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Jordan Sneakers: The Past, Present, and Future.

By January 15, 2016July 30th, 2020Jordan, Sneakers

Today, it seems like almost every athlete or celebrity has their own brand. Whether it is Beats by Dre or Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, celebrities have become full-fledged business moguls in addition to their initial career path. Those who made it through the 80’s remember that there was one brand that changed it all and showed individuals of a certain stature that they could leverage their skills and talent into a multifaceted business. This brand was Air Jordan sneakers.

Michael Jordan creating his own shoe line and brand with Nike made a lot of sense. Being a “super” athlete at the time it was the next logical step given successful commercials and television appearances. But the creation of the brand had a few twists and turns and ultimately sent ripples throughout the entire NBA not to mention the world.

HistoryJordan Sneakers Logo

If the rumors are true, Michael Jordan originally wanted to be sponsored by Adidas, and Converse was even a large player in the game. Eventually, the combination of a strong pitch and the surprising encouragement of OJ Simpson.

The first pair of Air Jordan sneakers came out in 1985. It was the “Notorious.” After an initial discussion and agreement, Nike designed them to match Jordan’s red and black uniform for the Bulls. Initially, there was quite a bit of controversy as the NBA banned the shoes since this was a “non-regulation” colorway. He had to pay a fine but wore them anyway. Nike used this move to market the shoes whenever they could.

Basketball shoes before that time were primarily white. Everything changed though when Jordan made his epic dunk from the foul line while wearing the next model. Sales boomed and the brand moved from holding MJ’s name to a watermark for performance. They are now seen everywhere as an indicator of both status and style.

Air Jordan Sneakers Today

Now, multiple new Air Jordansneakers release every year and are among the most exciting releases whenever they drop. The shoes continue to dominate the market in sales and demand, ultimately influencing the level of quality and standards in design, innovation and performance. The brand brings in approximately 2.5 billion dollars in sales per year and has 58% of the market share.  They are often less available than they were during the time when Jordan was actively playing, and thus they have become even more sought after. Additionally, collecting sneakers has become a very popular hobby. And these are the holy grail for a market that did not exist at the time of conception.

Limited vs. General Release

Different styles of Jordan sneakers are now releasing more frequently. But they are generally broken down into 2 categories:air Jordan Sneakers Notorious

  1. Limited release: A major collectors’ item. There are fewer pairs and they sell online by means of raffles or regular FCFS drops. And at a small number of retail stores. These tend to fly off the shelves. Some examples of limited releases are Doerbecher, Jordan Retro, Fragment, and Just Dons.
  2. General Release: These shoes are created in high volume. And while a wait may be involved, they are sold at most major retailers and the supply is often replenished.

Why Air Jordan sneakers?

Air Jordan sneakers broke the mold and were trendsetters by not looking and feeling like any other shoes. Suddenly, going your own route was not only acceptable, but showed that it could result in amazing feats. They were also the perfect marriage between quality and style. And many attribute the success of Michael Jordan’s brand to the amazing synergy between performance, technology, and the brand name (in this case, Nike).

Michael Jordan was the greatest player who ever played the game and his shoes are his most important tool. They represent a relentless dedication and level of performance that people want to emulate.

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