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How to Cop Supreme Air Max at Retail Without Risking Your Life

By October 14, 2020July 6th, 2023Supreme

SUPREME AIR MAX AIO FEATThere’s no point in hanging out here every week if you’re not serious about copping Supreme. The FW20 season slam started our Jebbia worship with the Supreme basketball, a Nike collaboration, and the Yohji Yamamoto line. Supreme’s creative mood transitions never fail to catch us off guard. Although we can trace some collaborative cycles based on seasonal routines. Like Supreme’s Nike collaboration in the second week of the season. But that’s our peek into the rest of the unknown. It’s part of why Supremeheads pull all-nighters for a dope sneaker like the Supreme Air Max or a BOGO sweater. It being the brand’s leading product with high resale and demand potential. Which AIO bot successfully copped last week, glad you asked! Copping BOGOs is a huge accomplishment for any sneaker bot operating on Supreme. So, securing multiple BOGOs per user is kind of a big deal and a standard we work to maintain.

If you’re interested in learning more about sneaker bots and the industry as a whole, click on this quick recap

Although the white Supreme Air Max colorway is set for November 1st, the two other pairs and the items below will drop tomorrow on October 15th at 11AM EST. We do this every week. We glue our brains to partial droplists and dissect them out of curiosity. It’s our go-to reflex with Supreme releases. This week, however, we will let you in on how to nail every Supreme drop using a sneaker bot. If you still think that copping Supreme manually is an option, you’ll want to burn that impossibility to the ground and continue reading.

Cop From Home: Spare Yourself the Emotional Hike

There is nothing unworthy about Supremeheads who power through rain and shine to secure Supreme items on release day. On the contrary, we look up to these potential martyrs for their gutsy performances on site. But with COVID-19 taking its toll on us humans and the global economy, it might not be the smartest option to physically head to Supreme stores this year. Although Supreme has been opening reservation spots to limited numbers of shoppers while following health regulations. If you don’t mind risking your health and your head when the mayhem whistle blows, be our guest and go right ahead. But if you’re looking to invest in a bot to cop Supreme from the comfort of your virus-free home, it’ll only get better.

A Retail Bot for Retail Goals? Sounds Legit…

The first step is picking a sneaker bot that operates on Supreme. Top mentions in the in-stock bot department include NSB and AIO bot. Whereas in the OOS bot department, you’ll find Cyber, Kodai, and Balko leading the list. There are clearly two ways to go about this: retail bot or OOS bot. The question to ask yourself here is, would you be willing to invest thousands of dollars in an OOS bot with impressive results when you can achieve similar results with a retail bot? AIO bot will cost you only $325 at retail and will cop you the Supreme BOGOs you need. And FYI, we’ve been big on free updates lately out of the kindness of our hearts. That’s the kind of support you get for sticking with the OG AIO bot. Our Twitter page and success proof only confirm it!
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Supreme Proxies Are Your Golden Compass

With Supreme items selling out in seconds, it’s crucial that you remember who (or what!) you’re competing against. If the entire Supreme fanbase swore to Jebbia that they’d all cop manually, you’d practice your Add to Cart speed beforehand. But since you’re most likely competing against sneaker bots over limited stocks, you’ll need to be one or buy one. Which is a rule we’ve already established. 

The next and most crucial step is Supreme Proxies. Coppers use proxies to generate multiple identities and cop multiple pairs. That’s the norm in the bot industry. To cop Supreme, it’s a MUST that you assign 1 proxy per task. 1 task = 1 proxy. It’s that simple. That is, if you want to appear in locations optimal to copping Supreme without raising any brows! Although this strategy may cost more, it’ll increase your chances of copping Supreme. Possibly even multiple pairs! It’s a give and take world, my friend. Here’s where you can buy Supreme proxies.

Supreme Copping Tip: Remember Who You Aren’t!

If you’ve got your sneaker bot and Supreme proxies ready, you’ll need to pay attention to minor details while copping. Always keep in mind that you’re not who you say you are. And be respectful of the 1 item per person rule, or at least show that you are! Meaning, when you want to cop more than one number of the same item, DON’T use the same shipping and billing information. Since that will blow your cover right across the Atlantic. This is the perfect case of how it’ll do you good to use different payment methods. Check this link for more details about the major Do’s and Don’ts. 

Supreme Air Max Fuels This Week’s Droplist

And now for some fun! Now you know what it really takes to cop Supreme online. So what’s left for you to do is check out this week’s cop-worthy items. Among them being the Supreme Air Max collaboration. Which includes a trio of sneakers and a line of running hats. Other hyped apparel items on this list are the colorblocked fleece jackets and hoodies. You’ll want to cop those for your investment plan. And complementing the apparel hype are the fuel cans and pipe skate keys. Which you can match up with the first week’s SB rejuvenation kit.