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Supreme Italy – MILANO Store Opens Along With Supreme SS21 Week 11

By May 4, 2021News, Supreme

Supreme Italy Store Opening - AIO BotIt is time for Supreme to take residence in the world of Milan’s retail – they won’t know what hit’em! This marks the 13th Supreme store location: the OG 1994 New York, Daikanyama, Osaka, Fukuoka, Los Angeles, Harajuku, Nagoya, London, Shibuya, Paris, Brooklyn, New York (2019), and finally, in Italy. So, all in all, 13 different stores spread out across the globe with Italy joining the ranks. You got lots of places to buy Supreme – just hop on your fancy jet and head out to Paris, Tokyo, or even ITALY now! You’ll grab a few of the most savage Supreme accessories of the year, then take a stroll down the streets of Milan. The opening of the new Supreme Italy store in the city of Milan and the drop of the new SS21 Week 11 Supreme Droplist happen on the SAME DAY! What a time to be alive! And Italien!

DropsByJay let it drop that this Supreme Italy grand store opening will also come with a celebratory special box Logo tee release with the SS21 Supreme droplist. This special box Logo tee celebrates the unique Milan culture x vintage Supreme to create the one-of-a-kind, Supreme Italy. The rumors of this grand opening started back in 2015. So, Supreme definitely did take their sweet time in bringing this project to life. It is the best decision though – especially with all the fake Supreme Italia flooding the shelves of Italy in complete chaos. Here’s the tea.

Supreme Italy LEGAL Fakes

Fake SupremeStores Italia - AIO BotEveryone wants to find a way to buy Supreme apparel because of how popular they are. But FAKES? No thank you. If you ever feel like Supreme is a shady streetwear brand trying to sell you ridiculously overpriced Porcelain Cupid figures… Well, that’s because it technically is! There’s so much we don’t know about Supreme, but we do know that Supreme items sell out like crazy – fastest sellout rate ever! So, if you ever find yourself in a place that sells TONS of different Supreme stuff, then odds are they’re fake. And that’s exactly the case with the, “supposedly” OG, Supreme Italy store called Supreme Italia (or Supreme Barletta) open in Spain and Shanghai.

BUT, here’s the catch.

These fake Supreme Italy apparel and accessories are LEGAL! Supreme owner James Jebbia doesn’t actually own the name Supreme and has no claims to the rights of the brand’s name. How strange is that? But that’s a whole different story now that VF Corp acquired the red box logo brand. The days of the fake Supremes are probably well behind us. Could this possibly be one of the reasons for opening the new Supreme Italy store? Supreme copping is difficult just because of how fast things sell out. The iconic bold graphics are the ultimate flex in the world of streetwear fashion! We don’t do no fakes up in this joint, though. That’s why this new Supreme Italy is all about the all-real all-authentic Supreme!

The GRAND Opening Supreme SS21 – Week 11

The new Supreme Italy store will be opening this week in the city of Milan on Thursday, Math 6th 2021 – the same day as the SS21 Supreme droplist (Week 11) featuring the special celebratory tee! The release features an in-store and online drop. But, with everything going on with the whole global pandemic and stuff, we’re personally copping online. The SS21 Supreme drop list features a TON of cool stuff! Like the Supreme table lamp, a bunch of hoodies and jerseys, and even SOCKS. You can never have too many socks. Especially not too many socks with the word SUPREME on them! Get your toes flexin’ their new drip!

Supreme Italy Sneakers Air Max 96 - AIO BotBut we’ve got our eyes set on two things from the drop list: the Supreme Air Max and the Supreme Italy special tee. This is exactly why we’re not willing to take no risks with no in-store release, and we’re going for a Supreme bot instead. We’ll just sit back, relax, and let the bot do its magic. This Supreme sneaker and special tee are NOT ones you wanna miss out on copping. We’re gonna make a whole collection of these special Supreme store tees! This Supreme Italy store is the chance to cop major heat, and everything in this drop list screams FIRE! Make sure you got what it takes to cop. These drips be flexin’ themselves! We aiming for the moon, but if we miss,  maybe we’ll land among the Air Max 96s!