How to Resell Sneakers in 7 Steps: Flipping Kicks for Easy Money!

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How to Resell Sneakers - AIO Bot - GUIDEThe sneaker industry is a gigantic industry that goes across and beyond simply copping limited-run sneakers like the Chunky Dunky Ben & Jerry sneaker back in 2020 – that was a sick cop and one of the biggest jackpots a sneakerhead could ever hit. But, the thing is, when we say jackpot we’re talking about more than just a super hard flex – we’re talking serious money. There’s a reason why more sneakerheads are joining the crazy sneaker culture by the minute, and that’s because of the crazy amount of CASH! We’re talking moolah baby. You see, people WANT these sneakers, people will do ANYTHING to get their hands on them, and they will PAY a lot of money to buy them. So, why not be the one who makes the offer? Sneakerheads who figured out how to resell sneakers (the right way) are literally swimming in ridiculous amounts of dough, fam!

Why the hell should we not join them? That’s why we’ve decided to teach you how to resell sneakers – give you all the secrets of the trade. We’re here to help you join the $6 BILLION dollar industry and become a sneaker reseller yourself. It’s time you taste the feeling of being on the dark side – the aftermarket.

Reasons to Resell Your Sneakers!

How to Resell Sneakers to Make Lots of Money?

Here’s an eye-popping statistic: The sneaker resale market has topped $1 billion in annual sales, according to StockX. It goes without saying — there’s a ton of money to be made in sneaker reselling. Of course, sneakerheads know it all too well. Ultra-limited releases can easily fetch double or triple their retail price on different reselling websites – AKA when you cop some Ls on release day because you weren’t fully prepared! These days, plenty of budding entrepreneurs have joined in on the sneaker game, hoping to earn a living or build a sneaker reselling business. You’ve probably heard the success proof and different stories – it’s literally all over social media!

Didn’t you hear about the 16-year-old KID who made more than a MILLION dollars reselling sneakers to celebs? How much you makin’ rn? Bet you it ain’t a million dollars. Selling sneakers is the perfect side hustle or even a full-time job (if you get good at it) to make so much more money right from the comfort of your home!

How to Resell Sneakers to Clear Up Some Storage Space?

Sneaker Storage Space - AIO Bot - GUIDEIf you were one of those lucky sneakerheads who got to cop the 40+ Yeezys that dropped in 2020 then you’re probably running out of storage space by now – totally ran AIO Bot all through the year, didn’t you? We had a feeling! Because we a coppin’ streak that good, you must have had the best sneaker bot by your side. But, sometimes you gotta make tough decisions – especially when you know about all the sick releases coming up in 2021 like the new Yeezy Foam RNNR – ugly clog no more! Trust us when we say, this year is going to be freakin’ EPIC. Legen-wait for it-dary.

So, you either gotta figure out how to find more sneaker storage space, buy a second house just for your sneakers, or start reselling sneakers on the aftermarket. This way you’ll be making more space and more money to buy MORE sneakers! It’s like the perfect equation.

‘Nuff Said. Period.

We don’t think you need any more convincing! If you need more reasons to get into the sneaker reselling industry, then you got problems dude. But, how do they actually get in the reselling game and learn how to resell sneakers? Remember: This is a collectible market. And like all collectible markets, prices are volatile, and hype changes in an instant! So, if you don’t have an eye for what the market wants, you could be sitting on unwanted stock for ages. That’s exactly the opposite of what we’re going for. If you learn how to resell sneakers the right way, you’ll be sitting on a pile of Benjamins. 

So, how do you do it? If you have the capital (AKA the money), understand how the sneaker game works, and have the drive to stay plugged into the latest sneaker news, you too can build a sneaker reselling empire! But you have to play your sneaker cards right. And just in time for the next big drops! We’ve got the AJ5 Retro Raging Bulls, the Moon Gray Foam RNNR, and so much more! With the right sneaker bot by your side, you’ll get your sneaker reselling business up and running! Here is your step-by-step guide to making money off reselling sneakers.

Step 1 on How to Resell Sneakers
Watch the Market Like a Hawk!

Flipping Kicks - AIO Bot - Watch the Market Like a HawkSuccessful sneaker resellers rely on foresight – it’s the first thing they learn how to resell sneakers. You must develop an eye for what is and will be in demand, and what sneakerheads will want to buy. How can you do that? Choose to specialize in the industry and its trend. You have to develop in-depth knowledge of every sneaker brand to better predict which releases will be in more demand, This also helps you develop a reputation among sneaker buyers everywhere. So, get plugged in, follow sneaker Twitter accounts (like Yeezy Mafia), and read up on the latest trends and price reports on StockX. You should also subscribe to sneaker blogs that could keep you in-the-know of everything related to the industry. You literally have to be an expert to win in the sneaker game. Leave no sneaker unturned! Know EVERYTHING there is to know about the sneaker industry.

Another thing you should know on how to resell sneakers is to know when you should hold or resell – some sneakers gain more hype over time, and therefore more resale value. When the listings run short on reselling platforms, that’s when you STRIKE! You can then list your own sneaker on reselling sites and have people fight over it – a total bidding war over your sneaker.

Step 2 on Reselling Sneakers
Cop Limited-Run Sneakers

How to Resell Sneakers - AIO Bot - Cop Limited Run SneakersAs a sneaker reseller, you need INVENTORY. That’s no easy task. But basically, unless you want to camp out in line at a brick-and-mortar store, you have two methods: Manually or with a sneaker bot. If you’re attempting to buy manually, you have to be fast – CRAZY fast. Follow early link Twitter accounts, utilize an autofill system, and memorize the layout of the website by heart. When releases drop online, you’ll be competing against thousands of buyers – a lot of them running bots. With a bot by your side, most of the manual tasks disappear – the bot does it all. Sneaker bots will auto-fill carts, and help you cop multiple pairs in a range of sizes – a sneaker bot can be your best friend. You can always take the easy road and cop less limited shoes, but in BULK and make little profit per pair but sell 20+ pairs!

More Copping Tips

– Choose the Right Size: You want a range of sizes. Globally, the most popular men’s size is 10.5, but the entire range of sizes 9-12 sells well. You might have to settle for niche sizes – say 14s – which will limit the upside of your investment. Cater for every perfect fit!

– Use Proxies: Proxy servers make your bot connection faster. If you’re using a sneaker bot, a proxy can shave valuable seconds off your copping time. A proxy can help too if you’re buying manually. In addition, sneaker proxies are your only way to cop multiple pairs. And you do want multiples when you’re getting into the sneaker reselling business. So, add proxies to your bot to increase your speed, reduce the ping latency, and get several pairs without getting banned or having any order canceled.

– Get a Server: A very strong and savage server could exponentially increase your copping speeds – their speeds can reach up to 1Gbps and even as high as 10Gbps depending on the provider. You can also customize specs on your server according to your needs. 

On to Step 3
Take Good Pictures

How to Resell Sneakers - AIO Bot - Take Good PicturesSomething that’s often overlooked when you learn how to resell sneakers is the quality of your pictures. High-quality pictures can make or break your sneaker reselling listings. First, it adds legitimacy to your business. Blurry – or even no pictures – makes your listing look more like a scam – we’ve all been there. But you don’t need to go overboard. Most smartphones are capable of taking pictures that can sell your sneakers. What should you include? You’ll definitely want a profile shot of the sneaker, a picture of the sole, and a picture of the tag.

Another way to add legitimacy is to take a picture with a handwritten note in the picture; this will prove that you actually have the sneakers in your possession. This way people will trust that you’re a proper sneaker reseller and won’t get any bad vibes from you. It’s the small things that could really take your sneaker reselling game to a whole other level. 

Step 4 on How to Resell Sneakers
Name Your Price

Shoe Flipping - AIO Bot - Name Your PricePricing resale sneakers is all about strategy. Some sneaker resellers choose to follow a certain philosophy: It’s easier to make a quick nickel than a slow dollar. In other words, they don’t wait for prices to change, instead choosing to list right away. You don’t want to make your asking prices too steep and ultimately sit on sneakers until the hype dies down. StockX is a great resource for gauging sneaker resale prices. The site labels itself as the stock market of the sneaker market. You’ll find average sales prices from around the web, see what premium people are paying, and be able to gauge when prices are on the rise. You can go as low or as high as you wish, but that could lead you to either minimize your profit or to you losing to more affordable listings.

So, try to find a price that you would pay off resale, and still make a profit. Unless you’ve struck some gold and copped a super limited sneaker like the Nike Dunk Low Cactus Plant Flea Market sneaker!

Step 5 Choose a Reselling Platform

Shoes Reselling - AIO Bot - Choose Your PlatformIn the past, when it came to sneaker sales, you had one option: eBay or even on Amazon. It still exists today, and it’s an option you might go for. But today, there are numerous avenues you can take for selling your shoes. You can choose a consignment shop like Flight Club, a NY, an LA-based shop. Basically, you send Flight Club your shoes, they authenticate and list them online. And when they sell, they cut you a check. Sellers work with these consignment shops to set prices. Other options include bid-ask and auction sites like StockX, an eBay-like site that allows fixed-price or auction sales. With StockX, you set a price, buyers accept your asking price, and then you ship your shoes to StockX for authentication. The cool thing about StockX is that it offers the benefit of anonymity. 

Then, for Step 6 on How to Resell Sneakers
Create Your Listing

How to Resell Sneakers - AIO Bot - Start Your ListingIf you’ll be using eBay, StockX, or Kixify: It’s all about the listing. First, upload those premium pictures you took. Add all relevant information: Size, brand, colorway details, and offer any other pertinent information. Another important aspect: Choose a fixed-price or auction sale. With a fixed price sale, you set an asking price; buyers can’t offer below that price. With an auction, your shoes will go to the highest bidder.

Listing Tips:
– Set Reserve Prices: Some auction sites let you choose the rock-bottom price you’d be willing to take for your auction.
– More Pictures Are Better: Buying sneakers online can be nerve-wracking. Put people at ease by offering as many questions as possible.

Step 7 Start Making Crazy CASH MONEY!

Reselling Kicks - AIO Bot - Start Your BusinessNow you’ve learned all there is on how to resell sneakers on the aftermarket like a prof! It’s time you start making crazy money! Just make sure you’ve got all the things you need by your side to jumpstart your business. You need to have the best sneaker bot on the market to guarantee that you can stock-up your business. It’s a small investment that generates a whole TON of money! The idea is if you can cop it without a bot, it’s probably not worth the flip. It’s the easiest way to get your foot in the door of the sneaker industry. If you think about it, it is the ideal industry to start a business. It’s the best way to make money from the comfort of your home!

Become the King of Your Sneaker Reselling Empire!

The sneaker reselling market has been around as long as the sneaker culture itself. And it’s here to stay for a long long time – especially since it’s all about online shopping these days. There will always be demand, and that’s good for business people. If you want to launch a sneaker reselling business, know that it’s not easy. You have to invest a lot of time and capital into the endeavor, and you’ll eventually get burned on a release that just doesn’t have the hype you’d expected. Even so, if you have patience and drive, there’s a lot of money to make buying and selling Yeezys, Air Jordans, and other limited-run sneakers.

If you have your mindset on reselling sneakers as a business, you’ll need to use a sneaker bot. One that can help you cop multiple pairs of any release you desire.

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