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Nothing Says BOGO Hype Like Supreme Fox Racing & Luxury Toothpaste!

By October 7, 2020October 8th, 2020Supreme

SUPREME FOX AIO FEATBefore we chase after Robin Hood, we want to congratulate you for hiring an exorcist for your nerves last week. Since things got pretty gutsy on the JP Witkin side. Lucky for you, this week’s Supreme BOGO colorways will put you right back on track. Along with a crew neck line, a full-on Fall Tee collection, and a Supreme Fox collaboration. So, get ready to bring your game this week because this list will hype up everything you got!


No, Fox Racing Is Not a Mid-Week Gamble!

Fox Racing is another motocross gear and apparel brand that Supreme managed to get hold of. But if you take 30 seconds to actually check out the brand, you’ll realize that it takes athletic innovation to a whole new level. These Instinct Boots alone are like the new and improved motorbike version of the Nike Air Mag! So, if you’re an adventure junkie, you might want to stay updated on their latest products.

Expect this week’s droplist to release online and in store on October 8th at 11AM EST. AIO bot has been scoring Supreme consistently this season ever since the Supreme Basketball came rolling in! And it won’t be any different when the long-missed BOGO collection gets the fans going. So, if you’re looking for an affordable bot to buy at retail and cop this foxy list, click on the button below. It’ll only do you good if you track our success stories @ANB_AIO.
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Supreme BOGO Leads the Foxtrot

There are 9 Supreme BOGO colorways anticipated to drop tomorrow. Which makes this week a HUGE deal for Supreme resellers. Considering that a fresh batch of the streetwear brand’s trademark is dropping. As one of Supreme’s hottest resale pillars, you’ll find BOGO apparel easily reselling in the $500-$1,000 range. With the exception of BOGO collabs like Swarovski and LV that rise well above $1,000. Which explains why everyone has Supreme BOGO on their to-buy list. It’s a timeless classic that is likely to make you a fortune on the aftermarket. 

This week, the white and grey colorways carry out the BOGO design we’ve been used to for decades. Whereas the other 7 boxes blend into their colorways. Which is cool if you think about it. Since people would have to come real close to make out the frame. You could even charge fees for that. Tell them that if they look hard enough at it, the box will eventually turn red. Ever read Great Lies to Tell Small Kids?

Hyped Items That Scream Supreme

The Big Logo Beanie and Futura Logo Crewneck collections are also among the top hyped items on this list. Taking that they both follow the classic rule that makes fans Supreme-aholic: a Supreme logo sticking to a plain set of colors. That always does it.

We left Captain Minty Fresh for last. Cause it got us thinking: is the pandemic affecting toothpaste sales so devastatingly that Colgate found it an opportunity to team up with Supreme? We’re all stuck at home, scheduling our monthly showers on our phone calendars. So it may not be a bad idea to make brushing an occasion. Here’s to fighting cavities while living in one!

Supreme Tees: You Sneeze, You Sleaze

We’re crazy for Supreme Tees, don’t get us wrong. We feasted on this year’s spring Tees and summer Tees like open season. However, with Halloween creeping up and the nights getting colder, we’re not exactly in a Tee-hee mood. But we take what we can get with Supreme and shoot it up on suitable occasions. So, we’ve got a psychotic sun Tee, a Pills Tee, and a couple of Tees experimenting with Supreme fonts. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. Especially with the Smurfs Tee finally arriving to last week’s party. Right on schedule, as always. But do you know what the Supreme Clientele Tee is really about?

Supreme Clientele is a music album that was released by rapper Ghostface Killah in 2000! And the list under Ghostface Killah on the T-shirt’s back includes the album’s hit songs. Looks like Supreme was digging for random traces of its name on the net and stumbled upon this. 

Last but not least, we’re left with the Supreme Dicks Tee of a female exotic dancer. Or simply a woman posing in her new lingerie set. Except, the title isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Supreme Dicks was actually an experimental rock college band in 1984. With album titles like “The Emotional Plague.” Might be why Supreme chose to match it up with some night-time madness.

Supreme Fox Is a Wild Catch

Fox Racing teamed up with Supreme for a single outfit, to our pre-official list knowledge. It consists of a hoodie sweatshirt, a puffy jacket, and a pair of sweats in three bold colorways. Both the hoodie and sweatpants are cotton fleece. Guaranteeing comfort during your bumpy ride. And the jacket is without doubt water resistant nylon to shield you from potential muddy puddles. Happy riding this Fall with this Supreme Fox ensemble!

Other Supreme Items to Cop This Week