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TikTok Sneakers: Keeping Up with the Latest TikTok Trends

By February 17, 2023Sneaker News

TikTok Sneakers - AIO BotIf there’s one thing that sneakerheads know how to do, is to keep up with the trends. And, ever since we were all at home during lockdown, the biggest online trend was (and still is) TikTok. Everyone who’s anyone is on the clock app, and sneakerheads are no exception. So, when the whole world was locked in what seemed to be a never-ending spiral of misery… TikTok sneakers emerged!

So, if you’re a BOOMER and have absolutely no idea what TikTok is; what are you doing here? Anyway, TikTok is the descendant of the music dance app and the successor to Vine. If you also don’t know what either of those are, you really shouldn’t be reading this article. Basically, it is a VERY addicting short-video format app with viral sounds and online trends. It’s so popular that TT has become a lucrative way to survive a recession and even face inflation!

It is also home to a massive amount of communities like: makeup TikTok, food TikTok, comedy TikTok, and, of course, TikTok sneakers! So, basically, TT has a say when it comes to what’s in and what’s out – like the Ugg boot trend!

Sneaker hashtags on TikTok have BILLIONS of views with the #sneakers and #sneakerheads at the lead. So, obviously, TikTok sneakers definitely have a big following. The sneakerhead culture and community always find a way to THRIVE (and flex) everywhere. And, TikTok is the perfect platform for that!

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Whether you’re searching for your grail, or just wearing out a pair of beaters. Here’s to each and every #sneakerhead


Complex’s @JLP TikTok sneakers hashtag taking celebs, musicians, and athletes sneaker shopping



So, a lot of TikTokers are doing TikTok sneakers a TON of justice. And, we’re honestly living for it! It’s always fun to find new ways to flex your sneakers online, and maybe even do some reselling. It just so happens that TikTok is the best place to make anything go viral! 

Did you see the Blue Pandas skit? Yes, BLUE PANDAs!

The TikTok sneakers accounts are the ones serving the real deal BTS of being a sneakerhead. Something that, for a long time, was pretty vague. If you aren’t in a specific cook group or Discord channel for sneakers, it could get lonesome. But, when you’re scrolling through TT and getting quality sneaker content, it’s HELLA more fun! Here are our favorite TikTok accounts doing their thing online:


@backtothebasketdotcom Blue pandas 🤷‍♂️😂 #sneakers #basketball #fyp #sneakerhead ♬ BLUE PANDAS – Backtothebasketdotcom


@rebeccahyldahl Re-organizing my Nike and Jordan sneakers 💃🏻 #femalesneakerhead #jordan #nike #sneakers #shoes ♬ Woman – Doja Cat


@sneakersboys0 Did you wash your shoes today ?🏄‍♀️#sneakers #sneakerhead #sneakylink #sneakernews #taobao #nourisheveryyou ♬ original sound – sneakersboys0


Finally, the last part of TikTok sneakers that we find very interesting is the BOTTING community! Sneaker bots have become all the rage. This is just a sign of the increased amount of sneakerheads and resellers on the app. When you think about sneaker social platforms, you often think about sneaker Twitter. But, we actually do believe that TikTok might be the new place to be! Here are the sneaker bots of TikTok!


@wrathsoftware Sneaker releases this week we have #jordan and #dunk drops! Which of these 3 are you looking to cop?🤔 #resell #reseller #sneakers #sneakerbot #yeezy ♬ Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) – Doja Cat


@usnkrs Ever wondered How To Start Botting Nike? We break down how to start Sneaker Botting for Beginners, starting with the costs 💰#usnkrs #usnkrsbot #howtostartsneakerbotting #sneakerbottingclass #sneakerbottingforbeginners #bottingsneaker #sneakerbotting #sneakerbots #sneakerbot #sneakerbottok #sneakerreseller #howtoresellsneakers #howtoresellsneakersforbeginners ♬ NOSTYLIST – Destroy Lonely


@tsb_snkrs JORDAN 1 LOST AND FOUND IS ON SNKRS 😍🤯 #sneakers #sneakerheads #sneakerbotting #hypebeast #sneakernews #jordan1 ♬ original sound – TSB

Part of being a sneakerhead is always finding ways for the community to grow. With the trend of TikTok sneakers, it’s a whole new world out there. Full of sneaker reselling possibilities and money-making opportunities. Plus, it’s fun!

However, if you want to join this trend, you have to have sneakers first. And, not just any sneakers! Sneakers that will make you TikTok famous – aka, the ones that need sneaker bots to buy! If you came here from TikTok through #sneakers or #sneakerheads and have no idea what we mean… we got you covered. Click on the button below for your own FREE personal cheat sheet for buying sneakers online!