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These Are the 10 Greatest Tinker Hatfield Shoes with Nike!

By January 12, 2022Nike, Sneaker News

Tinker Hatfield Shoes - AIO BotThe Tinker Hatfield shoes are some of the most iconic and memorable kicks of the entire sneaker industry. He is one of the world’s most legendary (and highest-paid!) sneaker designers in the WORLD!

Tinker – AKA “The Architect” – is the current Vice President for Design and Special Projects at Nike. There is no way that you have not come across one of his kicks since joining Nike in 1981. Here are some of his biggest accomplishments with the Swoosh:
– He designed Air Jordan 3 through 15, then Air Jordan XX, XXIII, XXV, and XXIX
– He is the brains behind the original Air Max lineup – from the Air Max 1 to Air Mag
– Tinker created the entire Cross-Training category

The man completely laid out the foundation for so many sneaker styles to come. He put in the groundwork to make so many silhouettes unconventional and legendary. So, let’s check out 10 of the best Tinker Hatfield shoes ever!



Nike Air Jordan 3 - AIO Bot

Original Release Date: 1988
OG Retail Price: $100
Average Resale: NA
Honorable Mentions: Mocha, Seoul, and Fire Red (2013)

First, we’re gonna start with the Air Jordan 3 – the first Jordan of the Tinker Hatfield shoes. Peter Moore, Nike designer turned Adidas executive, tried to steal MJ from Nike. Thankfully,  a failed attempt! 

But, it was because of the legendary, game-changing Tinker Hatfield shoes that made MJ fall in love with kicks again! Tinker designed the first-ever mid-cut basketball shoe and the exposed Air cushioning unit! However, the most defining design element for the Air Jordan 3 has to be the elephant print accents. This is something that Nike still uses to this day in so many different models! It was the sneaker that MJ chose to wear during the Slam Dunk Contest of 1988!


Air Jordan 11 - Tinker_Hatfield - AIO BotOriginal Release Date: 1995
Original Retail Price: $125
Average Resale: $831
Honorable Mentions: Golf Masters, Golf Safari Bred, and Playoffs (2001)

Next, we’ve got one of the Tinker Hatfield shoes that shaped the entire NBA history – the Air Jordan 11. Michael Jordan wore these kicks during the 72-10 season and is definitely one of the best!

The Air Jordan 11 had a completely unique lacing structure, wrapped patent leather around the mudguard, full-length Nike Air. Also, it had carbon fiber plates for more stability making it one of the most comfortable sneakers. 


Nike Air Max 1 - Tinker Hatfield Shoes - AIO BotOriginal Release Date: 1987
Original Retail Price: $75
Average Resale: NA
Honorable Mentions: Kid Robot (2005), Patta Purple Denim, and Paris Bespoke (W)

When we take a look at sneaker history, you’ll know why Air Max 1s are taking over! These Tinker Hatfield shoes mark the very first connection with Nike after college.

Tinker ran track with Oregon track coach and Nike co-founder, Bill Bowerman. After graduating with a degree in Architecture, Tinker Joined Nike and went on to design the Nike Air Max 1. He took inspiration from the Pompidou Centre in Paris. He wanted to create a sneaker from the inside out, put all sneaker technology on display! 


Nike Air Mag - Tinker Hatfield Shoes - AIO BotOriginal Release Date: 2011
Original Retail Price: $3,800
Average Resale: $14,538
Honorable Mentions: Back to the Future

Also, another one of the most epic Tinker Hatfield shoes includes the Nike Air Mag sneakers. This is a very high-profile Swoosh that debuted in the Back to the Future franchise. This was a whole new experience for Tinker, especially since he had to design a fictional shoe! And so, for Tinker, sneakers in 2015 meant something like Smart Sneakers with power laces! Not completely there yet, Tinker!


Nike Air Trainer 1 - Tinker Hatfield Shoes - AIO BotOriginal Release Date: 1987
Original Retail Price: NA
Average Resale: NA
Honorable Mentions: Safari, Dark Shadow, and Picnic

Furthermore, throughout designing all the Tinker Hatfield shoes, he had a vision of creating an all-purpose sneaker. Something you can hit the basketball court in, then go to an aerobics class, and do some weightlifting.
 A sneaker that you can wear wherever! And that is exactly what he did with Air Trainer 1. It was a sneaker that you can use for just about everything! 


Air Jordan 4 - Tinker_Hatfield - AIO BotOriginal Release Date: 1989
Original Retail Price: $110
Average Resale: NA
Honorable Mentions: Doernbecher, Lightning (2006), and Off-White Sail (W)

Another fabulous find is the Nike Air Jordan 4 – one of the greatest Tinker Hatfield shoes! It had triangular support wings, wrapping midsoles, and mesh-wrapped tongues and quarter panels.

It was a major hit on and off the basketball court. And, it was a big hit with MJ that’s for sure! Especially in the white and black colorway with the Cement Grey detailings!


Nike Air Huarache - AIO BotOriginal Release Date: 1991
Original Retail Price: NA
Average Resale: NA
Honorable Mentions: Air Trainer Black, Air Zoom 2K5 All-Star, and Undefeated LA

The Nike HUARACHE took inspiration from water ski boots. However, if you think that would make them look like bulky, ugly kicks; you’re wrong.

These Tinker Hatfield shoes are one of the most tailored sneakers on the entire list. They are the best Dynamic Fit shoes with the coolest colorways!


Nike Air Max 90 - AIO BotOriginal Release Date: 1990
Original Retail Price: $110
Average Resale: NA
Honorable Mentions: Warhawk, Off-White, and Hufquake

Next, another Air Max! Although this was supposed to be called the Air Max 3, the name Air Max 90 just stuck! This Tinker Hatfield shoes is one of the most popular non-Jordan sneakers he ever made. The original INFRARED colorway is cemented in sneaker culture and is still popular to this day.


Nike Air Trainer SC III - AIO BotOriginal Release Date: 1988
Original Retail Price: $140
Average Resale: NA
Honorable Mentions: Dracula Halloween (2020), Viotech, and Super Bowl (2015)

And, we can NOT forget about the Nike Air Trainer SC 3 – a sneaker that everyone loved! But, here’s where things get a little confusing.

The Nike Air Trainer 3 first dropped as the Nike Air Trainer SC. But, the retro Air Trainer SC first dropped as the Nike Air Trainer SC 3. So, in short, the Air Trainer 3 took on the name Air Trainer SC 3 in the midst of confusion. And, Nike being Nike, they just rolled with it! Bo Jackson wore these kicks in a series of Nike ads. And it even featured in “Do the Right Thing” on Spike Lee!


Air Jordan 6 - Tinker_Hatfield_Shoes - AIO BotOriginal Release Date: 1991
Original Retail Price: $125
Average Resale: NA
Honorable Mentions: Doernbecher 15th Anniversary, Oreo, and Carmine (1991)

Finally, the last kick on our list of Tinker Hatfield shoes, we’ve got the Air Jordan 6. It debuted in “Creed” with Michael B. Jordan in multiple scenes and definitely made a breakthrough.

Talk about sneakers starring in movies! In fact, this particular Jordan starred in many different pictures like “White Men Can’t Jump” too. So Tinker Hatfield left his mark in different industries, other than just sneakers. It was a complete global movement. And, it’s safe to say that Jordan 6s are one of the most epic sneakers in the game! 

And so, that concludes our list of the 10 most epic Tinker Hatfield sneakers. BUT, it doesn’t really stop there. The Architect worked on so many more silhouettes, so many more models! He has created some of the most memorable sneakers of all time! 

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