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Here’s Why Supreme Vans Is a Family Bond [+Top Vans Collaborations]

By July 8, 2020November 29th, 2022Supreme

SUPREME VANS AIO FEATVans, the waffle-soled sneaker brand has been rooted in Californian culture since 1966. And it looks like “peace, love, and surfs up” is just what Supreme has set for July 2020. Ever since its inception, Vans has supported the free-spirited artistic side of sneaker creation. Heck, it even collaborated with Disney, the timeless dream weaver! Vans is for those who are young at heart and love to skate. And since skateboarding started out in the fifties, Vans was founded in tribute to it no later than a decade after. And it seems that with 2020 being as unstable and chaotic as it is, Supreme has been doing a little root-searching. Since Vans is like the hip uncle the streetwear giant never had. And it looks like the two have been bonding over a dope Supreme Vans collaboration! When all is lost, family remains, right?

Supreme Week 19 

As you know, the full droplist is not out yet. It can’t all be Supreme Vans, can it? Unless Supreme is going through an identity crisis and is returning whence it came. Expect Supreme Week 19 drops to release on July 8 at 11AM EST. For online copping, visit Supreme’s Webstore here. And if you’re serious about copping this week’s legends, benefit from AIO bot’s free license key extension and get undefeated!
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Supreme Vans Drops Two Silhouettes

Made exclusively for Supreme, the Vans Sk8-Hi Pro and Slip-on Pro will each drop in two colorways. Sk8-Hi features premium suede and denim with a brick wall-inspired design. Off the Wall is a Vans slogan, but how loudly are you hearing a Pink Floyd guitar solo right now?! Denim and black are the available colorways yet. With Supreme Vans branding on two heel levels. The Slip-on silhouette features the same design concept and colorways. With the exception of being low-cut and organ-free!

Prices are not guaranteed till after the official drop tomorrow, but expect the Sk8-Hi and Slip-on to retail for $110 and $98 respectively.

Top 4 Collaborations 2020: What Has Vans Been Up To?

Taka Hayashi x Vans

Hayashi, a Japanese artist known for his sensible creativity, adapts his take of simplistic military themes to 3 Vans silhouettes: 47 LX, Sk8-Low, and 98 LX. QR codes also deliver a top secret nature to the sneakers. The spring collaboration dropped on May 7 exclusively at Vault dealers.

National Geographic x Vans

5 silhouettes to seal the nature-loving deal! The Old Skool pairs split between the Mexican Grey Wolf and Red-Eyed Tree Frog. The Eras, much like their name, display a fruitful collage of Nat Geo magazine covers. And the Slip-on and Authentic pairs reveal some Tie Dye action with ocean life inspiration! But since Vans is a classic brand, there is bound to be a classic option. In this case, it’s the minimal Sk8-Hi with enlarged Nat Geo branding around the heel. The collaboration dropped on June 1st for $75-95.

NEIGHBORHOOD x Mister Cartoon x Vans

NEIGHBORHOOD, a Japanese motorcycle apparel brand, and Mister Cartoon, a Californian tattoo and graffiti artist, dropped a threeway with Vans recently on June 26. The Old Skool 36 DX and Authentic 44 DX were the featured silhouettes. “Uncle Toon’s Mart” and “NEIGHBORHOOD” embroidery combine LA and Tokyo streetwear cultures. Like the dark alternate ego of Sean Wotherspoon x Asics!

No Comply x Daniel Johnston x Vans

Much like the Supreme Daniel Johnston collaboration in tribute to the late artist, Vans merged efforts with Austin, TX-based skate shop No Comply in memory of the departed. Three Vans silhouettes along with a small apparel collection adopted shades of white as the primary colorway. With illustrations reminiscent of Johnston’s art. The capsule dropped on June 13th at No Comply and on June 21st at select US skate shops. Proceeds went directly to the Hi, How Are You project in support of mental health patients.

Through their Japanese-inspired drops and skateboarding core, Vans and Supreme are two streetwear giants born in two different eras. Vans, although 28 years older than Supreme, is still on a roll with mindful collaborations. And Supreme took a moment to join forces with its Gen-X memory. In the midst of its hectic collaborative chain. So, copping Supreme Vans will boost their bond, hopefully for an extra generation! Kids deserve to know about it.