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8 Summer Sneakers to Get You Looking Beyond Quarantine!

By May 14, 2020February 4th, 2021Sneakers

SUMMER SNEAKERS FEATSummer sneakers vibes are getting started and we’re even extending our peep into the Holiday Season! But with COVID-19 paralyzing the market and shaking consumer confidence, how can we know if summer is still happening for us? Time will tell. But lucky for you, we’re not waiting! From Yeezys to Jordans and Nikes, we’ve compiled a list of too-cool-for-summer sneakers for you. Whether you’ll be flexing them this year or using them for your 500-days-of-summer sneaker resale chapter, AIO bot will help you cop your summer sneaker hype! So benefit from our extended free license key renewal now or DM us on @ANB_bot for the latest Nike bot 2.0 if you’re looking to secure those Nikes! Why miss a drop when you can buy AIO bot?
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Yeezy Boost 380 Blue Oat

summer sneakers bloarf
Retail Price:
Release Date: June 2020
With Alien introducing the Yeezy 380 line in 2019, Yeezy Mist was the second in line to drop only recently in March. And summer 2020 is proudly introducing two new Yeezy 380 colorways. Sky Blue is expected to release some time this summer. And Blue Oat, previously known as Bloarf, is set for a June release. Like a sandy beach around a streak of ocean! Better keep that Yeezy Foam Runner, if it ever drops, as a pool-side alternative. It’s not summer sneakers level!

Yeezy 350 Israfil

summer sneakers yeezy israfil
Retail Price:
Release Date: June 2020
This May is witnessing the restocks of multiple Yeezy 350 colorways such as the Linen, Flax, and Cinder! In addition to new releases such as the QS Yeezy Sulfur that was released on May 9. And Zyon dropping on May 30. Yeezy Israfil in a grey/orange colorway might be the first summer Yeezy 350 this year! So keep posted for updates. 

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Tie Dye

tie dye
Retail Price:
Release Date: 11 June 2020
This summer Jordan 1 Retro displays swirly blue and teal hues for women only. Nothing says summer like wearing the high wave on your feet! Might not be a Jordan to buy below retail, but it’ll sure get you flexing! Check out our Air Jordan 1 Royal Toes success for some “p(her)spective”! And speaking of which…

Air Jordan 1 + Air Force 1 Low “P(HER)SPECTIVE”

summer sneakers pastel jordan
summer sneakers persp
Release Date: June 2020
Both P(HER)SPECTIVEs don’t have a price tag yet. But if they were to drop as expected, we’d say in the $96 range for the Air Force and $170 range for the Jordan 1. The Air Force 1 displays a velvety purple base. Whereas the Jordan 1 a faded pink base with cloudy summer tone overlays. Both models show off a silver side Swoosh. Dedicated to lift your summer blues, girls

Nike SB Dunk x Ben & Jerry’s

summer sneakers chunky
Retail Price:
Release Date: May 23 (skate shops) – May 26 (Nike)
StockX Resale Value: $1,000-2,000
Famously known as Chunky Dunky, this hyped Nike collaboration has the Chunky Monkey ice cream flavor melting off your feet! With a blue/green base, cow print overlays, and a melting yellow Swoosh. Guaranteed to take your summer style to the next level. Top decision if you’re also looking to make a decent flip! Looks like you better DM us at ANB while the free offer still lasts! And stick with us for tomorrow’s Air Max 90 Green Camo cop!

Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 React

travis scott
Retail Price:
Release Date: 29 May 2020
StockX Resale Value: $1,000 range
Didn’t we tell you that the ugly dad shoe trend was going to be big this year? With Travis Scott, it is bound to hit the trend mark. Whether you want to blend right into a hiking trip this summer or put it up for resale, it’s a must-have! Since they were originally set out as winter shoes, we’re hoping to actually take them out this summer.

Converse Chuck Taylor 70 Tri-Panel Pack 

summer sneakers converse
Retail Price:
$100 each
Release Date: 15 May 2020
These Chuck 70s are made from recycled cotton materials in support of Converse’s RENEW initiative. Sustainable fashion is big in 2020. And Converse is picking up on that with a variety of soft summer shades.
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