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The Supreme Shopify Switch Is A Reseller’s Dream Come True!

By January 11, 2023Retail, Supreme

Supreme Shopify Switch - AIO BotSo, news of the Supreme Shopify switch definitely set the tone for the entire year ahead. And, although the main reason for the switch is “better bot protection”, we’re pretty sure they didn’t think it through… or did they?

Supreme NY obviously has its own sets of New Year resolutions for the year 2023 – starting with changing its platform. On December 31st, 2022 we all found out via @dropsgg that Supreme has switched its online platform to Shopify’s eCommerce service. Their custom eCommerce solution was obviously not doing it for Supreme. 

They also announced that the infamous, legendary domain is forever gone. Now, it’s just only – after 20+ years with the old domain. The colossal streetwear brand’s move will reportedly offer better bot prevention systems for their users. However, we think the Supreme Shopify switch might actually blow up in their faces instead! This all sounds like the death of manual copping and the rise of online botting and reselling!

But, is that all part of the plan?


SSupreme_Banner - AIO_Bot

The keen eyes of sneakerheads and hypebeasts everywhere definitely caught the changes as soon as they happened. Especially the people working for the best sneaker bots and automated software! @themacint0sh from QuickCop Tweeted the news calling it “the most unexpected twist” and people had mixed feelings about it. In fact, the majority of reactions to the Supreme Shopify switch all fall into two categories:


OUTRAGED = the people who relied on manual copping to buy products and accessories on Supreme ECSTATIC = the people who are just waiting to bot all the new Supreme products and cook the new Supreme site!

So, the Supreme Shopify switch changes everything for the entire dynamic of the game. Usually, Supreme drops weekly super limited-edition and exclusive releases which sell out in seconds. In fact, Supreme has the fastest sell-out times in the history of the game! These drops go on for their FW and SS seasons – around 20 weeks of the year. 

This often leads to a lot of traffic, website crashes, and Supreme bot attacks. However, although the move to Shopify put an end to Supreme bots, it doesn’t stop all other bots… Here’s the thing, Shopify is home to over 30 main online sneaker stores targeted by sneakerheads all over the world. And, naturally, we have all the best Shopify bots and all-in-one bots to do the hard work! Plus, using all the greatest, undetectable Shopify proxies makes things just too easy!

Therefore, this has us wondering, did Supreme Shopify just do us a solid?

Buying Supreme Products Online

shopify storesFinally, here’s our outlook on buying Supreme Shopify products online as of 2023! Our main thought on the matter is that this is definitely a two-way deal. Because, if we’re honest, the previous platform did an acceptable job at preventing bots. So, this move for “better bot protection” doesn’t seem so legit.

The move to Shopify will create higher demand and hype on a much larger scale – especially by empowering resellers. Most resellers will be using Shopify or AIO Bots to buy products in bulk And Shopify is a great place to do that!

In short: RIP for the manuals. It’s the dawn of the bots!

So, at this point, to cope with the Supreme Shopify switch, you should start learning about copping Shopify! Or, to be exact, how to use Shopify bots! Just click on the button below to find out more!