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5 Tips for Reselling Sneakers in a World Gone Virtual 

By September 28, 2020September 25th, 2021Bot, Sneakers

TIPS FOR RESELLING SNEAKERS AIO FEATWhether you’re a newbie soaking up on sneaker knowledge or an OG sneakerhead planning to upgrade your game, these tips for reselling sneakers are sure to redefine your overall copping performance. Since you’re here looking for tips to improve your business, we assume you know a whole lot about sneaker bots. Including the top bots in the market and the smart options to pay for without blowing up your financial cushion. It goes without saying that it takes a top bot, a perky set of proxies, a good server, and preferably a know-it-all cookgroup to start off your botting venture. That being the first thing you learn when joining the billion-dollar reselling industry

We’re guessing you’ve mastered the basics and have studied hype so closely that you can practically sniff it through the screen. On the other hand, if you’re still learning your way around bots and the package deals that put them to work, this ultimate guide will teach you everything you need to know about botting, copping, and reselling. Because if you’re in this for real, you’re in it for a billion dollars, my friend. So, stand in line and keep your ambitions sky high. Do you have any idea how much money resellers make? A SHIT ton of money. That’s how much.


We can’t stress that enough because copping manually nowadays is like shark fishing with a wooden rod. Even if you set up your alarm, save up the cash, and eye the clock without blinking. You gotta keep in mind that there are a million others like you doing just that with robots instead. Checkout is unrealistic when bots with superhuman speed are designed to beat your mortal hand to it. No need for panics or regrets, though. 

AIO bot is a sneaker bot operating since 2014 with a high success rate, mainly on Footsites, Adidas, and Shopify. It is the OG All-In-One bot designed for both beginners and experienced sneakerheads. With easy-to-use features, success proof, and consistent updates. And to top off its legendary feasts on Yeezys, Jordans, Off Whites, and many more hyped brands, AIO bot is constantly in stock at a retail price of $325. This means not only will you save up thousands of dollars on an OOS bot but you’ll be scoring a bot equally as effective for the price of a pair of sneakers. It’s like giving a pair to win back a hundred! So, if you’re looking for an AIO bot with legit success history at an affordable price, look no further than this button.
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Scoring a top bot at retail won’t live up to its potential if you don’t know what’s HYPED. What else are you aiming for? You gotta know which copping spree to enter and what sneakers to cop possibly three or nine months from now. For that, you gotta keep release calendars hanging like it’s open season. Even better yet, subscribe for immediate notifications. Keep your trusted sneaker site tabs open at all times to keep track of what your favorite brands are up to. 

AIO bot’s blog, which you are welcome to take full advantage of, focuses on hyped releases and general articles that help you nail them. Like this one! So, to know what sneakers to cop, it’s highly recommended that you keep it tight on sneaker news. Find out the hottest topics of right now. If Sneaker News or Sole Collector, for example, are on and about Nike and Virgil Abloh, it’s gotta count for something. Yeezys are always SUPER huge, so what can you learn about the brand that’ll help you score more valuable kicks? That’s how a real sneakerhead goes about their daily thoughts.

What’s the World Buzzing About Right Now?

It’s been all about Kobe sneakers lately. If you don’t know who Kobe is, look the legend up. Learn his worth after his passing. What is his Nike collaboration working on and what are his jerseys valued at? Check out the memorabilia auction set in his name. And test the value of his kicks on popular resale sites. If you have your eye on an upcoming Nike Kobe drop, learn the story behind the sneaker. It’s slick and all, but is it worth the investment? For that you gotta gather up retros if any and make sense of their values. Fluctuating numbers don’t settle too well. And you wanna aim higher than a sneeze away from retail.
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So, before you set off to cop sneakers that “look” hyped, scan the market to understand their place in it. Which basically centers around 3 things: resale value, valuable history, and collaboration value. That’s right, we said value three times because it’s all you’re counting on, bud. And, for what it’s worth, we copped a hot deal of Nike Kobe 5s this week alongside Supreme, Yeezys, and Jordans. We breathe market trends here at AIO bot so you can count on us as hype detectors and aim for the shoe-shaped stars.


To aim for the stars, you gotta figure out how to get there. And there are two main ways to do that: either aim high or aim big. What’s the difference and what do they mean? How high you aim depends on the number of sneaker pairs you set out to cop. Whereas how big you aim depends on how hyped the sneaker you plan on copping is. So the question you need to ask yourself is, would you be willing to cop 100 sneakers for $1,000 in profit? Or would you rather cop two to-die-for kicks for $1,000 in profit

Because there’s a difference in scale between copping 100 pairs of dope Air Force 1s and two pairs ONLY of Travis Scott Air Force 1s. Feel free to consider both approaches depending on the sneakers and how much you’re willing to invest in a single cop. Also, decide on a fixed size range. Study how resale sites react to sneaker sizes. Haven’t you realized that the same sneaker can have a size 6 pair reselling for $270 and a size 10.5 pair reselling for $350? Check this theory here and feel free to experiment with this on StockX. It’s important to know your audience and what feet you’re trying to impress.
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Nobody’s gonna want hand-me-down kicks. How would you feel about sticking your feet into another person’s aura? And a smelly one at that. Except if they’re MJ worn pairs, then we wouldn’t mind getting some blood in there. The more the merrier, actually! But if you’re gonna go serious about these tips for reselling sneakers, you gotta make the sale. And sparkling clean is the way to go. Keep your Yeezys cleaner than Kanye’s and your Jordans sexier than Nike’s endorsement. Since little do newbies know about the importance of STORAGE RULES. And that keeping sneakers clean doesn’t match the strains of time if you don’t store sneakers right as well. So, clean them up, store them accordingly, and wait for your next big sale. Your clients might even be compelled to write you back with love.


Yes, you are here to resell sneakers. But believe it or not, it takes guts. Because as soon as you realize your size in this booming industry, you’re gonna get that heat wave brush up against you. It’s tough and the competition is wild. But if you know how to successfully operate your bot and what sneakers to target, you’re already halfway there. All that’s left is to put those money-makers up on the resale sites that you choose and set your price. After that, it’s plain communication. So, if you think you may find trouble standing your ground or negotiating without compromising too much, there’s no shame in developing your people skills. It only means you’re serious about making it in this world. Because you don’t want to undersell what you’ve got if it has real potential and you don’t want to ruin it for yourself either by setting the bar too high.


There’s no shame in reminding yourself of the tips for reselling sneakers. Because most of them depend on your skill set as a copper and a social being. The first step, before deciding on the sneaker bot for you, is realizing that you want to make it big in the sneaker industry. It then goes down to botting, choosing the right sneakers, and recycling your income dollars to grow your business. Meaning, you’ll want to invest some cash from your first cop to aim for a bigger one and so on. Keeping your copping dollars inside your copping game is a promising tactic. And if you feel you still need an external boost, stay updated @ANB_AIO for success stories. Because when you’re face to face with that sneaker rush, you’ll never want to give it up!
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