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Nike and Adidas Pushing Sustainable Sneakers in [2021]

By June 23, 2021July 14th, 2022Sneaker News, Sneakers

Sustainable Sneakers - AIO BotWe’ve reached a point where sustainability in fashion has become an absolute necessity. We no longer have the luxury of taking the Earth for granted! A lot of sneaker brands are already getting on board with the whole concept of sustainability and ethical fashion. The sneaker industry is no exception! Sustainable sneakers are not new in our community. But now, the giants of the industry, Nike and Adidas, have joined the movement. 

If you wanna learn more about sustainable and ethical fashion in the sneaker industry and beyond, then click on the button below. There is so much you can find out about giving back to the environment while still rocking the most epic, hyped sneakers

Learn-moreAlso, who said sustainable sneakers mean giving up your favorite sneaker brands? This year is all about giving back to the environment. We really should! Especially after being almost totally annihilated by a global pandemic. It really makes you reconsider things. Sustainability is the THING this year. With over 300 MILLION pairs of sneakers thrown out annually, this step is quite overdue!

Being eco-friendly is a crucial part of the retailing community, and the sneaker industry welcomes it.  And, this is why the German giant Adidas decided to include sustainability as a major and key part of their possible return. We can see them trying. We really do! But, it’s gonna take A LOT of the dopest eco-friendly sneakers to make them dethrone the Swoosh. You think they’ll be able to do that? Keep reading to make your own verdict.

Surviving on Sustainable Sneakers

So, here’s the thing, we aren’t saying that Adidas and Nike are the only brands for sustainable sneakers. There are so many respectable brands with amazing eco-friendly sneakers that have begun with sustainability – right from the start. 

There’s Veja with their vegan sneakers made from organic cotton and rubber harvested with total respect for the environment. CARIUMA with their handmade high-quality sneakers of organic fair-trade cotton and other ethical material. Even Reebok with their 100% vegan shoe featuring soles derived corn and insoles from castor bean oil!

And, they’re all really cool-looking sneakers! But, we gotta be real. We still always wanna ethically flex the Three Stripes, we wanna ethically flex the Swoosh, and maybe even the Jumpman! That’s what we really want! And, luckily, we can do exactly that without compromising our love for the brands themselves. 

Nike – Be a Force for Change


So, for the past few decades, Nike has been all about sustainable sneakers in sportswear innovation. Sneaker technology never looked better. Their MOVE TO ZERO journey toward zero carbon and zero waste changed the game for good! 

The Nike 2020 Impact Report shows all their targets, measures, and commitment to nature. They’ve come up with sustainable sneakers like the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 made out of 20% recycled material by weight. Or their signature Flyknit and Flyleather material made with in-part recycled plastic and recycled leather fiber. Furthermore, Nike recycled over 6.4 BILLION plastic water bottles into sneakers and different apparel. 

Also, they used recycled rubbers to create the midsoles and outsoles of sneakers from the Nike SBs and Converse. Soon enough, sustainable sneakers will be the only cop for us! The Swoosh aims to become fully sustainable within the coming years! Lots of plans for circularity, cyclability, and more! If you wanna check more of their sustainable sneakers, check here!

Adidas – From Movement to Movement


Maybe you haven’t noticed much, but Adidas has been pretty MIA for the first quarters of 2021. Which is pretty weird. It isn’t like the Three Stripes to take a step back and leave the field empty for Nike. We’re always anticipating a checks over stripes debacle. You know we like tea. But, according to the latest Adidas strategy for the year 2021, their game plan is sustainable sneakers too.

Amongst the latest Adidas innovation in sustainable sneakers is PrimeBlue. PrimeBlue features high-performance recycled material of Parley ocean plastic. Adidas wanted people to run with the planet in mind!

In short, it’s not just about sustainable sneakers. It’s about ETHICALLY made sneakers. You can choose from a variety of different eco-friendly materials like PrimeGreen, PrimeBlue, Vegan, Better Cotton, and more! The Three Stripes has definitely become more vocal about being sustainable 

Adidas made more than 20 MILLION pairs of sustainable sneakers with Parley ocean plastic in the year 2020. That’s almost twice as much as they did in 2019, and 4 times as much as 2018!

Also, if you’re interested, Adidas sustainable sneakers include the Ultraboost 4D, adiZero, Terrex Two, and more. You can check out all their sustainable products here. The Three Stripes has a Three Loop plan to help end waste! Why not be a part of it?