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Supreme Facts: 30+ Things You Didn’t Know About Supreme

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  • November 6, 2018
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Every Thursday, we await the drops that could make or break our week. Over the past 20+ years, Supreme’s presence in the fashion industry has grown immensely. Its drops and high-end collabs have made Supreme a huge name today. Riots could take place on releases. Bots are used to fight the growing competition. Here are Supreme facts you probably didn’t know about your favorite streetwear brand.

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Before “Supreme”

Supreme facts james

  • Supreme was founded by James Jebbia.
  • As a youngster, James Jebbia lived in England from age 1 until he was 19. Therefore, despite that he’s American, Jebbia has a British accent.
  • He was a former child star. He played Thomas Watson on the BBC Series “Grange Hill.”
  • James Jebbia got his first gig in the business when he worked at Parachute in SoHo with the future Undefeated founder, Eddie Cruz.
  • James Jebbia opened Union NYC in 1989.  He also helped open Stüssy NYC in 1991, three years prior to opening Supreme.

Establishing Supreme

  • He spent approximately $12,000 to open the first Supreme store in 1994 (on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan).
  • He still worked at Stüssy while running Supreme.
  • Jebbia’s design for the Supreme New York store with skaters in mind. The design was more open so skaters could come right in with their skateboards and gear.
  • James Jebbia cannot trademark the name “Supreme” so he doesn’t own it.

Supreme Facts: Logo

  • The iconic box logo is primarily based on propaganda art created by Barbara Kruger. Her art was commonly seen as a red box with white words.barbara kruger
  • The logo’s font is Futura Heavy Oblique.
  • Supreme’s logo with the accented “E” is inspired by French modernist designer, Andre Courrege.supreme facts logo
  • There is a version of the logo that misspells the name as “Supream” to acknowledge Mark “Gonz” Gonzales, who often misspelled the brand on postcards he mailed to the store.

Workforce & Early Days

  • Gio Estevez was Supreme’s first hire in 1994.
  • After dropping out of high school in 1992, Aaron Bondaroff got caught shoplifting from Union. He and started working at Supreme in 1994.
  • Supreme filmed a promotional video in 1995 about skateboarding in NYC.

  • In 2001 and 2002, Supreme produced their own shoes; the Down Low and Mid Town.
  • In 2004, the second Supreme location opened on North Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, California.
  • NikeTalk brand, Shotypop, parodied Supreme, so they paid $20,000 to buy out the parody brand.
  • Supreme opened in London in 2011.

Collabs & Big Names

  • The first artist to ever work with Supreme was Rammellzee.
  • Padmore & Barnes created the M345 Sahara Boot in 2000 exclusively for Supreme.
  • Supreme X Brooklyn Machine Works made 24-inch cruiser bikes in 2000 that sold for $1,800 a piece.
  • Calvin Klein filed suit against Supreme after they put box logo stickers on their Kate Moss ads in 1994.
  • The box logo, the “Afro Skater” and Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle (from Taxi Driver) were the first Supreme shirts.
    supreme facts first shirt

    Here is the Taxi Driver shirt signed by 100+ skaters

  • Supreme’s hoodies, sweatshirts, and fleeces were made by CYC, a Canadian fleece manufacturer for Reigning Champ and Wings + Horns.
  • Supreme also released Supreme calendars shot by famous photographers.
  • Before helping Marc Jacobs on 2007 LV handbags, Richard Prince made decks with Supreme.
  • Lady Gaga was involved with the 2011 Supreme campaign.
  • The first Nike skate shoe to include Foamposite technology was the Nike SB 94, which was made specifically for Supreme.Nike SB 94 supreme facts
  • In 2011, Supreme teamed up with Jason Dill and OHWOW’s popular cult-publication FUCK THIS LIFE for the DW/FTL photo publication.
  • Onegram Co. LTD operates the Japanese Supreme locations.

More Supreme Facts

  • Friends and family of Supreme got kid-sized lox logo tees.
  • Supreme is not on Twitter.
  • James Jebbia lives in a spacious loft in Greenwich Village, in New York City. But there’s not a single hint of Supreme in sight.
  • James Jebbia’s current net worth is estimated at $43 million.
  • One of the most interesting Supreme facts is that James Jebbia doesn’t classify Supreme as “limited.” He says they only make a small number of items because they don’t want to get stuck with the stock.
  • Supreme drops new items every week on Thursday both online and in-store in US and EU locations, and on Saturday in Japan.
  • Drops take place at 11:00 AM in those locations.