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How to Resell Sneakers in 7 Steps: Flipping Kicks for Easy Money!

By August 12, 2017April 22nd, 2022Sneaker Tutorial, Sneakers

UPDATE How to Resell Sneakers - AIO BotThe sneaker industry goes so much beyond copping sneakers online. It is more about making quick and easy money online through the wonderful world of sneaker reselling! Hitting the big sneaker jackpot! Sneaker reselling has a crazy amount of CASH in it – we’re talking moolah baby! So, we’re here to teach you exactly how to do that: how to resell sneakers… the RIGHT way!


1. Make lots of money by learning how to resell sneakers
The sneaker resale market is a $6 BILLION industry! Why not become a part of it?

2. You’ll clear out some storage space for NEW kicks!
Sneaker storage is sacred! So, you either buy another house for your kicks or start reselling sneakers and make money!

3. Do you even need more reasons?
We don’t think you need any more convincing! But, how do they actually get in the reselling game and learn how to resell sneakers? Remember: This is a collectibles market. And like all collectible markets, prices are volatile, and hype changes in an instant! So, if you don’t have an eye for what the market wants, you could be sitting on unwanted stock for ages. If you learn how to resell sneakers the right way, you’ll be sitting on a pile of Benjamins. 

So, how do you do it? Well, here is your step-by-step guide to making money off reselling sneakers!


Watch the Market Like a Hawk!

Sneaker_Resale III UPDATE - AIO BotThe very first lesson in learning how to resell sneakers is having FORESIGHT. We’re not saying you gotta be that’s-so-Raven psychic and do the faces. But, you have to develop in-depth knowledge of the industry to better predict in-demand releases! Here’s how to do that:

– Read the best sneaker blogs
– Find all the early links you can!
– Follow all the up-to-date Twitter accounts
– Keep an eye on any changes on release calendars

Another thing you should know on how to resell sneakers is to know when you should hold or resell. Some sneakers gain more hype over time and therefore have higher resale values. When the listings run short on reselling platforms, that’s when you STRIKE! You can then list your own sneaker on reselling sites and have people fight over it – a total bidding war over your sneaker.

Cop Limited-Run Sneakers

Sneaker_Resale I UPDATE - AIO BotAs a sneaker reseller, you need INVENTORY. And, that’s no easy task! Basically, you have two methods: manually or with a sneaker bot. But, ultimately you want to go for the choice that allows you to buy in bulk! You’re not gonna learn how to resell sneakers with one or two pairs only!

– If you’re attempting to buy manually, you have to be fast – CRAZY fast. You have to follow early link Twitter accounts, utilize an autofill system, and memorize the layout of the website by heart. When releases drop online, you’ll be competing against thousands of buyers – a lot of them running bots.

– With a bot by your side, most of the manual tasks disappear: the bot does it all. Sneaker bots will auto-fill carts, and help you cop multiple pairs in a range of sizes. Click here to check out all the best sneaker bot options in the game!

– Choose the Right Size: You want a range of sizes. Globally, the most popular men’s size is 10.5, but the entire range of sizes 9-12 sells well.
– Use Proxies: Proxy servers make your bot connection faster.  Also, they are your only way to cop multiple pairs!
– Rent a Server: A very strong and savage server could exponentially increase your copping speeds – their speeds can reach up to 1Gbps and even as high as 10Gbps depending on the provider. This all depends on your device specs – so, completely optional! 

Take Good Pictures

Sneaker_Resale II UPDATE - AIO Bot

Another important part of learning how to resell sneakers is learning how to take HIGH-quality pictures. This is what makes you look more like a legit reseller and not a Facebook scammer. Here’s what you should include:

– A profile shot of the sneaker, a picture of the sole, and a picture of the tag
– Optional: include
a handwritten note in the picture to prove you actually have the sneakers in your possession!
(This way people will trust that you’re a proper sneaker reseller and won’t get any bad vibes from you) 

Step 4
Name Your Price

So, on to the money part in how to resell sneakers: pricing your kicks! You don’t want to make your asking prices too steep and ultimately sit on sneakers until the hype dies down. And, you also can’t overestimate the sneaker so that no one buys it!

StockX is a great resource for gauging sneaker resale prices. You’ll find average sale prices from around the web. Therefore, see what premium people are paying! You can go as low or as high as you wish! But, that could either minimize your profit or make you lose to more affordable listings. So, try to find a price that you would pay off resale, and still make a profit. 

How to Resell Sneakers Infographic - AIO BotStep 5
Choose a Reselling Platform

And then, there’s choosing the right resale platform! This might be the most confusing part of learning how to resell sneakers – there are so many of them! You could also go for other options as well if platforms aren’t your thing- click here. Or, you can check out our complete rundown of all the best sneaker resale platforms AND their fees here!

Step 6
Create Your Listing

How to Resell Sneakers - Price Tag - AIO Bot– First, upload those premium pictures you took
– Add all relevant information: size, brand, colorway details, and offer any other pertinent information
– Choose a fixed-price or auction sale

– Set Reserve Prices: Some auction sites let you choose the rock-bottom price you’d be willing to take for your auction.
– When learning how to resell sneakers, the more pictures you have the better!

Step 7
Start Making Crazy CASH MONEY!

Finally, the best part of learning how to resell sneakers: making money! And, with the best sneaker bot by your side, your small investment will generate a whole TON of money! RULE OF THUMB: if you can cop it without a bot, everyone else can too! So, now that you’ve finished this lesson on how to resell sneakers, it’s time to launch your business.

In a nutshell, if you have your mind is set on reselling sneakers as a business, you’ll need to use a sneaker bot. One that can help you cop multiple pairs of any release you desire. Curious? Wanna know more? Click the Button Below.