Why Supreme Bot is Necessary

By May 19, 2016 July 30th, 2020 Supreme

In a world where online shopping is the way to shop and consume goods, brands need to cope. Sneaker, Streetwear, and luxury brands are all available online. Simplifying shopping to a process of a couple of clicks. But when it comes to Supreme, nothing is simple or easy. Even if you use a Supreme bot, buying Supreme accessories or apparel isn’t a sure thing.

Why Buying Supreme is So HardSupreme bot Bogo San Francisco

  • Low Stock

Supreme releases garments, accessories, and gear in very limited quantities. Once these items sell out, they’re gone.

  • Everybody Wants a Piece

Due to its scarcity and thanks to personal stylists dressing celebrities in Supreme, everyone wants Supreme now.

  • Supply & Demand Kicks in

High demand and low stock normally, and always lead to inflated resale prices. And Supreme resale prices are just the perfect example of how bad things can go. 1 sample would be the San Francisco Supreme Box Logo tee.

Celebrating the opening of their new San Fran store, Supreme dropped this Bogo tee on October 24th, 2019. While many Supreme items come with very big price tags, Tees are more on the affordable side. But it’s Supreme! And that very regular $48 tee is now selling for an average of $490. That’s a 750% net PROFIT!

And with this realization becoming common knowledge, more people are joining this Supreme copping party. Very few do it to actually flaunt Supreme, but most are in for the money. And both reasons are very legit!
So, buying Supreme online is very tricky. You have a handful of Bogo Tees to fight over with thousands of streetwear fans.  That’s why running a Supreme bot is just about the only way to buy Supreme.Supreme-The-North-Face-Snakeskin-tent

Benefits of Running a Supreme Bot

You get it now, a Supreme bot allows you or gives you a chance to buy Supreme items. And there’s probably not a way to do this, except camping overnight in front of stores.

But in addition to actually copping Supreme, what can a Supreme bot offer more?

  • More free time: Since you don’t have to wait for hours in queues Not having to take time off of work to shop in-store.
  • More comfort: Because you won’t have to wait in storefront lines with the uncooperative weather.
  • Saves you money: Since you will cop at retail and won’t have to pay crazy Supreme resale prices
  • Decreases stress levels: You’ll be relieved from the stress of not sleeping, and not copping.

While bots do not prevent websites from crashing, they continuously refresh at a speed unattainable by humans. The thing about any bot or Supreme bot is that they do what you do and try to buy the items the way you would. But faster. Like much faster. And with Supreme sellout times going as low as 2 seconds you need all the speed you can possibly get.


This speed and efficiency result in getting back to the website and deals quicker–ultimately scoring you the best and most valuable items.


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How to Use a Supreme Bot

The same way you’d use a sneaker bot.
Bots function based on the information you feed them. Your size, billing and shipping info, and the color you wanna cop. Of course, if you’re using an All-in-one bot you’ll need to choose the website your Supreme bot should buy from. Other than that you just gotta wait a few seconds until the whole droplist sells out and you’re good to go.

Wrapping Up!

Supreme as a brand has a long history of releasing crazy items, valuable items, and regular low-key pieces. But Supreme is by no means vanilla. And you’d know that if you read these crazy Supreme facts. And you’d believe in the Supreme and Sneaker reselling communities.

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