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Supreme Week 6 Drops the Mic on a Smurfs Population!

By September 30, 2020Supreme

SUPREME WEEK 6 SMURFS AIO FEATLast week’s Supreme JP Witkin collaboration cost us a big-budget exorcist and struck fear into our hearts. Supreme Week 6, however, plays shuffle board with our emotions by bringing back the Smurfs. After copping dysfunctional figures last week, Papa Smurf drops us a warm blue blanket. A denim Smurfs outfit and a camo Smurfs sweat outfit dropped on the first week of FW20. So this collection could be Think Adidas Toy Story has something to do with the inspired return of the blue people? We’d like to think so!

The Supreme Week 6 droplist is set for the first day of October! Halloween is creeping around the corner and we cannot wait to cop what Supreme has in store for us. AIO bot has been nailing Supreme drops consistently since week one. Yohji Yamamoto week alone scored over 1,000 checkouts. And our performance is only getting fiercer! So, to cop Supreme at retail, why not cop with a bot on retail as well? It’s double the power with your wallet half full. And let’s face it, if you cop only one Supreme jacket with AIO bot, you’ll get your money back WITH interest.
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Supreme Week 6 Is a Smurf Gun Situation!

The Supreme Smurfs skateboards are the #1 hyped item on this week’s droplist, but we’ll get to that later. If you’ve landed any of the Smurf items that dropped this season, you’re in luck. The beanie collection ($40) goes head in hand with the camo Smurfs sweat outfit. And you can wear either of the sweater ($178) or hoodie colorways ($178) with the clean denim outfit. So you’re pretty covered for any winter event EVER. Because in case denim and camo don’t kiss up enough to the occasion, the Supreme Smurfs Leather Jacket ($788) will gloss you right up!

Supreme Week 6 Sings, Skates, and Chains

Purple, black, and red are this week’s color symphony. Talk about some edge with a dash of class. The skateboard collection ($60), keychains ($18), and microphone ($258) are boldly branded with the classic font. And only the SBs roll back to the Supreme Smurfs collab of the week. The Supreme Shure SM58 mic, on the other hand, is only available in red and is cordless with a die-cast metal case. Which means you’ll rock karaoke night as long as you stay within the 50 to 5,000 Hz frequency range.

Other Items You Will Want to Cop

SUPREME WEEK 6 LISTCurve Logo Ripstop Jacket $168

Curve Logo Ripstop Pant $128
Enterprises Hooded Sweatshirt $158

Globe MA-1 $348

Jacquard Stripe Twill Jacket $128

Marble Silk S/S Shirt $158
Velour Baseball Jersey $118

Washed S/S Shirt $58

World Famous Box Logo New Era $48

Multi Pattern Beanie $36

Logo Stripe Jacquard Denim Crusher $54

Logo Stripe Jacquard Denim Camp Cap $48