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StockX Coupon Code Leaked: 50,000 Orders Canceled!

By October 7, 2022Sneaker News

StockX Coupon Code Leak - AIO BotNow, the thing that makes the sneaker industry quite special is that all sneakerheads are pretty vocal. We LOVE flexing our kicks online, we LOVE rubbing Ws in other people’s faces, and LOVE generating sneaker drama! This is exactly what happened in the most recent StockX coupon code leak that has EVERYONE talking.

Sneaker DRAMARAMA has always been a thing in our industry and culture. After all, we ARE humans… Granted, we’re stock-eating, green-eyed monsters who jump at the opportunity of a sweat deal! But, still humans. Therefore, when a big brand like the GIANT sneaker reselling marketplace – StockX – does us wrong, we take it online. Here’s all that went down!

StockX Coupon Code Drama!

OCTOBER 1ST: StockX Coupon Code Leaked!

StockX_Code II - AIO BotSo, on October 1st, the StockX coupon code leak started with many sneakerheads getting wind of a $100 discount code. People could use the code HXOUSETORONTO24 to redeem any product at any price with $100 knocked off. 

Also, it seems that StockX created this code for their collaboration with HXOUSE. The Toronto-based company is a globally focused think center. They had teamed up during the Summer for a panel conversation tour in different cities like Toronto, NY, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, San Francisco, and LA. But, how did this StockX coupon code got leaked? No one knows. But, obviously, the dude who did it first had woken up and chosen violence!

And so, all throughout sneakerhead circles, word leaked of a $100 discount code making rounds on social media.

People could add the code at checkout and receive a $100 discount on any purchase. There were absolutely no exceptions! So, this meant you could get the $300+ Air Jordan 4 Black Canvas for $200. Or, the $130 Adidas Yeezy Slide Bone for $29! Needless to say, people went BERZERK. Apparently, there were over 50,000 orders within 2 hours of the leak!

But, it was ultimately too good to be true.

OCTOBER 2ND: StockX Cancels 50,000 Orders!

StockX Coupon Code - GFX - AIO BotThe next morning, after dreaming about the legendary StockX coupon code, customers woke up to cancellation and refund notices. Anyone who made a purchase using the code received news of a cancellation or a refund. But, here’s the thing! Instead of StockX acknowledging the truth behind the coupon code, they said that the sneakers did not pass authentication. Also, some people even claim that StockX tried to charge them full price!


And, the StockX coupon code leak also sucked for the sellers too! You see, when StockX canceled orders for their customers, they also canceled for their sellers. Sneaker resellers also got notices of cancellations through the platform. However, a lot of sellers had already started with the reselling process like printing labels or shipping. But, StockX claimed they will reimburse sellers as well!

Apparently, StockX announced that they will be canceling orders with the unauthorized StockX coupon code. And, you can expect a refund within 3 to 5 business days. 

StockX_Code - AIO Bot

StockX Official Statement

So, what did the platform have to say about the StockX coupon code leak? Well, according to a statement they made to Complex, their response to the code and cancelation is:

“At StockX, protecting the integrity of our marketplace is of the utmost importance to us. We recently discovered unauthorized use of a coupon code. As such, we have canceled these orders. We notified all affected customers of this cancellation and are actively working with any sellers who may have already shipped their order. We believe impact to sellers is minimal, as we notified them of the cancellation within hours of the sale. We work hard to create the best possible experience for all of our users and apologize for any inconvenience.”

StockX Coupon Code - GFX II - AIO BotHowever, although that sounds like a legit response to the leaked StockX coupon code, we call BULL. You see, StockX has recently been called out for making their services even more expensive for users. StockX is one of the top places to sell sneakers online. But, they’ve recently announced a new $4 fee for sellers on single-item shipments. Something that has prompted a lot of people to feel frustrated and pretty much annoyed. Definitely not looking pretty hot for StockX!

Therefore, this might be the time to consider other places to buy or sell your sneakers! Click here to find out more!