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Supreme Chair Drops Steel Alongside Nike Collaboration [FW20 Week 2]

By September 2, 2020February 26th, 2021Supreme

SUPREME CHAIR AIO FEATTwo weeks this Thursday, the Supreme FW20 season launched with a full droplist of over 70 items. It mainly featured a right-on-the-money Supreme Spalding basketball and a brand new SB rejuvenation kit. This week’s number one hyped item is a Supreme chair. And the last time a Supreme chair was voted as the most hyped list item was in SS20. When the Supreme Daniel Johnston collaboration hooked us up on Jeremiah the Frog. But for argument’s sake, the recent most hyped Supreme chair to drop was last year’s director’s chair. Which sold as one of the fastest-selling items from SS19. The red colorway sold only today for $753 on StockX. 

Expect this week’s droplist to release on September 3rd at 11AM EST in store and online. RT for a chance to win an official AIO bot copy and start September with Supreme on a platter!
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Supreme Nike Apparel 

Exactly one season ago on the second week of Supreme SS20, Supreme collaborated with Nike. To drop the Supreme Nike Air Force 1s in classic white and black colorways. And now Supreme is collaborating again with Nike for an autumn-inspired apparel collection. We know that’s the Supreme norm for collaborations. But we’re lucky enough this year that Nike made a double-or-nothing appearance. The crewnecks and reversible anoraks are super hyped. And what’s really convenient about this collection is that you can mix and match the anoraks with the cottons and still look top notch!

The Buddy to Your Metallic Supreme Chair

This powder coated steel Supreme chair would go well sitting behind a cozy desk. Or as the centerpiece at the end of a plain hallway. And only for $48. Not exactly the branded inflatable chair we were hoping to blow up this summer. But it’s a pretty homey gesture from our favorite streetwear brand.
And what better way to get classy at home than to cop the pewter mini flask? To fill it up with some bourbon (if you’re over 21, kids!) or classic tomato soup. And the best part about this $68 flask? Pewter is the fourth precious metal and it doesn’t make your drink taste funny. So, feel free to pour all kinds of liquids into it. With guaranteed authentic flavor. Ideal gift for pap!

Matching Supreme Outfits 

So far besides the Nike outfits, we’re looking at three matching Supreme outfits this week. The sweats outfits keep the branding subtle down to a medium-sized “S” logo. The second dyed jersey outfits take tie dye to a whole new level. And last but not least is the water-resistant marble track outfit in three exquisite colorways. It’s weird that it’s not on this week’s hyped list. Since it resembles the “kintsukuroi” Japanese concept. Which basically means “to repair something broken with gold.”


Other Supreme Items

In addition to the profanity F*ck sweater we can’t seem to go long without, Supreme is dropping an interesting receipts shirt. With a patched up illusion of actual Supreme store receipts for $138. We also have Supreme hoodie colorways inspired by lava lamps for $158. And a Street Scene top made with a Jacquard loom. That’s a hand-woven Supreme pattern for $98.

We’re also excited to cop 4 variations (to this point!) of headwear just in time for autumn. The panels are for the rare moments in the sun and the beanie’s just for the opposite. Compared to the first week, this list is more casual and easier to hoard. Lucky a sturdy Supreme chair has got your back to make it through the rest of the season. Wouldn’t hurt if you also learned more about hype sneakers to keep things trendy in the streetwear scene!