. You see, history seems to repeat itself with our man, Ye. Nike Yeezys are rare AF on the aftermarket. And this may be Adidas Yeezys’ case as years pass by. Meaning that, start your sneaker botting journey NOW, or forever suffer in silence as you watch their value go up and up over time.

So, back on how to cop. First, you’ll need one of the best sneaker bots on the market. Not only does one help boost your chances at catching W’s, but you can also buy in bulk! So, after you pick your bot, you gotta pick your proxies right. And most importantly, never ever forget about the server. It’s a make-or-break deal when it comes to copping. Because a crappy internet connection might send your whole setup and efforts crashing to the ground. 

Overwhelmed with all of these requirements. All that we’ve mentioned aside, click on the button below for an A-Z guide on how to cop sneakers for retail on release day. It’s basically all you need to start your copping journey!