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Supreme Apparel: No more waiting “on line”

By February 9, 2016July 14th, 2022Supreme

Michael Jordan’s NBA playing career may have ended in 2003, and he doesn’t get as many articles written about him as an owner of the Charlotte Hornets, but his name — and brand — lives on. Nike continues to launch updated Air Jordan sneakers. His iconic image, up off the ground, ball in his right hand, in motion about to slam down one of his patented dunks are on hoodies, sweatshirts and hats, some made by Supreme Apparel.

In August 2015, hundreds stood on line waiting for the Supreme store in West Hollywood to open so they could get their hands on the latest Supreme line, which just wasn’t apparel, but imprinted dog bowls and lunch boxes. Some waited for four days. While most were men, the people on the line crossed racial and ethnic backgrounds. The oldest was a 53-year old man shopping for his five kids, expecting to spend $1,500. People came from as far as Vancouver and Arizona.

Ways of copping Supreme

Some were checking Instagram for leaked photos of the new items. Not everybody was shopping for themselves. They were waiting to get the best stuff in order to resell it to anyone in the world at a markup. One expected to put down $4,000-$5,000. Some were already in contact with potential buyers. Supreme and Nike collaborated on the Air Foamposite 1 sneaker line in 2014. The shoes cost $250 in the Supreme store. Currently, the snazzy, colored sneaker price ranges from $649 for the gold chrome color to $999.99 for a 2014 Red/Gold/Yellow/Black/Grey version on Ebay.

There is an encore presentation every Thursday when the next line, called “drop” goes on sale.

Obviously, getting your hands on limited edition items of sneakers or apparel, and being the first one to put your hands on it, is special – as if you didn’t know. Some people get into antiques, some into sneakers.

Supreme Air Jordan

Supreme Air Jordan

On October 21st Sneaker announced the Supreme X Air Jordan 5 collaboration collection that would be released the next day. The items were: a t-shirt, varsity jacket, sweatshirt, sweatpants, a coach’s jacket, and a hat. Each had the image of Jordan at the R in Supreme – the ball in his right or left hand depending on the angle. The site has a link devoted just to Jordan release dates.

Avoid Waiting “On Line”

What if you could avoid getting “on line”? What if you could get a “step” on the competition? You may be thinking, “you’re going to tell me about going online, but that hasn’t worked for me either”. Just like the person who may be toward the back of the line might get into the store, but walk out with the same sneakers he walked in with, sales can happen quickly online. Or the site is so overcrowded, it crashes. Or you don’t get through, and pay a higher price for resellers.

ANB has the solution for you and it’s the Supreme Bot. It provides the user with more control and is less affected by a site crash. By setting your credit card information, the bot can auto checkout for you. You can have the URLs for the items you want monitored, so when the sale begins, the items are immediately added to cart, or you can monitor the website using keywords. In case of failure because of a web site crash or problem with the credit card, the bot retries. An e-mail and/or text will verify that the sneaker was added to your cart and checked out. Perhaps, best of all, the bot works with Supreme US, JP, and UK. Visit our homepage or ANBbotwebsite for more information and assistance.

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