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Here’s How Supreme BOGO Might Spare You an Exorcist

By September 23, 2020Supreme

Were it not for the hope of a Supreme BOGO dropping in 9 classic T-shirt colorways, this week would have gone down the drain. Much like the item on top of this week’s hype list, it was this close to delivering a hot piece of…stool. What with the creepy JP Witkin portrayal of a psychotic mother suckling her devil child and all. So, it’s quite the patriot’s act that Supreme threw out the possibility of a BOGO drop to ease the pain of demonic suckling. And keep our hype juices flowing after the brilliant Yohji Yamamoto collaboration. 

Expect the demon trail and step stool to drop in store and online on September 24 at 11AM EST. AIO bot has shown tremendous success copping Supreme since the first week of the FW20 season. Last week alone got 1,000 checkouts! So, what are you waiting for Supreme-head? All AIO bot keys now support Supreme and are extended for FREE! You’ll have that demon’s head on your nightstand by tomorrow.
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Supreme, Wit-Kin Get Worse Than This?!

Joel-Peter Witkin or JP Witkin is an American photographer fascinated by death, physical deformity, and well, corpses. Let’s just say he cares to portray the ugliness of the world for what it is. After all, there is no shame in being physically challenged or…dead. Right? Last week, we dipped our heads in a gothic existential theme. And now, we’re facing the reality that is our mortality. A cool beginning to a fresh season on Supreme’s end. Not that we’re any less interested in seeing what’s next. For this collaboration with the 81-year-old braveheart, an S/S Tee, L/S Tee, and a hooded sweatshirt portray 3 disturbing images. So you might want to ditch your zoom option for this one. And make sure the kids are vaccinated. 

The “Mother and Child” Tee displays an image of a scarred bare-breasted mother feeding her “child.” Who doesn’t look any less creepy than the Japanese demon kid from “The Grudge.” 

The “Harvest” L/S Tee is the highlight of this collaboration. It portrays a Red Indian in all his authentic glory. As a tribute to the origin of his land as an American, Witkin does not shy away from history. 

The “Sanitarium” hoodie pulls us back into the hub of exorcism. Witkin’s interest in intersexuality is at the heart of this piece. Where a person/creature with the body of an obese female and the head of an inhuman male retires. Make of that what you will, over.

Supreme Stools Are Stepping Stones

In addition to the usual Supreme wrecks of a hoodie, the jerseys, and the apparel-matching hats, check out this stool! It’s available in black, red, and blue and is recyclable plastic. 330 lbs is the weight limit of this Supreme step stool. So it’s guaranteed that the overweight female creature from the sanitarium can’t chase you up there. 

Combine this stool with an agonizing Tee and you’ve got this week’s hype in your pocket.

Supreme BOGO Strikes Again?!

The Supreme BOGO is a palette cleanser like no other. Because whatever Supreme taps into and sets on fire vanishes upon the sight of the logo that made it all happen! So much that Supreme went out of its way to create cool variations of the BOGO. But nothing beats the classic deal. Which only the grey and white Tee colorways live up to. Since you’ll find the BOGOs of the 7 other colorways dissolved into the fabric. You’re basically one hyped sneaker away from an insanely popping outfit. Even if this BOGO collection does NOT drop tomorrow, it is sure to drop some time soon. So, keep posted!SUPREME BOGO